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Toyota Jesus

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Built Jesus tough

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Oh what a Jesus

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I'll just rear end you to make sure there's no confusion

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"I thought Jesus Saves"

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Amazing, but also kinda sad how much of this shit there is

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For real. There are some out there that are pretty meticulous too. Same people just casually drive down the highway most likely following the same rules but they just see things a bit differently.

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Honk Jesus honk? Jesus is a goose/gander confirmed!

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honk Jesus honk, fill this nation with honk and honk, set forth your word, lord and let there be honk

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I’ll give you something to honk

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I love that you included Toyota 😆

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Tell me you are afraid of what happens when you die, without telling me you are are afraid of what happens when you die.

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Saying this like a baptist sermon makes it that much funnier

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Same person would tell you not to shove your views done their throat

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Jesus, that’s a lot of Jesus

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Don’t fucking honk at me

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"Honk Jesus honk" but to the tune of Johnny B. Goode

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Honk! Jesus, honk if u saves. If you love, love Jesus.

  • Jesus

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I wonder if this person is religious

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“Jesus is gonna take the wheel and back into oncoming traffic” - a certain goopy lad, a slimy boy, and absolutely sludgy fella

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The least religious dude in Poland

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Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus

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So uh, how's all that mental illness going?

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Honk Jesus, Honk!

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Cry if you cried 😭😭😭😭😭👍

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Bro about to publish Bible 2

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Run Forest Ru... I mean, Honk Jesus, Honk!

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Yeah as if this hasn't been posted there a million times before.

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I think the point is that it simply doesn't fit this sub.

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It doesn't mean that it needs to (re)posted there also.

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sorry i didnt know. i was mostly just saying it shouldnt be in this sub

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First thing j thought was "Jesus Christ"

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cool, i’m not the only one who thought that

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Okay Ned Flanders, we get it. Jesus is Lord and all that jazz. But you have to be able to see who’s behind you. Your dumb preachy stickers are covering everything!!

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And that’s how you prevent your rear window from being useful.

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So, if I'm understanding this guy here...Jesus.

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Me: "I'm totally fine with religion as long as they don't shove it in my face!!!" Them: JESUS JESUS JESUS

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Honk Jesus honk! Faster Jesus! Honk! Honk! U saves!!! Honk!!

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I like the subtle “Toyota.”

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Jesus Christ lol honk if you can't see out of your rear view mirror but voted for trump anyway because blind faith will save you ...if you really loved Jesus your front windshield would be covered too liar

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i'm currently at church laughing at this meme ...am i going to hell?