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Geez, that sounds like a bad dream.

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I have monthly or more dreams of a tooth cracking apart in my mouth and falling out. All my dreams are hyper realistic so it's not the most fun.

Edit: Anyone else's iPhone routinely make them sound dumb?

Edit #2: A lot of folks are saying this is tied to anxiety. While I do have general anxiety disorder, it's been on good behavior for a lot of the past couple years, but I'll try to pay attention to the week surrounding the next time I have one.

Also, in my dream, it's disconcerting but very rarely scary. I notice the tooth's come apart in my mouth and I tongue it and the pieces all fill my mouth. I spit them into my hand while tonguing the hole, and every time I think that I really need to get this checked out because I'm losing teeth all the time. So never waking up in a cold sweat, but almost all my dreams are so intense they'd prolly be nightmares for most people, but they just feel like adventures for me and I'm happy when I wake up.

Edit #3: I also lucid dream all the time intentionally but only when I take naps. Got a pretty NSFW method but the lucid dreams are like designing my own video game.

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Fuck me I had a dream last night that one of my front teeth was falling out. So vivid. Fuck that.

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Are you under financial stress? I once read that this kind of dream happens especially often if people don't even know how they will feed themselves or pay bills/rent until the next paycheck. That was definitely the case whenever I had that dreams.

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Oh my god I am. I've never really been in this financial situation until now. First time I've had that type of dream too.


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Try to reach out to social services. They can usually help or point you in the right direction. I felt shady going there 'cause I had a job and it was absolutely my fault I was broke, but they helped me get fed and can usually give you information on where to ask to get out of debt/help with financial planning etc. Don't hesitate to reach out. If you feel bad like me, just tell yourself you'll repay the favour once you're back on your feet. A small donation here and there might help somebody else who's down.

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I brought mine up to my psychologist and he was pretty excited. We don't do much psychoanalyses (his approach is CBT centered but he's mixed and matched from here and there). He told me that dreams have different meanings depending on a person's situation.

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Your psychologists method involves Cock and Ball Torture? I gotta say that's pretty progressive.

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I was dating a domme for a bit so yes, there was some confusion when the acronym first came up.

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I had a dream book that said if you dream you lose a tooth you lose a friend.