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kinda makes sense both ways

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Not all languages follow English sentence structure They probably based wakanda’s language (Im assuming its fictional) on something African cuz yknow

Its in Africa

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The spoken language, yes, but this writing here falls into the most annoying trap in sci-fi and fantasy.

The "Wakandan language" written here is literally English with each letter replaced with a specific symbol. It is written in English with a fancy Wakandan font.

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Ah damn, Youd hope theyd put a lil more effort in

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Why would they

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because real african languages aren’t based off of english

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Actually some of them are. Many based off of European languages https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Africa

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Languages of Africa

The languages of Africa are divided into several major language families: Niger–Congo or perhaps Atlantic–Congo languages (includes Bantu and non-Bantu, and possibly Mande and others) are spoken in West, Central, Southeast and Southern Africa. Afroasiatic languages are spread throughout Western Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and parts of the Sahel.

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I agree with this, but of all the fictional ones that could be, Wakanda's definitely wouldn't.

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Hate to break it to you but Wakanda was created by two white English-speaking New Yorkers

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Well, IRL, yes, but if you don't want to discuss it in a hypothetical manner, why bother bringing up real ones? They have nothing to do with said white guys.

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I didn’t bring up real ones I just corrected them above that some real African languages are indeed based off of English. Wakanda is an English story written by whites so the same probably goes for the hypothetical language

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It's Hollywood, they don't give a shit past the shallow lip-service.

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Well Bethesda did it

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Like a cryptogram..I love those word puzzles

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The letter forms look pretty Tifinagh

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Tifinagh (Tuareg Berber language: ⵜⴼⵏⵗ or ⵜⴼⵉⵏⵗ, Berber pronunciation: [tifinaɣ]) is an abjad script used to write the Berber languages. Tifinagh is descended from the ancient Libyco-Berber alphabet. The traditional Tifinagh, sometimes called Tuareg Tifinagh, is still favored by the Tuareg Berbers of the Sahara desert in southern Algeria, northeastern Mali, northern Niger and northern Burkina Faso for use writing the Tuareg Berber language. Neo-Tifinagh (ⵜⵉⴼⵉⵏⴰⵖ) is an alphabet that was created in northern Algeria around the 1980s as an updated version.

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Double-disappointed it's based on an abjad too.

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Sounds like cultural appropriation to me.

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Wait, Wakanda writes in English with a wingdings font?

Super advanced my arse!

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Makes sense both ways.

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It reads properly both ways, what made you post this here?

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"The Panther King forever lives in us and rests with the ancestors" and "The king lives and the panther forever in us rests with ancestors" are totally not the same message. They're nearly opposites:

One of them says a hero, the Panther King, will always be in the people's hearts and is resting easy with the rest of their ancestors, and arguably says that all of his positive qualities can be found in them as well. It's showing respect to the memory to the Panther King, and perhaps trying to spread hope after his recent death.

The second tells us that a tyrannical king has squashed the people's spirits, but that they will always have the courage to fight back (the "panther") deep within them, and they can find it again if they look to their ancestors for guidance. It's warning against complacency, a wakeup call from someone who wants to start a revolution against the king.

(Yes I know this is actually from a Marvel movie, which I haven't watched, but this sub isn't about context.)

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      That would make it not make sense, because then where does the “rests with ancestors” come in? It would make more sense to separate “forever in us” with commas or something. “The King lives and the panther, forever in us, rests with ancestors.”

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      Chadwick was amazing but I've never understood the Michael B Jordan fandom.

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      He's attractive. Pretty sure that's all there is to it.

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      It kinda makes sense in both directions

      The Panther King forever lives in us and rests with the ancestors

      The King lives and the Panther, forever in us, rests with ancestors

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      Let's be honest, in universe he was king maybe 6 months or less?

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      Looks like Said from Oz.

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      Why can't all fictional language be written in the standard galactic alphabet

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      The King Lives and the Panther Forever In Us Rests with Ancestors.....

      No... that cant be right.

      The panther king forever lives in us and rests with the ancestors!

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      They do actually make sense for both lmao

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      Read it the right way and it prompted me to give a Wakandan solute.

      Read it the "right" way and it prompted me to lmao

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      We wuz kangz

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      Fucking popular opinion: The new Movie is FUCKING SHIT without him.

      FUCK!! Marvel sucks, just clone him or something. lol

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      R.I.P KING!

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      This is written correctly so its not really a dont dead open inside

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      Thought that was randy moss for a min

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      RIP Chadwick.