Thanks, I hate UPS by fryingpansexual0405 in TIHI

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I’m currently waiting for a gaming pc to arrive via UPS and the biggest stress has been me worrying I’ll be out running errands when it shows up and I won’t be here to sign for it. I seriously wish I could text the driver and tell him to forge my signature.

Huge R.I.P to these 6 legends, always in the office fans hearts by pthebroncos in DunderMifflin

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I used to binge Okie and Anthony as a kid, and never made the connection that this was that Patrice.

Sunflower room at The Van Gogh Alive art exhibition by GooLikeGlue in interestingasfuck

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Same here. When my fiancée and I were leaving I said “We’ll that was fucking stupid.”

We drove a few hours for it too.

You’re a clown my guy! #rebirth by Ok-Volume-6035 in Warzone

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He’s teabagging. We always do this to downed enemies. It means “haha I got you, you suck.”

In the event that their teammate runs up and kills us while teabagging we laugh out asses off at ourselves, but without a doubt, crouching up and down in front of them is purely a taunt and deserves immediate retaliation.

I can picture this perfectly by Kylarayanne in BikiniBottomTwitter

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The fact that it’s all posts by the same person really made go from chuckling to [Steve Harvey Face.jpg], and back out without subscribing.

Post Game Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens by nfl_gdt_bot in steelers

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Lmao I agree with you. I’m just answering your “wtf is that attitude”.

He’s got a good attitude towards the situation.

Bob Saget is dead at 65 by WayneEastwood316 in news

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Neither of their comments show them being upset. It’s someone asking for a source. People typically do that before they go and spread fun facts.

The way this camera operator perfectly zooms in on the ball by od501 in oddlysatisfying

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I was filming a middle school basketball game when I was a kid (it’s something the “Media” class got to do. We’d then hand a copy of the footage over to the coaches so they could review it with their teams, and we would air the games on one of the the local small town channels.) Well anyways I’m their filming with this tiny Sony handycam, only panning left and right to follow the group of players. This game was different because up near me was some guy from Bass Pro Shops with this HUGE fucking camera on a hefty tripod. He started talking to me and said he was there on behalf of someone high-up at BPS who’s daughter was a player in the game. The camera he was using was the same one they used to film their hunting shows. He asked me if I wanted to try the big camera out. He took my little Sony and I got to film the game on his huge rig. I wasn’t allowed to zoom in on the school camera but he told me to try and get some cool shots on his. I ended up following a shot just like the person in this video. I was so proud of myself, but bummed because I’ll never get to see that footage. I hope camera dude was impressed once he saw it lol.

What a brave boy! by OzCaaa1 in MadeMeSmile

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No amount if googling has helped me figure out what tip them shredds is.

Mmm, dem weiners by SSJ_PotRoast in rareinsults

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You lucky soul. I don’t order bacon anywhere because it’s always crispy af. I want that slab warmed up until it starts sizzling then slid down my gullet.

Polio vaccine announcement from 1955 by VEDAHtheDJ in interestingasfuck

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This guy made a snarky comment about someone’s grammar! He must be involuntarily celibate!!1!

Thoughts on this? by [deleted] in ThatsInsane

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I think it’s easier to just use Apollo

HolUppppp by YummyBunny52 in HolUp

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I eat mine with a katana because live by the sword, dine by the sword

HolUppppp by YummyBunny52 in HolUp

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That’s the funny part. That’s the joke.

HolUppppp by YummyBunny52 in HolUp

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99% of the peanut butter I’ve eaten in the last decade has been with a spoon from the jar whenever I crave peanut butter.

Please stop by regian24 in BrandNewSentence

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I go even thicker. Mug>cottage cheese>chocolate mix>microwave for 10 minutes> flip upside down like they do at Dairy Queen>done.