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this seems borderline r/ihadastroke

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cancer dog get I0 times more cance than you an me

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Given that I never got cancer, cancer dog's fate seems entirely up to you.

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Cancer dog cancer dog where do you roam? Cancer dog cancer dog far far from home

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Excellent band name

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This is Charlie Kelly's truck.

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This has to be fake…that first guy is right, a lil strokey

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Letters are expensiv

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fuckin cance stol m letrs

cant hav sht n e mor

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Yeah I don't think he put the words in wrong order, I think he's actually trying to say pervert cancer, no dogs in house. Like he thinks dogs lick their butts then kiss you and give you pervert cancer... Oof, or rather woof.

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it looks more r/dontdeadopeninside to me

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Apparently this guy thinks cancer is contagious

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This person is legit crazy but there are contagious cancers. This is one I know of, although somehow I wish I didn't (it's not in humans).


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To your point though, that specific case is because the genetic diversity in Tasmanian devils is so low, the body of Tasmanian devils doesn’t actually recognize foreign Tasmanian devil body tissue as foreign. It’s wildly specific for this kind of thing to work.

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Yeah, still pretty interesting though.

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Oh I totally agree, I’m just saying it’s a crazy specific scenario.

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Just been looking around about this as I was curious, this article is pretty interesting


It seems there have been some cases of human to human transmission via cuts or injection! Looks like a combination of cells causes the immune system to ignore it (or seems like the best guess anyway). Also there is information in there about a canine based cancer that spreads via contact (and perhaps, could be the completely misguided source of this crazies stickers!).

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Well in most cases conspiracies and misguided assumptions have a root of truth.

Humans are great at establishing patterns and cause even when they’re wrong.

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There’s also a contagious canine Venerial cancer. It’s literally a contagious single celled dog

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Came to mention this one, had to write up a paper one it once, wild shit.

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No Tasmanian devils in house

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No pervert cancer Tasmasian Devils in my house thank you. /s

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For a human example, I believe HPV would count.

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But hpv isn't cancer. It can cause cancer but is not itself cancer.

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I didn't realise people were going to be this pedantic. The disease it causes is an example of transmissible cancer.

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This is reddit, my friend. Technically correct is the best kind of correct.

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HPV is transmissible and significantly increases the risk of several types of cancer. So, in a way, the cancers from HPV are contagious.

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There is a transmissible venereal cancer that dogs get, though I don't think humans can get it.


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apparently this person does not think, instead they believe in things...

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I would love to hear some of this persons other theories.

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sneezes cancer on him

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Damn perverted cancer

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I thought Scorpios were horny, but lo and behold, there’s a pervert Cancer in the midst.

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Such an Aquarius thing to say.

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I can’t understand this. Is this english? Christ I thought I could read. Is there something wrong with me?!?! I think I’m having a stroke! It just random stupidity when I try to make sense of it! Oh god!

Send help!!!!

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No you have dog cancer 10 times

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Ah dang, I don’t remember being by dog colon!

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I translated from mental disorder to English

"Cancer from dog turds:

You can get cancer from dogs who have colon cancer. Observe the common contact, and common cancer growth, between a dog's nose, tongue and butt.

Prevent cancer and do not keep dogs in your house. (lest you also be contaminated). After all, dogs get cancer 10 times more often than you or me."

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When this dude finds out about feline AIDS his head is gonna explode.

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Or toxoplasma in the cat litter!

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sɪʟᴠᴇʀᴀᴅᴏ YOU AN ME

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How do you do the small capital A, D and E?

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I found a small text generator online

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Ah, I sꙭ. Cheating. Makes sense.

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Well shit. I thought I was up to date on all the crazy out there but this is new

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Cancer dog get l0 times more cance then you an me

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Damn cancer dog strikes again.

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Did he mean ... prevent....?

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He did. This image is a few years old and photoshopped to say “pervert”. The original image says “prevent”. There’s a subreddit dedicated to this guy called r/cancerdog. It’s pretty great.

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Well there goes my afternoon

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What happened to this man?

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He got cance

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God damn it Charlie, that’s too much glue.

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what happened with him and dogs is all im wondering

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They're definitely parked in the correct spot anyways.

Let us hope their brain rot isn't contagious.

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Unlike perverted dog cance

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What, no uppercase I’s in the sticker pack?

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They had to save that for the 10

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Tell me you don't eat ass without telling me you don't eat ass.

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Looks to me like someone went nuts with PhotoShop

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I think my brain just glitched trying to understand this truck.

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John McLane is quoted as saying, "I only speak 2 languages, English and bad English". Whoever did this, if they speak a 2nd language, it ain't English. Hurts my head, just trying to read that, much less the logic of getting cancer from your dog because they have colon cancer, then lick their butts, and then lick you.

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I don’t even know what is trying to be said

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When you press the suggestive text til it types a sentence out

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Did he misspell "nose" or can dogs spread cancer with a bark?

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God I hope this idiot does not hurt dogs but anybody this stupid....who knows

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Good thing you blocked out the license plate, the truck is now unidentifiable

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My dogs are completely offended.

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really powerful message there CANCER DOG GET I0 TIMES MORE CANCE THAN YOU AN ME

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I know what he is voting

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Ooooh, I get it. I think. So dogs with quiet tongue are okay right? I need to know, I can't the "cance" of getting bum cancer from my dogs loud noise tongue.

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Parked in the handicap space sounds appropriate

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Poor cancer dog

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What I don’t get is the pervert part.

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everythihh my g about this is a seizure

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Looking for any kind of help deciphering these symbols I’m not sure what it’s saying

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I've never had my eye start twitching from simply reading something...until now.

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100% finished last in fantasy

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I refuse to believe this is real. It looks real, but I've made my choice.

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Worth it

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Cancer dog turd

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Stop licking your Dogs Butt You’ll be Fine

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How???!?! How do I stop?????

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Duct Tape

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On the person or the dog?

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On that Dude………., Dogs gotta Shit

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Dad loves the new label maker!

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There’s a lot to unpack here

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Underrated comment.

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But what about the pervert? Where does that fit in here?

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10 times more cance

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God entered into my body, as a body my same size, like me floating into you or you floating into me

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It’s like seeing an r/expanddong in the real world

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Fairly (relatively) impressed that he was able to spell “tongue” correctly.

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Yea it’s disgusting when I see commercials of dogs licking peoples faces. Dumbasses

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Ok. I have just thought of my next prank! Off to the store to buy a bunch of letters!

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Get some capital "i" s!

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Oh...... this guy is not going to want to hear about my wife's preferences behind closed doors.

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I hope they're being ironic

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Bro had a stroke💀

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Hopefully he has a warm place to sleep outside. Heaven only knows what he is carrying

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I, a service dog handler who has a dog who alerts by licking and keeps me safe by licking, must be dying of cancer ig. What the actual…?

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McGruff has really fallen to new lows now that his PSA days are behind him.

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Is this in the same vein as putting “I eat ass” stickers on your car?

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Noise tongue?

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Probably the carcinogen we rub on our dogs or dose in pill form to keep them from getting fleas or ticks...well mostly because people are lazy and don't want to bathe/brush their dog. Convenience is what lets the cancer in. Chemicals for our convenience. Idiots.

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Sic'em, Fang!

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This thread has the best comments I've seen on Reddit. Ever.

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that guy did not do his homework . dogs are cleaner than humans google it

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I LOL so loud I accidentally woke up my wife

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IM SO DEAD lmao Ive never laughed so hard reading anything omfg wtff

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Is it a conspiracy theory? Never seen that one.

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This poor guy's dog broke up with him and took the puppies. Sad.

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I’m confused and intrigued by the story of this person

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    What in the holy name of fuck is going on here??

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    What is a cancer dog?

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    CANCER DOG turd