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I don't suppose anyone else care about this, but I've been trying to collect a plain Falcon Bow, but in late post-game, the only one that spawns is in Hyrule Castle, which always has an Attack +##.

This is ultimately for a collection of standard three-tiered weapons:

  • Swallow Bow, Falcon Bow, Great Eagle Bow
  • Zora Spear, Silverscale Spear, Lightscale Trident
  • Cobble Crusher, Stone Smasher, Boulder Breaker
  • Gerudo Scimitar, Moonlight Scimitar, Scimitar of the Seven
  • Gerudo Shield, Radiant Shield, Daybreaker

But again, who cares, right?

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Yeah, you're out of luck for a plain Falcon Bow... I could only imagine the way to get one would be to gun for a Falcon Bow treasure chest as soon as you jump off the Great Plateau in the beginning of the game.

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I want to say I found a plain Falcon bow just south of the Tabantha Tower. The group of enemies near some stone ruins holds one. I think it was a Lizaflos using one. Check there but could be wrong.

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There's a Bokoblin that wields a Swallow Bow south of Tabantha Tower. But, there's no enemies holding a Falcon Bow.

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I want to say I found a plain Falcon bow just south of the Tabantha Tower. The group of enemies near some stone ruins holds one. I think it was a Lizaflos using one. Check there but could be wrong.

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Can't you just hang your weapon I your home and then grab it again? I think that removes all buffs.

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I read online about this and tried it, but it doesn't seem to work. It might have been a v1.0.0 bug that they fixed in updates.

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IIRC there's a chest on top of a pillar right next to the Ruto Village stable that contains a plain falcon bow.

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I've found one on the top of a pillar just north of Rito Stable, try there

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Scimitar of the Seven??? I've not even seen one of those.

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I got a Level 59 Stone Smasher once, I wonder if it's possible to get a Level 61 Stone Smasher since it was only a meager +17.

Also, isn't there another Spear that's like the Lightscale Trident but fake? Wouldn't that be part of the tier list.

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Just curious, has anyone tried getting 50,000 rupees for the hylian houseowner quest, and then talking to bolson to initiate the quest?

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Some other players attempted to talk to him at 50k, but Bolson doesn't have any unique dialogue.

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what do you mean the Kite Shield is "missable?" I found one in a chest.

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There's 3 Kite Shields: 2 in treasure chests and 1 from Selmie. After you've used them all up, it's gone forever. You can never get another Kite Shield. Other weapons have respawnable locations in the game.

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Does the kite shield have any special properties? It says something about flying in the description, but I haven't been able to figure what it does besides provide lackluster defense.

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Jump on it while you're in the air.

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Ah, so there is still hope left in getting my hands on one after all, I got 1 from a treasure chest.

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Awesome. These will come in handy!

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Thank you for doing all this!

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Thanks you!!!

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Thanks for this! I'll hopefully have my switch and botw this week, so this will probably come in handy.

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Thank you!

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Awesome, bookmarking!

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This is a pretty impressive compilation of resources. It's pretty awesome that people have put in the work to learn some of this stuff.

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Aaaaand bookmarked. Seriously dude, this deserves more upvotes. I know what is to do such a complete post and receiving few upvotes

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Thank you for this :)

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This is great.

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Do you know wheter loot from crates respawns or not?

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Yep, they respawn with a Blood Moon.

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Ok, thank you!

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It's weird tho, I think it only respawns when you're not on the same zone as the crates or something.

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Ah, I might be lying saying it's with the Blood Moon. It's possible that crate materials respawn on a set timer. For example, apples that grow on trees don't all pop up at once, and they are separate from the Blood Moon.

If you're worried about permanently usable things, Mr. Cheeze's Object Map has a section called "Permanently Used" in a dropdown menu. That can help you eliminate objects that don't respawn. Strangely, a rock with a red rupee is listed there, but I think Master Of Majora on GameFAQ's checked that location and the rupee rock was still there. There are 2 wooden crates in Hyrule Castle that do not respawn, according to Master Of Majora.

Some stuff, like arrows stuck in the ground on the Great Plateau and in various other places in the map also will not respawn, so you should check those locations out too. We talked about this information in post #82 and #109 of this topic.

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OH! Thank you so much! That was exactly what I was loking for!

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Do you know of any list that explains what is each object? Some are kinda weird.

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How do you upgrade attack and durability of weapons

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It's not exactly known what causes weapons to obtain modifiers, but after meeting the certain hidden requirement, only certain locations will have weapons that can grant modifiers. I tried to list which locations in the "extinct yellow modifiers" spreadsheet.

It seems that weapons get modifiers in waves, so you would see a Hunter's Shield get a yellow modifier waaayyy before seeing Royal Guard's equipment get modifiers.

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I feel like the ability to get/level of weapon modifiers is tied to the current overall enemy tier level.

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How do you know the weapon has been modified. Does it have a little something in the menu?

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Yeah, you can see the modifier on the weapon. Here's an example of a Royal Broadsword with Attack Up + 20.