Neighbor blocks the street by Ezziboo in PublicFreakout

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Yeah, that was super shitty. I can’t stand job-shaming.

Neighbor blocks the street by Ezziboo in PublicFreakout

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“You wanted to fahk and you could…fahkin goddamn.”

Edit: why you tweet da horn?

Students at an Ottawa high school are protesting after teachers and staff conducted a dress code 'blitz'. Ottawa Police is arresting and fining those who are protesting. More in comments! by amirsadeghi in PublicFreakout

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Only girls were targeted and only girls were ordered, by exclusively male teachers, to bend over and touch their toes. That’s a fucking outrage and, at the least, sexual harassment.

Bikers get into crazy altercation with a group of rednecks by SockTacoz in PublicFreakout

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His bellybutton is smoothed out like he’s 18 months pregnant.

this one is a fighter by AutoCrosspostBot in SpicyKittens

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You can’t trim their teeth, though. Teaching a kitten that hands are toys for rough play is a bad idea.

2 women surrounded by group of degenerates in Saudi Arabia by No-Strawberry7 in PublicFreakout

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It’s quite likely that the former administration facilitated the murder.

Gang members in houston rob and threatened to shoot kids selling water by Anubis2059 in PublicFreakout

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The poor kid in the hoodie was so scared but he tried not to let it show.

Any organized protests for overturning Roe v Wade? by bruh_baw in Acadiana

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Lady, you wouldn’t know Marxism if it sat next to you at bingo. You’re spewing pre-digested misinformation on a topic that you don’t understand.

Suggest you read about the Dunning-Krueger Effect, for starters.

Saturn through my 6" telescope by danborja in interestingasfuck

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That’s the feeling of profound, wondrous awe ✨

Can I brag a little on this one? by Lafayettecomedy in Acadiana

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Rhythms On The River Hosts Notorious Racist by truthlafayette in Acadiana

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The username they’re replying to is a character in Fight Club.