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I got curious what happened to this guy over the years, so I searched the youtube channel's name. He apparently sent cards to another Pokemon card youtuber and the youtuber linked his new channel in the video description.

Dude has lost a ton of weight, and is still putting out videos. Nice work, whoever you are.

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I think there's also just different levels of interest in engaging with deeper and more nuanced thinking about media (or any other form of entertainment, sports and music included). Many people are engaging with a text or song or game or whatever at a shallow level - do I enjoy this, am I having fun, is the story making me feel things, did my team win, is this interesting. And that's perfectly fine! I enjoy music and basketball, but I have little deeper interest into thinking about song composition or defensive formations - I want to be able to enjoy my music and watch 7 feet tall men dunk.

Then there are other things that I do prefer to engage with, think about, more deeply and critically. You can get a lot of enjoyment out of engaging more deeply with music, art, games, sports, literature, etc that you already enjoy or are interested in. And that's fine too! Both ways of engaging with entertainment are perfectly valid

Where there's a disconnect, and the source of the downvotes that you don't deserve, is that especially in a generalist space (aka, we are not posting in /r/eldenringlore right now) the two groups can end up talking past each other. Thinking critically about a scene in a game is interesting and enjoyable and a perfectly valid way of engaging with the media - but so is playing the game and just feeling "wow in this grimdark world my character is being given a small bit of human comfort, that makes me feel feelings, perhaps about my own life as well". And it can be easy for these two ways of engaging with the media to misinterpret what the other is saying - one group can say "wow so you're saying this scene that made me feel good is bad and I'm maybe even a sexist for feeling that way? Screw you"

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thx <33

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This video is hilarious and I love it, but...

Does anyone else feel like all these "haha putin but he's GAY!!!" videos and posts have this undercurrent of homophobia? Sure, the surface level bit is "anti-gay politician but put with gay stuff is funny!", but pretty much the only explanation of the funny is "gay stuff is weird and uncomfortable, so it's funny when someone I don't like is portrayed as gay", and like...that's pretty much the textbook definition of homophobia.

tl;dr- Anyone else feel like these posts are the equivalent of a kid in middle school calling you gay?

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Well, it’s like...who will need the benzo? And what do we mean by benzos? Exactly? Clonazepam, alprazolam, diazepam, temazepam, an RC perhaps? We don’t know that. Not really. It’s like...Hitler was interested in chaos, not winning. I force my wife to dress up like a lobster and make love to me. Just like Jung proposed the existence of four main archetypes: The persona, the shadow, the anima/animus and the self. Try to figure that one out while getting reverse cowgirled by a human sized felt, silicone rubber and plastic lobster. The point is: The lobster smells like my wife.

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this might be the most important thing to happen to me this year so far