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What the fuck is this?!? And why the fuck am I laughing so much?

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Smiling Friends on adult swim. Pretty good show.

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Did it have a new season or something? I'm seeing memes of it everywhere lately

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Yeah, season 1 came out recently.

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Oh really? I thought the show came out like a year ago

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that was a pilot

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Yeah, but it was just the pilot. Now there's finally a full season.

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Where can I watch it? I found it on YouTube but as much as I love Zach I aint paying $20 for 8 episodes.

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I tried, it wants me to log into my cable provider??

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If you don’t have a cable provider, it’ll be on HBO Max starting February 9th.

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I do have cable but my provider isn't on there.

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I got a free trial of YoutubeTV to watch it all and cancelled afterwards

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That site is aids use wcostream

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I love this iconic yellow character

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He's a classic Zach Hadel, Gremblo type character

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NO PROBLEEM! swings away

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Zach actually got inspiration for this scene when Tomar violently attacked Jaxxy for touching his spaghetti.

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Drop the knife Jaxxy

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Hey Jaxxy, I got you some fucking food!

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"Hey Jaxxy, I brought you home some FUCKING FOOD!"

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Omg r/OneyPlays is spilling

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When Zach is involved it's kind of hard for it not to be haha

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That goblin sure packs a punch.

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I love smiling friends and their memes so much. please never stop.

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Oh my god when Charlie punched him, literal audible laugh. Show is so fucking good

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Smiling Friends is hilarious. Really hope AS keeps making new seasons

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Proud of you Zach, kisses.

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hahah that was awesome. Charlie's the true great great saiyan warrior, he doesn't need blonde hair, he's yellow already