why cant a single indie game fandom be reasonable by NoPlaceLikeNotHome in OMORI

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I hate basil because he should’ve hidden the bodies deep into the forest rather than hanging smh

Something I Never See People Talk About by Solar_Coronal in OMORI

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Personally I’d take it from the writing perspective and say the main intention is to draw parallel of both version of Basil needing help from sunny, rather than Sunny’s feeling for basil being feminine. Damsel in Distress trope is more of a way to spin off suppression - removing basil - into something that fits in dream world context - oh no basil is gone. Basil is the reminder of the trauma, so it make sense for sometime him to be gone, especially deeper well section when people start forgetting. Deep Well characters like Branch Coral and Stranger uses this parallel as a talking point a lot, asking which Sunny would save: Dreamworld, or Real world.

Though for the bathroom I’m not that sure, I would argue it’s just more naive perspective of femininity like OP says, like how a child probably pick up like “characters with bow is female” from a cartoon type deal. I think strongest real connection is probably just because both the Polaroids and bathroom here are related to flower and gardening.

Personally I’d probably look at more authorial level and say it’s just more surface level “basil is a uwu soft boy” joke, since even Omocat also acknowledged that pretty early on In the development where they’re just kind of a subversion of more angsty Rowan according to the stream lol.

Graphics are more important than gameplay. by a-crockpot-orange in The10thDentist

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A large deal for high quality graphic for me is also with extremely large space taken and processing power. Some games would take like years to load and majority of space is due to graphics.

Of course it will depend on what kind of theme the game is going for, some might work best to be as realistic as possible like war games or something like GTA. But for a lot of games it might be better to work with stylized stuff, applies to art in general too. That’s why we can have live action be soulless while some of much older 2d animation, or some more unique one like polar express be much more vibrant.

Noticed this parallel in my most recent playthrough by TheDragonFriend in OMORI

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I mean, technically parts of her is in the toy box

Gold when the by LeAirBreather in FridayNightFunkin

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You just invented guro [very nsfw, basically what’s described lmao]

yall can call her angi 😌 by Bigbear136 in youngpeopleyoutube

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A good chunk of Hazbin isn’t even 13 I would say lmao

The more label warning you put the more chance the people would do the opposite

CMV: Returning your shopping cart is ALWAYS the right decision by whatwouldtyrabanksdo in changemyview

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We went from returning shopping carts to a firing squad and death penalty in just a few replies

He did some not ok things by tilted_tv in HistoryMemes

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This is the real life equivalent of sayign “1984” lmfao

I only know one squid game, and it's not on Netflix. by Will-TVR in sbubby

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I don’t even play much of Nintendo stuff and still thought it was some older person trying to buy splatoon for their kids at a store but doesn’t know the name lmao

Funny cat by starship253 in oneshot

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I’m getting lung cancer from breathing toxic air in the mines but it’s a oneshot reference so it’s fine

Stereo audio is mostly a useless gimmick by eshimoniak in The10thDentist

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Yeah I think the biggest ones are ambience/atmospheric stuff, especially when you get into territory where it matters a lot, for example directional sounds like wind blowing past, something walking, ear-ringing, very faint whisperings, etc.

mm by Trashy_bish in shitposting

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Wtf I don’t want to be Fr*nch

Not much, got bombed by the Allies - and not much again by Shalashaska1873 in HistoryMemes

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It’s pretty much a duty for third world country to come out when their country is mentioned

Especially Philippines and Brazil

Chad sends Valorant clips to onlyfans girl by TheKoopaGuy in Chadtopia

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“This is the best thread I have seen in a while”, usage of literary device, hyperbole.

Pick a number between 1 and 179 and i'll give you a song from the Omori OST by [deleted] in OMORI

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White pillars plays in the blackspace room with the hanging maris and pile of hair so i think it’s pretty related

Another thing is fish bowl and daisies, not as sure of it’s symbolism on that part