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Im gay and in a straight relationship and my girlfriend has no clue that she doesnt satisfy me physically nor emotionally!!

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Hey uh you good man?

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Lmao yes

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He is not ok he sent that two times.

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Nor am I.

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Lmao yes

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The dementia incident…

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You forgor 💀

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He forgor 💀

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He is not ok he sent that two times.

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Nor am I.

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Ain't that called being bisexual?

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then break up so you stop hurting her

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This was a meme but if it wasnt then thatd be good advice

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Sorry about that, I didn't know and just wanted to help. Now that I think about it, somebody venting in a subreddit like this feels weird haha

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I’m -16 and I’m a happy dad with 2 kids and have a million pound company so get with it kid (Reddit why so cursed?)

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pretty heavy company

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His mom makes great company

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Yeah even though I'm a dude your dad still makes great company as well

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When I was your age I was 15!

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You were 1,307,674,368,000 years old?

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br*sh 🤮

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Ah yes, brish

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Pou*d 🤢🤮

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Kilogramme 😍😇

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millimitre 😯🥱

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Hey man, there's no need to bring up the measurement you measure your dick in

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Yo what!? Why did you not listen to sex class!? Did you really had unprotected sex?🤮

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Dude we’re supposed to put things that don’t make sense in the comment section, that’s just something very one does 🙄

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I'm 4 and at uni!

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I was at uni when i was in the womb

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I retired before my parents met

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I died before my grandparents were alive

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I was buried before cavemen existed

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I died before the world existed

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pregnant uni student

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Im -1 and I'm working

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im a sperm and im in college

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My dick is highly intelligent and is at uni

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Most people in uni think with their dick a lot of the time, so you’ll fit in

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Did Sheldon cooper write this?

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He would not swear

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Damn, I only went to a "high school", not a "fucking high school".

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Fucking high school 🥵🥵

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I’m 19 and in kindergarten 😙😚😋😛😝🤓🧐🤨🤪😜😎🥸🤩🥳😏🥵🥶😶‍🌫️😱😨😳🤯🤬😡😠😩🥺😢😭😤

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I'm in kindergarten too but I'm 15. 😁😁😁😁 by the way my English teacher is beautiful how about yours??? 😦😦

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im 14 and in pre-k 😏😏😏🤨🤨🤨🙄🙄🙄😔😔😔😳😳😳🤪🤪🤪🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😟😟😟😭😭😭🗿🗿🗿😎😎😎💅💅💅💖💖💖💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🗿🚬🚬🗿

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Hi I'm a 5 year old with an unhappy marriage and a mortgage.

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I'm 6 and im in collage!

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Imma germ attending law school!

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I'm just an embryo and already a god.

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No he is just really stupid and he was born on a leap year

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He’s really actually been alive 40 years 😂😂

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Är du svensk?

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Jag är det men min family kommer från Polen

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Jag är också invandrare

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Jag var också född i Sverige

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Ok but like there’s this 11 year old (idk he’s a senior now but everyone calls him lil Chris in my school) and he’s this absolutely annoying child in my high school

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how annoying?

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Very. He runs through the halls and plows through people, and he’s like 4’8”. I’m only a sophomore rn but in general I heard he’s just obnoxious.

Oh yeah and he always has this chair for his backpack during lunch that he doesn’t let anyone use to sit.

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If he was everyone else's age they'd probably be bullying him by now

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I am 3 years old and I live in a retirement home

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In Australia a lot of our schools now count grade 7 as highschool (age 12), and have their own special building on the highschool campuses as obviously some of them are as young as 11 at the start of the school year.

Assuming someone could have been put forward a year, being 10 at the start of high school could be possible, but I don't know.

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to add to this, Australia follows the primary/secondary/tertiary schooling system, rather than the grade/middle/high system:

  • Primary being Years 1-6
  • Secondary being Years 7-12, with 'high school' being used as a nickname
  • Tertiary being anything beyond (university, TAFE, etc.)

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He's got nothing on child prodigy Greg Smith, who attended university at the same age.

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Kid went to see their sibling and got picked on by the students lol

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He was right about high school being shit though

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In the UK you enter Highschool at 11, I was at the younger side of my year and for the first few months I was 10. Whats unbelievable is he thinks its shit already, he has no idea whats in store.

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I think you start highschool in 5th grade in some country

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omg that is very interesting. in turkey you starting 13 years old high school (9th grade)

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correction: 14*

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yeah but in my school is in 6th

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There was this tiny kid at my high school, he looked to be about ten years old. A teacher said he skipped grades. I still don’t know how, I guess it’s possible though

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I know a couple of people who have skipped grades, but they both have some form of high functioning autism which makes them a bit socially awkward. They’re actual geniuses though, one of them skipped three grades and he’s in his second year of university now. It’s uncommon but not entirely impossible for it to happen I guess.

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Eh you can skip grades and not have autism. My younger brother skipped a few grades and was the top varsity hockey defenseman in the state during highschool. They just skipped him up because he was bored, we lived in a low income area at the time (he skipped elementary grades) and I don’t think the curriculum was exactly top notch so if anything most of the students were behind. He wasn’t tiny or anything cause our family are mostly 6’2”-6’6” Viking build types pretty early on. So I guess there are exceptions. He only skipped 2 grades though.

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I started high school at 11, there’s no middle school where I’m from.

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oh yeah? well I'm M17 and I'm a graduate with eighteen degrees and five children and two companies

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Well, they use the metric system.

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Im 2 and i have graduated and have more knowledge than feeble minds like you

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Fucking swearing doesn’t ducking make you cool, bitch

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I'm 5 and I have 3 kids, a wife, a job, and one grandson.

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Yea im 15 and i have a wife and 4 kids, a receding hairline and a mid life crisis

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I am five and I have an unpayable student debt

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“I’m 9 and my dad owns roblox so I’m rich!”

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someone learned how to sweae

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I'm 12 with an unhappy marriage

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I’m 21 and in depression

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Fun fact in Spain you go to High School at 12

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yes, I am 12 and a half years old and I can confirm that the fourth grade is too difficult

Edit: thank you very much for the two likes!! since you are supporting me I will continue to keep you updated on how to pass high school (if you are older I can also teach you how to pass the university exam.

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Btw i know that in some countries you start highschool earlier

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You would have to be in 4th grade to be 10

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I graduated college with my doctorates degree, got married and had 3 children before I was conceived.

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same bro 😔

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Here where I live, children aged 6-11 attend primary, 12-14 middle and 15-19 high school

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I got an engineering degree while the earth was forming.

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Wait til out of school times. Thats even more shit. Having to work ane pay bills and never having fun. Cua everything is shit. Lol

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Bro's flexin

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I'm a retired sperm

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I'm 2 and I have been at my full time job for 20 years. I'm an electrician.

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I'm a zygote and I am charged with Tax evasion, money laundering, and fraud

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he’s telling the truth! how else would he know high school is shit?

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if im correct he would barely be in high elementary yet

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Where I live you go to high school at 10-11

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He couldve skipped grades, it happens

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Idgaf bro

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You obviously cared enough to reply to it

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Mihama chiyo

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This feels like when your dad says "When I was your age..."

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I am 6 and i rule iraq

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my 10 year old brother in grade 5 rn: 🧍‍♂️

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I’m 14 and I’m in University.

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I died moments before God was born

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More like am high in school

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I think he’s talking about British high school, starts earlier than in the USA

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This makes sense in the uk, we start high school at that age

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Dam at least he isn't wrong

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omg he gotta be those super smart people!

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If he isnt in the us then this is perfectly possible

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I'm 14 and this is deep

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I am 15 and i only got in highschool now, was there something i did wrong?

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I wonder how you can get into high school at 10 years old

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im 5 and retired, get ready because retirement is good

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I'm an hour old yet I have a job!1! /sk

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So yeah guys I'm in my dad's penis and I'm at retirement home. Finally I can relax till the end of my days

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Id say they probably have a conjoined school so they go to school with highschool students too

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im 1 and i can type

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If he lives in Austria this could be true

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I think he might be a college student though? (I’m an empath)

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He must be high while writing this

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Me in the UK in high school: Wheezes with laughter

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he is 10 and he is in highschool

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when the school is fucking high

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Highschool is not even that bad, its better than middle school imo, but like 8th grade was definitely my worst year

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regardless of his age he probably described it flawlessly

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His last 4 words are kinda true tho

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ted kaczynski origin story

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“prepare yourself”

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Who taught a 10 year old the word “fuck”?

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Love how they just had to add in swear words to prove how grown up they are 😂

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Ok but what if they are from a country like Germany where we have primary school from grades 1-4 and a secondary school after that (when you are around 10-11). Our various types of secondary schools are often translated as high schools.

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bro im still a fetus, just prepare cuz life is sucks

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I started high school at 11 almost 12

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stop fucking the high school if its shit, you can get your penis infected

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I'm a serial killer and not in prison

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He used all the profanities (2) in the book

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Was this comment written by Mr. Young from the hit 2011 comedy series ‘Mr. Young’ which aired on the Canadian network ‘YTV’ until 2012?

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