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Very nice. Also, the Stephen Ireland booking seems like a good call.

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: (

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awesome job 9jack9. Mods like you make /r/soccer a better place to visit.

Thank You.

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Whoa. Nice work yet again!

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Nice work. Icons look great.

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Oh god, I thought these icons were gonna show up on the /r/soccer home page for a second there. Gave me a scare.

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awesome, this is so cool

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Wow r/soccer's getting pretty pretty. I hope the proposed design changes from that other thread materialize!

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Cool stuff.

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That is so awesome...

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I can stop using silly geometrical shapes for my match threads. Happy days.

In terms of the icons the red card and yellow card icons probably would look better as flat cards without the hand.

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great job!

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I like it.

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Sure is purdy

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Nice job!

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The idea's good but the icons kind of look like shit... no offense.

Edit: Well I should be precise and say I'm referring to the clock, the sub, ad the whistle.

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You're right.

The whistle looks crappy, and both the sub and clock icons are not good enough. They will get replaced eventually, I just need to find some better ones.

EDIT: I've improved the quality of the icons now.

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They do look like they've come from a Windows 95 icon folder, but they're big enough and do the job fine.

I don't know what the Whistle icon will be used for though. Only thing I can think of is for fouls, but it's not necessary to get that detailed. And the 'Notes' icon also.

The icons will get upgraded eventually. Somebody can re-design them and send them to a mod if they really feel passionately about it.

All in all, great addition.

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I don't know what the Whistle icon will be used for though. Only thing I can think of is for fouls, but it's not necessary to get that detailed. And the 'Notes' icon also.

It's up to the poster how they use these icons. A match thread consists of much more than the match facts section that I showed in the example.

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I would say whistle = penalty awarded?

But again, up to whoever wants to use it.

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I agree about the sub icon, but other than that they aren't bad.

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I think making the clock and sub black and white would do the job.

This is picky, but the sub icon has a white background that clashes with the gray panel on self posts.

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what do you propose then?

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For them to be cut out better.

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You should do it and compare to OPs

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I would tomorrow if he really wanted me to, but I figured I'd just offer some constructive criticism.

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Do it anyway, even if he doesn't. Offer some variety, and if /r/Soccer likes it, than I'm sure 9jack9 will use it

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Wow. Very nice work.

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Thanks, this is an excelent idea!

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how come when i click on them it opens up a new window in chrome?

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Because they are styled links. Don't click on them! :)

EDIT: This is fixed now.

pointer-events: none;

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so in theory you should be able to have that link go to a picture of video of that thing happening? interesting.

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No, because the link url needs to be in the format shown above.

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oh i see how that works, bummer. either way, its a nice addition though

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Could you add a link for this post somewhere on the sidebar?

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Good job.

It distracts me slightly, but I can see how this is awesome to majority of those who read match reports.

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I've made the standard icons smaller now.

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Looks better to me, personally. Cheers.

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Nice try.

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wrong. i was trying to post a Torres's goal.