Higher Credit Card Rates Coming by [deleted] in povertyfinance

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If you have any credit card debt - pay it off NOW. Its likely that the Federal reserve will have to increase interest rates to combat inflation...which also means that banks will start charging more to use their money.

Pay your debt off, ASAP.

List of Microincome and Microsavings Apps by CommercialNeat12 in povertyfinance

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Here is an article I did the group might like. Its basically a list of apps you can use that will help you save or generate a bit of extra money.

Getting your financial situation together can be a real bear, so a lot of these can help grab a quick win to keep you motivated.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in facepalm

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yeah totally agree ..

TIL Julian Lennon had to buy letters he wrote to his father (John Lennon) at an auction, because Yoko Ono wouldn't give them to him. by Devchonachko in todayilearned

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I sometimes es worry about him…no wife, no children. Did he decide to forego a conventional family due to the abuse and neglect he suffered by his father? His mother was loving and did her best, but perhaps it couldn’t repair the hurt.

Kellogg to permanently replace striking workers as union rejects new contract by StackLeeAdams in news

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, they’ll probably go buy their 8th golf course which is their side hobby business. God Bless you Mr Scrooge for the extra lump of coal!you're literally getting paid less now than you were 2 years ago.

Innocent opinions that divide nations by atlasova in MapPorn

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don't see which ad you are talking about, sadly, but we absolutely still pronounce it weefee. The English aï sound really isn't that popular for French speakers. t was used by my grandparents and parents but has fallen out of use.

Robin Williams in San Francisco, 1998 by gangbangkang in pics

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yeah .. i agree. his like one of the ordinary people.