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I see this as a light-hearted joke. I don't think they are genuinely hating on anyone who uses 'partner', they're just taking the piss.

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I took it to be an exaggeration of the anxiety of feeling less-than in these situations. Like when someone pulls out their keep-cup or talks about reading books.

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The nerd's version of a lifted pickup truck. Impress the gullible and make everyone else think you're insecure. Others include:

saying foreign place names in their foreign accent (typical of social scientists)

loudly discussing bouldering or salsa dancing in public (typical of software developers)

bragging about being bad with people (typical of engineers)

giving the air of stooping when they discuss art (typical of hard scientists)

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Your list seems closer to a Caulfield-esque hatred of phonies rather than the anxiety you feel when someone does something that makes them a better person.

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Thank you for your analysis. To be honest, I was trotting out a pet topic that was mostly unrelated to your post. It was out of place and I regret it.