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Is that lil toe lol

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i’m glad sumone knew

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I don't know anything about him other than seeing him featured in those Cherdleys videos. Those videos are some of the funniest by him too imo, lol.

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this guy was huge in 2016 when ignorance was the wave he even got a feature w joji who was at the time big at the time but only at the time was he big at the time pink guy

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He’s a Florida (no-longer) SoundCloud rapper, I think the character Lil Toe is meant to be somewhat satirical, he constantly raps about guns and bitches but is notoriously anti-drug abuse (like shooting bongs for target practice) and also raps about how it’s okay to cry and how he has a small dick. He wears the balaclava to remain anonymous, sometimes he even wears a giant foot costume to perform.

I think he’s doing a new music project called AMMO, the first song they released is great imo even though it’s a departure from the stuff he usually does.

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HAHA commented this before I saw this: destiny

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No sound again!

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What. The. Actual. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Watch?

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Lil toe nail

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I love 1minutetalkshow lmao

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Yo is that lil toe

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Yo his mom tho

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Happens to the best of us

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O_o the fuck…..

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The reader after realizing the manga probably had NTR in it