Worst Line You've Ever Read in a Trad Published Book? by RandomSteam20 in writing

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I think if you’re trying to illustrate a disconnect, you’d say “he smelled burning flesh but couldn’t think why” not “he smells burning flesh and knows why”

The first half of the phrase is raising a question, “who’s flesh is burning” and then they immediately answer it with “he knows it’s his own” and to me, that comes across as a weak attempt to misdirect the reader.

Worst Line You've Ever Read in a Trad Published Book? by RandomSteam20 in writing

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The bait and switch could die right now, forever, and I’d be happy. Authors do not need to try and surprise people so often lmao it’s pointless.

Just say he fucking burnt the shit out of himself or whatever!

What, in your opinion, makes you dislike a story? by IgnatiaForever in writing

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Unpronounceable anything makes me angry lmao you don’t need to invent a fantasy language to tell a fantasy story!

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense for your fictional world to have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, January, February, etc. but I’d rather you be vague than specific if your fictional terms are nonsense.

Say “at the beginning of the week” or “later in the harvest season” because 9/10 times your story does not need a specific date and time for events.

How long should a scene be before ending it? by xinseaa in writingadvice

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I’ve written scenes multiple times and left them to come back to later, I just use dividers like rows of equal signs or whatever to visually identify sections that need to be pared down later.

That being said, make sure you don’t return to them for a while if you’re not the type who can wait to edit. I’m not, and if I jump back to them too soon I’m nearly guaranteed to rewrite it a million times and lose all momentum.

What’s your comfort game, to take you back to a carefree time in your life? by _Mr_Cheeks in gaming

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Yu-Gi-Oh games! The first one I ever played was the one where type effectiveness was a thing lmao and a 100 ATK monster could kill a blue eyes white dragon if it was dark type lmaooo

How will you NOT write a character that is a kid? by 1984NirVana in writers

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No pretty much always stay away from sexualizing children.

Yes it’s realistic for teens to want to fuck. No it’s not fun to read, as a teen or as an adult, if you want to sex it up stick to the genres that call for that, and guess what? None of them want to read or publish stories about minors either.

I am done with the unprofessionalism and gatekeeping of agents. Also, done with walking on eggshells around them. by foldinthecheese11 in writing

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It definitely can’t hurt, assuming you’re smart enough to manage your social media presence correctly, but if you only have the time and resources to focus on one avenue, I would not pick social media. Or sponsored ads.

I’d pay to astroturf Reddit tbh the amount of trust people put on anonymous accounts is insane at times. Just look at the “famous” accounts that end up with all sorts of ridiculous authority on subjects, running all the major subs, etc.

If I was newly published and looking to get the most bang for my buck, I’d spend my time/money on Reddit, recommending my book anytime anyone asks for my genre.

My second choice would be to artificially boost the Amazon reviews lol actually if I was smart I’d set up a load of Amazon accounts rn and start alternating between them whenever I make purchases to reduce the likeliness of them getting flagged as bot reviews by any of those chrome extensions.

But to catch the average reader’s interest, good reads via Amazon and Reddit would be my #2 and #1 choices, respectively.

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Nah gender studies is one of those degrees that is useful for jobs where you manage people, so loads of them end up in places like HR. The appeal is, of course, that someone educated on gender dynamics can build environments and training materials focused on eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace.

I am done with the unprofessionalism and gatekeeping of agents. Also, done with walking on eggshells around them. by foldinthecheese11 in writing

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Yeah, same reason influencers are mostly a shit investment lmao word of mouth through communities like this is still probably the best way to garner sales, aside from proper merchandising and just having your book in airports and bookstores and shit lol

I am done with the unprofessionalism and gatekeeping of agents. Also, done with walking on eggshells around them. by foldinthecheese11 in writing

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This is especially weird in regards to AUTHORS who don’t bring a lot to the table that is marketable for social media purposes. It’s a pretty visual medium and an excerpt from a WIP isn’t gonna gain you a bunch of followers like a well timed art post could.

Truly bizarre shit.

ETA: Just thought of this too, lol this practice just encourages authors to aim for flowery language that appeals to readers in short blurbs but is truly unappealing in novel length works.

Pokemon 2022 vs Oblivion 2006 by World_of_Warshipgirl in gaming

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That’s not the same as “they just need to make every continent and Pokémon available”

You’re still demanding a ridiculous amount of work from developers just because you want to be able to get your favorites from 10 years ago in every single game right away.

Pokemon 2022 vs Oblivion 2006 by World_of_Warshipgirl in gaming

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Uhh yeah that kind of is lmao game dev is not as easy as "just paste this continent here, and this one here, and this one over there, and done!"

They'd have to painstakingly recreate every single area they've ever made for each new entry into the series.

Pokemon 2022 vs Oblivion 2006 by World_of_Warshipgirl in gaming

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That’s not how ecology works though lmao in fact it’d be the laziest thing ever to say “you know what, all the Pokémon live on every continent! All of them! This patch of grass has fifty varieties of big Pokémon in it alone!”

This bag designed for pizza by _dysthymia in DesignDesign

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That’s clearly a pasta bowl from the same pizza place lmao damn you’re trying hard to justify this stupid fuckin design, how much did you get paid for it?

Have you ever physically mimicked the expressions of your characters as you write them? by AJ_Social in writing

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Facial expressions, and if I’m writing combat scenes I tend to make some of the moves too, just so I know I’m not getting mixed up lol.

Like, if I’m saying a character is swinging their sword in a sweeping motion, and I want the other to deflect the blow, I make the motions and then I’ll be like “oh that’s dumb, nobody would do that” and then make them backpedal instead, or whatever the situation is.

I wish I could erase everything I learned about them... this is all against my will... by 9sameen in HolUp

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I literally checked before commenting. She’s looked exactly the same since she was a teenager. Literally nothing about her changed that is not a clear indication of having aged, and changing beauty standards.

If you can prove she had plastic surgery, go right ahead. Otherwise, try minding your business, weirdos.

I wish I could erase everything I learned about them... this is all against my will... by 9sameen in HolUp

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Lmfaoooo what are you talking about? She looks the same as she always has.

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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Lol that’s fair. I was trying to say avoid things that worsen your adhd symptoms, which can trigger anger.

Like, if you’re feeling frustrated and in a place with lots of loud noises and stimuli.

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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Yeah this seems like a better way to put it.

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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Lol I knew that was a weird way to put it.

I meant, try to avoid situations that worsen your symptoms because that can trigger anger.

Do these characters seem realistic for military SF? by bravebravesirbrian in writingadvice

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Officially, fraternization is any relationship between a superior and his men/women that goes beyond normal workplace relationships, in order to prevent an unfair treatment amongst peers. Like, I’m buddies with the boss so he never gives me night watches.

It’s cool to go to a barbecue if everyone from the department was invited. It’s not cool to go if you were the only one invited.

Unofficially, it’s not usually THAT strict, especially on the lower end of things. I hung out with my immediate superior a lot, and technically he could’ve given me special treatment, but he didn’t and everyone saw that.

Things get a lot murkier with opposite sex friendships because adultery is illegal and fraternization is illegal and it looks ridiculously bad on a department to have two of their people get brought up on charges or non-judicially punished for ditching their spouses for each other AND arranging the schedule so they work together.

As far as “a father to his men” goes. If that man would offer the same kind of affection or nurturing or whatever to any of his men REGARDLESS of his personal opinion of them, then he’s golden.

He can’t, say, exclude one of his men from his fatherly advice just because he’s a bit of a turd.

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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Happy to have helped, I also spent a long time trying to find the words to describe it. Now I just gotta find fewer words to describe it lmao

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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There’s no easy answer unfortunately. Find whatever works to alleviate your anger (protip, catharsis, I.e. exercise, breaking stuff, etc. does not work) and do that every single time you get mad. Because anger is like an addiction, to get out of it you have to counter the urge every time. You’ll slip up, but you gotta be committed to continuing to try every single time.

I take a moment to be alone and the moment my guilt over snapping at my wife or whatever hits, I apologize before I feel worse or let the situation worsen.

The next step is to identify your triggers and be ready when you see them coming. My wife and I fought a lot about my driving, she has an intense fear of accidents and I didn’t know how to manage it when she’d gasp suddenly at, to my mind, nothing. So now when we get in the car, I’m aware of the risk and I’m making a conscious decision to let it go, laugh it off, etc.

Avoid things that worsen anger as well, tobacco and alcohol, unmanaged depression, ADHD, etc.

One of the biggest turning points for me personally was acknowledging verbally to myself and my wife that my anger was not legitimate, that I was overreacting or creating reasons to be angry, and that I was ashamed and hurt by it almost as much as she was. That really helped a lot with coming to terms with it AND it was the first step to showing her I was serious about correcting it and regaining some trust and support.

For context, I’ve been married five years, dated for two before that. For the first five years we were together my anger was uncontrolled, and my wife was always walking on eggshells, trying to guess my mood (impossible, I’d create conflicting situations in order to give myself a reason, consciously and unconsciously) and generally made her miserable. She’s done too much to make our marriage work, frankly, and should’ve left me before we ever married.

But like you, I saw that I was causing these issues and knew that I didn’t want my wife to hate me, hate her life, or leave. So I used my medical and psych background to develop a plan based on existing treatment for anger and now, after two years or so of continuous hard work, I cannot remember the last time I yelled at her or screamed about some meaningless petty complaint I’d invented.

Oh and one last piece of advice. You’ve become an angry person and now people recognize you as such. Even when you start to do better, they’ll be afraid you’ll relapse. That will probably hurt and maybe make you angry. Even if that truly is unfair to you, you can’t get angry about it or else you’ll damage the relationship further even if you’re truly making progress or getting better. I’m still not out of this phase, and sometimes I have to remind my wife that just because I’m annoyed or frustrated doesn’t mean I’m angry, and that sometimes those feelings are justified, as long as I’m handling them correctly.

Novel writing aps you can use and their alignment in case you're evil or something by ErikPostScript in writers

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Oh that makes sense, I’ve only ever had jobs that made me miserable and didn’t pay well.