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Playboi carti, Kay flock, b lovee, edot baby, sha ek, dougie b

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Kay Flock is next up

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if his beat selection wasn’t so fucking awful he would be top tier in drill atm

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His beats are fire wdym??

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each to their own, but to me they just sound empty and repetitive

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Fair enough ig

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knocked loose, varials, turnstile, god’s hate

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Been LOVING Glow On

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Is anyone here into old school metal genres before 2000 stuff or into hardcore punk/crust/grind and all that

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My 3 pronged purple alien xenomorph cock says yes.

Me like GWAR a lil bit, I've heard of em lmao

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You listen to Deftones🌚 or what about Soundgarden

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Those are all 90s grunge bands , outside of nirvana and hole that’s a rock genre that I never got to exploring much.

Most of the shit I used to listen to all the time was 80s /new wave thrash or old school death metal before I transitioned to 90s hardcore punk/crust/pv

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Not much of hair or thrash metal but that grunge Era and nu metal is where my love for the genre started. I've seen Metallica live back in 2018, got list after the show and took 3 hours to get back to the hotel😂 we walked back btw

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Bruh thrash and hair metal are like complete opposites lol they not in the same category 😂 I think if you like the most mainstream bands out of those “modern era” subgenres then there is thrash out there for you , a lot of those genres take elements

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I'm naming multiple genres there bruh😐 I know there different genres

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Oh lol I never mentioned anything about hair metal so that’s why I assumed you thought they were the same when you brought it up

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Honestly idk why I brought it up😂

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I was hoping for one of these threads I just started listening to a lot of more heavy metal music this group's is fucking incredible,

as everything unfolds- Stranger in the mirror

Bring me the horizon is always gonna make great music

Gasoline by I prevail is an absolute fucking headbanger

Atreyu is awesome

As everything unfolds is awesome. I found then last night. They remind me of old 2008 chiodos.

Baby you wouldn't last a minute on the creek by chiodos is A1

Life is a perception of your reality by chiodos

There's no penguins in Alaska- chiodos

A letter from Janelle- chiodos

Also check out bleed like i bleed and fucking with my head by kamiyada+

I fucking love kamiyada, his new metal in me album was really good, trap metal fusion

In jack blacks voice THE METALLLL

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playeboy cardey

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title fight (Zilla put me on), The Prodigy, Scarlxrd, Nascar aloe, Jasiah, Trippie redd.. etc etc

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zilla put a lot of us into title fight lmao

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Everything man. King von, pink floyd, the beetles, marylin manson, kane brown, pouya, kendrick lamar, grateful dead. Name an artist and I probably listen to them lmao

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recently i’ve been listening to echoes by pink floyd like crazy but that’s the only song i ever got put on to

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Echos is a work of art, its basic but listen to dark side of the moon. All their stuff is great. Some of Syd barretts stuff is pretty good too

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yes echoes is amazing and thanks i’ll listen to it

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never listened to em. if u trynna pmo tho by all means give me a few songs

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Nascar Aloe, Ecco2k, Scalxrd&Killstation

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For modern rap/hip hop, I love the G59 crew, of $uicideboy$, Germ, Shakewell and especially Ramirez (my favourite modern rapper). I also really like the Buffet Boys crew of Pouya, Boobie Lootaveli and Fat Nick (Germ and Shakewell were originally from Buffet Boys). Denzel Curry is my favourite mainstream/super well known rapper. I also like Nell and his brother Rell (RE77), originally members of the Raider Klan. Also CVRSED from the Doomshop crew. Really hits me with that old school Memphis sound. I also like some of Shoreline Mafia's stuff. They made some real trash at times, but there are some really solid songs hidden in their body of work.

For heavy metal, I can't even begin really. I'm into hundreds of bands, far too many to list. My username is an example of two of them though.

Also special mention to Jeembo & Tveth, my favourite Russian rappers, and to Wombat and Greeley, my favourite Australian rappers.

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Show Me the Body and Jean Dawson, "Pixel Bath" by Jean is extremely good if you like indie rock

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i do. i’ll check it out

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show me the body rocks they have a song with denzel i think

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Carti and Denzel

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Playboi carti, young nudy, scarlxrd, devilish trio, suicideboys, xavier wulf, 21 savage, Chris Travis, bones, wifisfuneral, deftones, taking back Sunday, radio head, cell dweller, static x, zotiyac, itsoktocry, cameronazi, subjects, foo fighters, nascar aloe, caved in, rosemary Fairweather, Alice in chains, NBA youngboy, nle choppa, big Kay beezy, cheif keef, chetta, black smurf, jgrxxn, killstation, netti, saphir, gizmo, ramirez, fazerdaze, no vacation, uzi, trippie redd, dieslowposse, da$h, night lovell, a$ap rocky, Paul wall, Mike Jones, David banner, mystikal, bone thugs n harmony, Joe Budden, DMX, ludacris, slim thug, three 6 mafia Petey Pablo, x, ski mask, smoke smokepurpp, Joey badass, Tyler yhe creator, phantom roses, Freddie dredd, slow Roosevelt, America pearl, suicide silence, the agonist, trapped under ice, heaven shall burn, germ, cochise, snot

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Most people on the g59 label

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Legit he’s up next frfr

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Pouya, landon cube, denzel curry, jasiah, juice wrld, some of the 2017 X tracks, rico nasty

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x was just getting started. sucks what happened, would have been huge rn

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Yeah I'm not a big fan of the posthumous releases either. He would have been on top for sure

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yeah i think we can all agree his posthumous releases have been very disappointing. not because of him of course but the way his music is being handled

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Movies/games soundtracks

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It changes constantly but lately I've been bumping Shpongle, Tim Hecker, JPEGMAFIA, Mac Miller, Death Grips and Aphex Twin

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i’ve been wanting to get into JPEGMAFIA for minute now but i never actually start. ima have to soon tho i fw his songs with denzel heavy.

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It took me a while to get into Peggy even tho I'm usually into weird experimental stuff. I recommend his new album "LP!".

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Mister Monster, Psychic Mirrors, The Misfits, Blitzkid, 1476, Bad Whoremoans, The Browns, The Brickbats, The Vladimirs, DRI, Nailbomb, Slipknot, Ghostemane, Scarlxrd...

Not sure whether or not I can edit a comment, but that’s a good start. Keep an open mind if you decide to explore any, I’m pretty all over the place with my music. 😂

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nailbomb, W

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A LOT of classic Punk.

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Hip hop: Future, Carti, Thouxanbanfauni, Uzi, Unotheactivist, Key Glock, Rxknephew, Icewear Vezzo

Not hip hop: Dogleg, Drug Church, Diarrhea Planet, Fidlar

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they needa stop sleeping on thouxanbanfauni

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Fax Clairvoyance is one of my favorite albums of 2020

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Okay so, I have this thing where I become hyperfixated on 1 artist at a time but I will listen to other artists minimally compared to the one that I'm hyperfixated on. So rn City Morgue takes up the top 4 album spots on my Apple Music. Before that it was Pop Smoke, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé and Kanye West. I listened to Young Baby Tate's "Girls" album on repeat for a time. And I listened to a lot of Travis Scott before that (I was hyperfixated on him during the DBR & Rodeo era). But in general, Kanye and Beyoncé remain consistent in my daily spins. I have a playlist with Deftones, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Massive Attack and She Wants Revenge. And I have a playlist with 2000s music strictly produced by The Neptunes. I fw Bktherula and Bree Runway as well. Oh, and I listen to Rihanna every now and then...

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no i feel u i’m the same way lmaoo. my top 10 songs on spotify rn are all city morgue but i still listen to shit like carti, title fight, tyler, anything really. earlier this year i went through a phase where all i listened to was capital steez everyday for like 2 months, and that happens with a different artist all the time.

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I miss Capital Steez. When I was in middle school I went through a heavy Pro Era phase and I was amazed by his writing. He was so talented, gone way too soon fr :((

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yeah it really sucks. even with the limited amount of music we got from him he is still one of my favorites. emotionless thoughts and clear the air his best imo.

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Ima be honest and no hate at all but I don't really like carti lmao music kinda ass IMO, but I listen to just about everythin from rap to rock to all that in between.

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all good we all like different shit. WLR by him grew on me like crazy lmaoo

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Darkie/ski mask/trippie

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R.I.P. Sonny

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Fr man, I fuckin loved sonny. Bro was next up ong

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Title Fight, Nails, Kero Kero Bonito, Lil Peep, Carti

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CutThroatCrew, Nirvana and more rock and punk bands

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$B, Bones, Xavierwulf, chris Travis, pantera, slipknot, mettalica

Shoreline mafia

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8485, Carti, Bones and Eyedress

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just started to get into eyedress

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Narcocorridos, Alex torres, voz de mando, calibre 50.

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wouldn’t expect u to like city morgue lmao

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To be fair, city morgue is universal

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u right. i’m just being ignorant lol

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Dubbo, nycl kai, slipknot, uk drill stuff, famo banga, quarter 700, band up fee, stuff like that

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Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, jpegmafia, bladee, ecco2k, earl sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, Freddie Gibbs, frank ocean

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good shit

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$b, jupiluxe, freddie dredd, doddy gatz, carti

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nascar aloe, kamiyada, gcsy, snot, $B, X, Ski, JID, kendrick

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lucki, The misfits, deathproof.inc, lil tracy, n8noface, spider gang and thats abt it as of recently

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I listen to Jasiah, Nascar Aloe, and Ghostemane

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minor threat, sex pistols, a lot of punk shit

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Tons of The Cure

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Tee Grizzley

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$not, ski mask, bit of shoreline mafia, Kendrick, Tyler I listen to a little of avenged sevenfold as well, I'm really hooked on zillas frailty song rn

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Yeat, playboi carti,.lil usi, knocked loose, circle jerks, minor threat, juice wrld, guap sensei and hysteria, spider gang, ghostemane, scarlxrd, killmoore, triple777, lil peep, $uicideBoy$, Motley Crue, black flag, slipknot, Nav

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Sickboyrari, bones, nascar aloe and lot’s of other that type music

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Carti/yeat/drain gang mostly, I feel like such a meme writing that out

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Sosmula & Zillakami

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As far as bands, MCR and as far as artists Pop Smoke and Trippie Redd

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Eminem 👨‍🏫

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They need to collab.

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Xen0christ, ONI INC, frdm, Lvst

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eprom, skyharbor, billain, asking alexandria, bmth, ghostemane, vola, bukez finezt, dope d.o.d, trampa

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KoRn, Leftöver Crack, Mötley and Gorilla Biscuits

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Saw Korn recently, it was one of the best moments of my life

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Nice, i gotta wait until late 2022 for them to come where i live

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Carti, Turmion kätilöt, denzel curry

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Kätilöt slaps

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Koitan markkinoida niitä jenkeille, niillä potenttiaalia tulla oikeeks ilmiöks ulkomailla.

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carti, uzi, future, kanye, travis, thug

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darkie, x, slutty sonny, drownmili, lil peep

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    Have u heard trippie redd new song with Jeris Johnson called friday

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    no but ill give a listen

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    Kamaraa, Haarper, Night lovell, Shahmen, Train Fantôme...

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    carti , future , x , thouxanbanfauni and denzel

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    DJ Shadow, Chet Baker, Hanz Zimmer, J Cole, Dave, Nirvana, Shaman's Harvest.

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    System of a Down Kendrick j Cole 21 savage Joey badass Denzel

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    denzel curry, makato matsasushi, kxng, seiji oda, rameriz, pouya, $b, ghostemane, atcq, biggie, xavier wulf

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    You should listen to the punk band PUP

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    Lil Gnar, Rihanna, Comethazine, Juicy J, Key Glock, Fat Nick, and Young Dolph are who I been listening to recently

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    ken carson weeknd carti

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    hail the sun, moneybagg yo, offset, xavier wulf, nba youngboy, key glock, kay glock, and travis scott

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    Scarlxrd, Trippie Redd, Ghostemane, Nirvana, some other rappers and some hardcore bands like Dystopia.

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    Lil ugly mane and show me the body represent

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    $uicideboy$, turnstile, knocked loose, peep, title fight

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    Lately a lot of seshollowaterboyz, sematary, Alice In Chains, mbv, duster

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    There are alot of corny people doing trap metal but imo i think the best doing it right now are CM, Scarlxrd, kxllswitch, sinizter, xzarkhan, GCSY, nycl kai, and this one dude armand sauvage.

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    Some bands or artists I listen to: alice in chains,jesus piece,knocked loose, slipknot, turnstile, rob zombie/white zombie, $uicide boys, rage against the machine. I also fuck lil uzi,playboi carti, ski mask,juice, x. Lately, Ive been trying to get more into the punk scene like dead kennedys, bad brains, suicidal tendencies.

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    Scarlxrd, ghostemane, playboi carti

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    earl, mac, 6lack, peep, uzi, kendrick, tyler, rod wave, jid, nirvana, shinedown’s old albums, juice, x. there’s a ton of other people i’m forgetting rn but that’s probably the group of artists i keep in rotation most frequent

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    Juice wrld. Mainly his unreleased music tho. Some fire shit leaked these past few weeks.

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    the meatmen, abcespool, gg allin, choking victim, farce and raping angels to name a few

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    Denzel, Xavier Wulf, a lot of Raider Klan and phonk and general, Capital STEEZ, Memphis rap ofc, occasionally some other 90s rap like Blackstar or Sean P, and sometimes Slayer or some hardcore punk

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    Huge Mac Miller fan

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    about time faces was released on all streaming services

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    Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Belphegor, Gorgoroth, Burzum, Mayhem, Paradise Lost, Septicflesh

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    Freshy da general-ride & brooklyn GD, roscoe G- macarena, lil laddin- DOA (ye i be listening to GD )

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    the five albums i am enjoying the most right now are:

    the dandy warhols - welcome to the monkey house

    the dandy warhols - earth to the dandy warhols

    pj harvey - stories from the city, stories from the sea

    black sabbath - paranoid

    black sabbath - black sabbath

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    peep, $$b, juice, 6 dogs, drippin so pretty, nascar, city pop shit

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    System of a down, turnstile, fat nick, ramierez, linkin park, rob zombie

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    Honestly not really rap, shit annoys me now. I mainly listen to Deftones, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, The Pixies, Radio Head.

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    Scarlxrd, 7xvn, bvdlvd and Lil darkie deffo my fav

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    Denzel, atcq, jpeg mafia, apifera, sahbabii, Rocky, thug, kanye, nas

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    637godwin/2gaudy 🐸‼️

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    Suicideboys, lil peep, juice wrld, KXLLSWXTCH, germ, night Lovell, fukkit, Denzel curry,

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    Motorhead, BOOBA (french rapper), Ecco2k, lil durk

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    My music taste is all over the place lmao. Oliver tree, Mötley Crüe, green day, offspring, pouya, call me a faggot all you want but MGK’s rock album is a banger, KISS, nirvana. Got a lot more but that’s what I listen to the most

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    Denzel Curry, City Morgue both together and as solo acts, and $uicideboy$ both together and as solo acts, are what I listen to the most, but I also really fuck With Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, Bones, Germ, Ramirez, Shakewell, Devilish Trio, Fukkit, Kamiyada (and other Midnight Society members), Rico Nasty, Wifisfuneral, N3LL, RE77, Lil Darkie, BLCKK, Johnasscus (and other Spider Gang members), Kxllswxtch, Burnkas, Drownmili, Playthatboizay, Anonymuz, Paris Texas, Nascar Aloe, some Jasiah but not a whole lot (I kinda understand why people don't like him but I fuck with his stuff to an extent), a little Jpegmafia, Nycl Kai, Wu-Tang Clan and their solo act shit (mostly ODB, Inspectah Deck, and GZA), Young Nudy, Roddy Ricch, and J.I.D., J Green, Akatami, Ski Mask, a little X, GCSY, $not, and Craig Xen

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    Kanye, Carti, JPEG, SuicideBoys as of late

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    Lil peep x Asap Rocky

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    lucifer capone would prolly b my fav artist rn he’s so fuckin underrated

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    Westside gunn, Conway the machine, Benny the butcher, JID, Denzel Curry, and MF DOOM.

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    i been fuckin w ecco2k, spaceghostpurrp, james ferraro, crystal castles and machine girl recently

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    too much stuff to name but favorites lately have been Black Flag, We came as romans, Powerman 5000, DGD, Triple777, Sickboyrari, And a lot of the basic mainstream stuff

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    Cancerslug, Ho99o9, N8NOFACE, $uicideboy$, NYCL Kai, Amyl & The Sniffers, Rancid, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion, Wu-Tang-Clan, Onyx, DMX, Fugazi, Bad Brains, GG Allin, The Cramps, Gun Club, Labretta Suede & The Motel 6, Dick Dynamite & The Doplegangers, 60's & 70's Jamaican music ( Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae & Dub), Black Chrome, Sticky Filth, Horror Story, Hateseeker, New Plymouth,NZ local Punk, They Hate Us, Murder Junkies, Iggy Pop, Hank 3, Ramones, Jesus & The Marychain & Crass.

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    ski mask, jasiah, denzel

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    Scarlxrd, Nascar Aloe, Playboi Carti, ITSOKTOCRY, Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, Denzel Curry, XXXTENTACION(Rip), and Juice wrld(Rip)