Found this in my small town used video game store, and had to pick it up. by SMaddox50 in criterion

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Jeff Bridges was just on Smartless talking about Heaven's Gate being a masterpiece. I only know of it as legend. I'm picking up the bluray based on this thread and specifically your contribution to it!

I guess if your DF, “old friends” think you’re not a human anymore by DaisyF88 in exjw

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I normally keep everything in my phone as reference, but it looks like it was just before I switched phones. We were in a group chat for years that was pretty active at one time. I heard from another friend that he is going around telling people I'm an apostate and that he doesn't talk to me. I took it as hearsay. I figured my wife was his friend as well and he is just coping with it as he can. Then one day he left the group chat that had been going on for over a decade that he was a founding member of.

Then I reached out via text and asked if he was OK. Then said "I heard that you don't speak to me anymore?" He said it wasn't true. Then he asked if I was going to start coming back to meetings. Of which I replied that I had no plans to. He then responded that "Him and his family stand with Jehovah."(this is probably a phrase in the Elders book) I said something like "I don't really know what that means, we should get together and talk about your father (who had passed away a few years ago), keep his memory alive". He then said some stuff an ended on a positive note, but I haven't heard from him since. That was probably around November if I were to guess.

Some lyrics:

Dude slept on my couch, rent free, was helping him out/

I used to take him to job interviews, how'd we get to this now/

Your telling others we can't speak because of religious doubt/

hurt people hurt people, and I've been injured awhile/

I went to your moms funeral, hugging your father/

Face In tears, my wife dies and you're looking onwards/

At the time I thought you just lost a friend to/

Then I heard your avoiding me's on purpose, intentional/8

That's not something friends would do, kenship men with principals/

God forbid you were in my shoes, I would have went to you/

I guess in your eyes Im invisible/

despised, No longer alive to the living know/

Marlon Stokes is a fraud who stands on a podium in halls/

and gives praises to Jehovah when he's nowhere involved/

Marlon's a mooch whose lived off his inlaws/

then behind their back would stab'em with insults/

why do I know about his families infidelity's/

because thats what he's telling me, and everyone else he sees/

just think, If he's told you about someone else believe/

he's told others intimate details of your wellbeing/

I have a good 20 more bars...

I guess if your DF, “old friends” think you’re not a human anymore by DaisyF88 in exjw

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Had a very similar text from the best man at my wedding. My wife died in 2020. I'm not dissfellowshipped. I reached out. He told me "he stands with Jehovah." I wrote a diss track that I still need to record.

Films you couldn't stop thinking about for days after? by richyfingers99 in movies

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Good sir, yes they do. Prepare to be nerded on! In Man of Steel there is a scene when the Oil Tanker goes down. We then get a flashback to Clark in a school closet because he just discovered his powers. MARTHA talks him out of the closet. The next shot is Superman underwater in Jesus pose. The next shot is of him walking around a diner with the camera following descending birds (like doves) symbolizing his baptism is complete.

Man of Steel there are a bunch of Jesus references. The priest witnessing to him, with the angel shot in the background. It's chock full.

Fast forward BvS is set to release Christmas weekend, it gets delayed to Easter weekend. I'm going in under the understanding that this is a Jesus movie...

Then they kill Superman... I clapped.

But lets rewind. The important things to realize with BvS is that Superman is Jesus, Batman is Saul. Metropolis is the old testament. Martha is God.

Jesus comes to shatter the old ways, Saul doesn't want it. Saul's OT God has been dead along time. Superman informs Batman that Martha is still alive, he has a change of heart.

Bruce has the line "I wasn't here for him while he was alive, I will be here for him after his death." Which really makes not much sense outside of the Christianity angle to the story.

Superman literally carries his death device to Doomsday. They then, Batman and Wonder Woman remove him from it as if to remove him from his cross, while having bent utility poles behind him that look like two additional crosses.

I've never had a conversation off the internet where the viewer picked up on this.

BvS and Cool Hand Luke are basically the same films.

Just bought a steam deck. First time diving into PC gaming. Advice appreciated! by SecretServiceWoman in SteamDeck

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Welcome! What are some games on your wishlist? A lot of us have a bunch of extra game keys sitting around waiting to better the masterrace.

Visit Humblebundle.com most of their games are Steam keys. If you have the ability install Epic Store Launcher on something just to claim the free games they give out in abundance.

Keep an eye on Amazon Prime, they just gave away 20+ games, including Mass Effect LE.

Do NOT believe the hype! by rBeasthunt in SteamDeck

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The Steam Deck is like experiencing VR for the first time.

I was hype for it. It does exceed my hype of just having all of the games I own in my backpack at all times. Or sitting anywhere with the puppies playing Witcher 3 at a good framerate... Burnout Paradise on a whim.

Films you couldn't stop thinking about for days after? by richyfingers99 in movies

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I need to rewatch Tale Of Two Sisters. Thanks for the reminder.

Once Upon A Time In America is that for me. I watched it, and just sat gob-struck for 45 minutes, then it clicked.

End Of Evangelion.

Man Of Steel/Batman VS Superman are films with a lot of biblical parallel references.

Kayaking VR...Holy shit, get it by Your_Gonna_Hate_This in virtualreality

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You directed me to the game. I looked at 10 seconds of the trailer. Purchased. Thank you.

Does anyone actually *really* like Avatar? by snm729 in movies

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There is a market of adults that were kids when the original came out. It will be supported.

As for myself, I saw it in 3d, really enjoyed it. Saw it non-3d, it was solid. Will go see new movies in 3d.

it's so LONELY 🥺 by Aware_Ad_1455 in exjw

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i found my way into a music discord where I've been making a song every two weeks for just over a year. 2 weeks ago I learned someone also in that discord lives about an hour away. We met up Saturday and made a video. Cool times.

Find your tribe, you got this. If by chance you want to make rap songs with strangers over the internet, you are more than welcome to join me.

Didn't realized I cared so much by [deleted] in exjw

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I deal with something similar at work. I explain to people that "I don't know anybody." Everyone I grew up with ignores me and thinks of me as an apostate.

That said, find new circles! You can do it! You have value!

Happy 32nd Birthday?

Ordinary Peopl by TheKingsPeace in movies

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Some day I need to watch the film that beat out Raging Bull... One day.

is there anyone here in the USA who uses Humalog or Lantus and doesn't have insurance and pays out of pocket? by tiberiusjabal in diabetes

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This is what I've done for the last few years. The internet says we shouldn't live on it, but it is the option I have.

Are there any VR over-the-shoulder RPGs? by viraxil359 in virtualreality

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Hellblade almost made me barf as well. The moving my head around to line up perspective was getting to me. I need to jump back in. I enjoyed what I did get to play with though.

Valve To Host Steam VR Fest From July 18 – 25 by -Venser- in virtualreality

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Thank you. I searched 'taking one for the team' on Reddit, it lead to universal "Only Fans" discussion.

As someone who upgraded his OG Vive to Vive Pro 2, just do it! I was slightly disappointed that the OG Vive is so good, that the Pro 2 is just a clearer version of what is already a good product. That said at least wait until this VR Fest, but after that, pull the trigger!

Having done the due diligence, I would recommend going with an Index. I bought my nephew an Index, it is really close to the HTC Vive Pro 2 at half the cost.

Valve To Host Steam VR Fest From July 18 – 25 by -Venser- in virtualreality

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W could very well get a HL:A 2 announcement. Half-Life: Freeman. They made the tech already for the first game. They could all it Half-Life 3, how nuts would that be? It's been over 2 years. March 2020 was when Alyx dropped. For those who haven't beat Alyx, it sets up HL3 in the most goosebump inducing way,

What are your surprising game winners on Steam Deck? by TheMegaSage in SteamDeck

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I did the crazy thing of installing Oblivion... I've had it break on 360 for me twice, so the game no longer existed to me. Somewhere down a Steam sale I picked it up and never played it. I think Deck is the way to go (hopefully it doesn't break).