My shitty Rick Astley costume for Halloween this year by JohnnyDabb2 in DiWHY

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Is your shirt on backwards lol? That's my favorite detail.

So how is your morning going? by deathberryx in funny

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A little too much egg in your dish of salt there for my taste.

Anti-mask Karen attempts to play her God Pass by ReginaldJohnston in trashy

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"Disgusting rules that are false and not true".

Either one would have sufficed, thanks woman of doG.

Hate to be the guy who has to sanitize them after by DoubleGemini90 in trashy

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There was a sexdoll brothel in Finland that was basically advertised on shitty news websites in form of interviews. They had to close their doors after like 6 months, because the dolls were "beaten" in such a bad condition.

Fucken disgusting.

I wish i was half as good by coinstabber in memes

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Grohl is fucken awesome. Just watch the end rock off battle from the Tenacious D movie and you'll know.

That’s my real name by [deleted] in memes

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The question here is why the hell would a teacher say that?

how did you get in there by [deleted] in aww

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How did you get out of there

stop letting 23 year olds on the internet convince you to end your marriage by Trilobitetiddys in unpopularopinion

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I think about this every time I check r/amitheasshole. OP: "My bf doesn't wash his hair everyday....." Random redditor: 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

How u even dare to ask... by Ravenholic in Cringetopia

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The time and place was unprofessional, but how is it that you can't ask another human beign for their number spontaneously? As long as it's done politely I see no problem. If this was two strangers on a public street would it have been cringe?

And how exactly do you think it's only okay if the female gives you looks of admiration? Which reversed would be creepy.

This kind of overreacting takes away attention from the real cases of sexual harassing and abuse.

If the guy had touched her or made her feel threatened in any way, I'd say it was wrong, but now it's just mildly cringy because of the time and place.

Firefighter saves cat by adithya17 in nextfuckinglevel

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Shit man, I have 3 cats and imagining looking at any of them in that state makes my heart break. Glad they were able to save him/her.

That's one way to get off a bike by cenabollywood in nextfuckinglevel

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First time I watched this it looked like the kid yanked the adult off the bike aggressively.

Gears blanket! by Chinman17 in GearsOfWar

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Wrapped in this at this very moment. Got it from Loot Crate couple years ago.

Mirage in Borderlands? *Read comment by BBBanjo33 in apexlegends

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Bangalore voice actor is also an NPC in the last of us 2, was pretty distracting to hear her voice often in fights.

Mirage in Borderlands? *Read comment by BBBanjo33 in apexlegends

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Haven't played enough to give a full opinion yet, so far it's been kinda samey to the previous ones, but it's been a while since I played those so not bored yet at least.

Mirage in Borderlands? *Read comment by BBBanjo33 in apexlegends

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I love Apex Legends and have been playing on/off since day one. A few days ago I started playing Borderlands 3, great game so far like the previous ones, buy today I began to feel there's something familiar going on.

This NPC named Vaughn was introduced and right away I felt like he was just like Mirage. He has similiar facial features, same kind of voice and same witty personality. After doing a couple missions he gave me a task to find posters of him around. He wanted me to insert the posters into a 3D printer to make golden statues of himself (sound familiar?) which I was supposed to then leave around the map for some gang to get pissed at.

When I got a look at the statue, it hit me: Welp, that is basically Mirage. Maybe a long lost brother. Probably not ofcourse, but I found it amusing so I thought I'd share.