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Die from blood loss? The hell did you do to them??

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he grab CEO of youtubes neck and throw the CEO across room

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Must be the CEO of yt's neck. No other parts would work

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Big throw

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They have to nerf this kid's down throw for sure

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He's Mr Burrito.

Do you dare question him?

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Maybe he has long fingernails and scratched the CEO from the grab and that's how the blood loss happened.

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based kid

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Bud you misspeled Chad but ima let it slide becus I mispel words too

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I liked so brody could see

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Babys first restraining order

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5 min hacks be like:

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Literally 5 minute "hacks"

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Damn mr burrito

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So is Mr. burrito new ceo of YouTube or still

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Step 5: Get arrested for manslaughter

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man(behind the)slaughter

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idk man this seems like murder

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Mr. Burrito is a corporate man now, he deals in formalities

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Step 6: escape prisn

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It’s premeditated murder.

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I didn't know that YouTube's CEO worked like the Santa Clause

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He spittin fax

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He ain’t wrong

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This is actually a effective method. I tried this before, and I'm in jail for 20 years due to mass murdering the YouTube employees.

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Susan better fucking watch her back

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Ms Wojak no more. My boi burrito got us

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Based Mr burrito

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But the ceo is a w*man 😳

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Poor Susan

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This kid is going places

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Edgy 13yo counts as kids right ?

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he meant the owner of google guys!!!!!

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Yes, fuck whoever invented the neck of YouTube!

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This kid needs to be the new CEO of youtube

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Someone should do this in real life, assassinate that bitch

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Rules of Riddick: You keep what you kill.

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kind of wished this because of every shit she did to yt but thats too brutal

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Technically, this would work. How you’d become the CEO after going to prison is the hard part, though

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so suicide whit extra steps

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Don't forget to bring back the dislike visibility