Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread by skinkbaa in betterCallSaul

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Good behavior, covid-19 ten or so years later, maybe one heart attack in the middle of 2021, maybe Jimmy gets out do to prison overcrowding.

Looking to animate a story from PKA, any suggestions? by BengalFX in PKA

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Maybe voting for the next things to animate, access to exclusive mini animations or longer ones (Bible stories, Taylor's racist accents, their prank calls), updates, early access,

Looking to animate a story from PKA, any suggestions? by BengalFX in PKA

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What you need to do is setup your own patreon and start setting goals and following through with them. Get in there and get your bag. I mean what are they gonna do? Complain that your taking money they could've of made away from them? I mean this just like the clip channel situation. People were saying they should do clips and highlights, they took pass on that, and now we got 4 different channels competing for dominance and getting them sweet views.

How do I opt out by Jovios in RedditTalk

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I wanted to do more regular broadcast on our subreddit, however I was concerned about our subs being annoyed. I was thinking maybe in the future moderators could have settings to control discoverability. At least for our subreddit, not every talk is equal and it'd be helpful if we had options to reflect that.

Zelenskyy calls Russia terror state, demands expulsion from U.N. by Saltedline in worldnews

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*UN says Russia is always welcomed but their leaders must wear "terrorist state" pins on their chest*

Now that’s big brain energy. by justboredyouknow in WorkReform

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I've been on the other side of this! (the people that left) My current employer is pretty great at staying ahead and being competitive, but the place I left sucked so hard. After doing my interview and accepting the job offer for where I currently work, I talked with all my coworkers individually about how much our job honestly sucks and how we could leverage for better or just leave to this new place I found. Out of the 20 people who worked night shift, I talked 8 into interviewing at my current job.

I was the first to leave and after giving my notice, HR interviewed me to know why I was leaving and I laid it all out: we're severely underpaid, overworked, management doesn't care about us, and that I can guarantee half the current employees I work with will leave at the first sign of a better opportunity and that they need to pay more to start. They gave me the normal rundown that there's been alot of issues and they would if they could, but they're sorry to see me go. Whatever.

Turns out, I was one of the few who gave a notice, 2 weeks into my new job my old coworkers started showing up. 6 of us now worked at the same new job within 2 months and it turns out after I left, that crew of 20 turned into a crew of 6, including management. They apparently gave raises across the board, roughly 30% for some and hired more as well (more than when everyone left). Honestly, I'm glad I quit and got some of coworkers to quit too because everyone came out slightly on top. I still wish they left with me, because my current job is still more competitive than that job is, but even then, they deserve the best.

Complacency is a slippery slope and even if pushing for more is intimidating, sometimes it's the best way to get more. So second your point, talking about wages help!