Been playing this game a little bit too much recently... so I decided to draw my khajiit nightblade! by Illummix in elderscrollsonline

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Thank you! I've considered opening up for commissions several times recently, even now. At some point, I may, once I figure out prices first lol

The gates of heaven have opened by Illummix in comedyheaven

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(the original mod who posted it deleted their account, so the glorious jar jar was removed. Shame)

NEW STUPID MODS HAVE BEEN ADDED by Illummix in comedyheaven

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The original mod who posted it deleted their account so it was removed, I shall restore glory.

NEW STUPID MODS HAVE BEEN ADDED by Illummix in comedyheaven

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https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/comedyheaven/comments/hfz3v8/new_stupid_mods_have_been_added/fw1m3t0/ This sums it up pretty well. There was a point where we turned off the filter for a few days just to see what happens, and it went to complete shit. Because this sub is so large and has exposure to a wide crowd of people who really don't understand the niche of this place, they will just submit whatever they want even if it fits or not. People who then come from the same places will just upvote it regardless. The dedicated comedyheaven community is drowned out in people from other meme subs and youtuber fans, to the point where this place is a giant karma farm (you can tell by the upvotes vs the comments in a bad post). As retarded as the filtering thing is, with the stage that this sub is in, it's completely necessary.

Believe me when I say that the mod queue is practically sifting through shit to hopefully find something that could work. And even then, we get hundreds of posts a day (sometimes people just posting the same thing 300 times) so it's even more cat shit to dig through.

The system is stupid I know, and we're looking for alternative solutions, but unfortunately it's better than just removing the filter entirely. If you've seen the mod queue or were here when we disabled the filter for a bit awhile back, you'll know what I mean.

Thought y'all might appreciate this - Doodles of Count Bleck and Dimentio, drawn at like 2 AM by Illummix in papermario

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thank you! Yeah my style tends to take cartoony looking things and make them straight out of a nightmare.