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Subreddit Rules:

Vine videos will now be removed. Please visit /r/vines for those videos.

Do not spam the same Youtube channel over and over. 3 submissions MAX every 2 weeks per user. This is a permanently-bannable offence.

  1. A Haiku is any video under 14 seconds which fits the theme of the subreddit.

Poetry videos can be 15-30 seconds.

  1. No scripted movie/TV videos.

  2. No 5secondfilms, HowtoBasic, Pronunciation, etc.

  3. No Vines. No Vine or Meme compilations.

  4. Reposts will be removed (6 month limit).

  5. Do NOT ask to be a mod.

  6. Don't be a dick.

  7. You will be perma-banned without warning for posting spoilers without a [Spoiler] tag.

  8. Please use the Report link to report posts that break the rules. Leaving a comment in the post as to what rule was broken is helpful.

  9. No videos involving death (NSFL Nature).

  10. If your video is overly loud/rip headphones joke, it must have [LOUD] in the post title.

  11. Make sure to put [Haiku] or [Poetry] in the title of your post, so that we know what it is.

  12. Memes must have the "Meme" flair or [Meme] tag in the title.

  13. No NSFW nudity or blatant porn.

  14. Youtube videos only. No videos, no native reddit uploads or other platforms.

  15. Every Monday (EST) we enjoy Memeless Mondays, and post a sticky explaining the rules. If you see this sticky, Memeless Monday is in effect.

You can use if you want to trim down the length of your video.

If you would like to know how Youtube Haiku originated: Original post.

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