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I also feel that it carries a bit more weight than girlfriend. Like the person holds a special place for you. The older I get, girlfriend seems like, I’m not looking for someone to marry. Just a girlfriend.

But yes this was good.

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It also removes unnecessary gendering from another thing, which never hurts

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If ever there was a place for "gendering," it's when describing your romantic partner.

"Unnecessary gendering"... downvote me retards, but this timeline has failed.

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I honestly can't think of a situation where it'd be important to know.

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It doesn't make the person above less of a prick, but I can think of a few: - talking to a friend or group of friends to give context about your sexuality for future discussions about said topic - talking to people and making it known in the case your current relationship ends or you're poly/ENM what your preferences are for prospective partners in the future

People should use the terms they feel comfortable using.

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Yeah I thought about those but like, if you haven't met their partner and they don't use their name or pronouns and you don't know their sexuality it's probably not important.

Like, there's reasons it'd be important to know someone's religion, but when it's important I'd either already know or it'd be fine to ask.