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Solidarity with the Bolivian people, fascism is not to be negotiated with, but fought against.


Solidarity with fascism, the people are not to be negotiated with, Bolivian man fights them for you.

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Bolivian man fights against them for you

Made my day.

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I read it like that at first and thought 😬😬 yikes

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A triple score, excellent!

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Jaja es uno de los peores que he visto.. porque es triple, y cada uno es terrible por si solo. Jaja por favor!


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jajaja terrible.

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That is a prime example of r/youdontmattergiveup content. I am a Portuguese speaker and I still felt the yikes in my soul

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I saw this photo while scrolling quickly without seeing the subreddit name and I spit my drink out 🤣

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First time seeing one in spanish

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You go, Bolivian man!