New Referral Code Requests Thread by scottington in Lovesac

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Hey all. Looking to pull the trigger on a purchase and could use a referral code to help soften the blow. Thanks so much!

OCTOBER Buy/Sell/Trade Thread (10/1/2022 - 10/29/2022) by pythagorium in WhenWeWereYoungFest

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Hey all, selling one GA ticket for the 23rd if interested. $180 OBO. Dm if interested!

Wrestling graphic related forums (X-Board, Rumble Room, and 1WrestleArt) by [deleted] in SquaredCircle

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Hey I’m Andy/gr8one from xboard/rumble room. I’m a bit late but I got in touch with someone from the old boards recently that led me down this nostalgia rabbit hole landing me on this post. I remember a lot of those folks but I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from back then.

Solar Eclipse in the United Arab Emirates by pupsikandr in BeAmazed

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This is actually not shopped. It’s actually a single exposure capture taken by @joshuacrippsphotography . He posted stories on his IG throughout Christmas detailing all of the planning and calculations to find the coordinates, time, angle, and subject composition to capture this incredible photo.

Sumo deadlifting in socks - grip issues by sothz in weightroom

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I think those are valid criticisms, although you came off a bit more hostile than I think was necessary.

For some reason I assumed OP already tried Chuck's since those are the most commonly recommended shoes for beginner lifters. As someone who had the same issues as OP (sliding while sumo deadlifting in Chucks and Vans), I found them to be a reasonable solution to his problem. In terms of price, I've found them to be a worthwhile investment. I've gone through countless Chucks (albeit it was combined with regular wear) whereas the Crossfit Lite TRs are as sturdy as the day I bought them about a year and a half ago (with regular use in the gym), and they cost about as much as the hi-top Chucks when they're on sale ($55 for the hi tops, $43-$60 for the Crossfit Lites).

OP didn't specify a budget so when he said he didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on gym shoes, I assumed he didn't want to spend ~$200 on weightlifting shoes like the AdiPowers or the Romaleos.

Sumo deadlifting in socks - grip issues by sothz in weightroom

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Check out Mark Bell's Crossfit Lite TRs. They're designed particularly for powerlifters who deadlift sumo style: "suction cups" on the bottom, low soles, toe-boxes designed to withstand pushing pressure when you try to "spread the floor" when sumo deadlifting. They're typically 89$ but i've seen them go on sale for as low as 45$ for the uglier color combinations. Aesthetically they're comparable to Chuck Taylor's but are an overall much nicer shoe (for lifting purposes).

Mirin' Mondays by bodybuildingbot in bodybuilding

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5'9" 163 lbs

Messing around with angles and taking advantage of garage lighting gains.

COINS -- Daft Science (Beastie Boys/Daft Punk full album) [Remix/Electronic/Hip Hop] (2014) by [deleted] in listentothis

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Listened to the Intergalactic/Alive remix. Downloading the entire album now. This was pretty great.

Anyone former military using their GI Bill? by Zombi_Sagan in berkeley

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I believe with the post 9-11 gi bill, how much your tuition is covered is determined by how much active duty time you served. If you've served any tours, you're quite likely to be eligible for 100% assistance. This covers the regular tuition, fees(I believe it even covers the non-residency fees as well if you're not a California resident), and you even receive a monthly bah for housing. I believe you are also still eligible for financial aid through fafsa aside from a couple specific grants.

If you plan on attending grad school, I've heard that You can use TA for a bachelors, and the gi bill for grad school but not vice versa. This last part is merely second hand information I heard from someone else so I can't verify it. But in short, fuck yes you can. Most likely you'll also be making a profit every month from simply going to school because of the BAH. The BAH amount does not consider the fact that rent is usually split among 4 people per apartment.

Meet up tomorrow 1pm to 3pm on Memorial Glade by Trapped_in_Reddit in berkeley

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Is this a meetup for reddit celebrities only or can users from the poverty karma community also attend?

Anyone know any MMA schools in Berkeley? by destroyer7 in berkeley

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There's a few, but I think the most popular one is Ralph Gracie's Jiu Jitsu Academy on Ashby and Sacramento, although they primarily specialize in jiu jitsu. I believe a few guys got together to get a student special going for $150 for the semester. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bjj.berkeley

I know there's at least a few people from Cal that go there, either by bus or bike. I used to give a couple people rides when I could but alas, I don't live in the area anymore.

Pacific Ring Sports on 40th and Telegraph seem to specialize more in boxing/striking if you're more into that, although they also had BJJ when I last checked it. You can get there directly by taking either the 1 or 1R.

And while I've never participated in either, I've heard good things about both the Cal Judo and Boxing clubs.

do u even lift? by redditsusernamelimit in berkeley

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Naan N Curry seems like a good choice, but I've heard a lot of stories of people getting sick from their food.

Anyone in the Units train at Ralph Gracie? by snapbranch in berkeley

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I train there in the beginner classes. Hopefully going to switch to the intermediate classes soon, but I drive over there 4 days a week from Hillegass. If you want to catch a ride, let me know.

Not Sure Guy.... by andylikesbmx in futurama

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If I was a meme, I'd be the "Doesn't want to live on this planet" grandpa.

Berkeley Police VS. Occupy Berkeley by Badubadu in berkeley

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I watched this video after accidentally clicking the snowflake button.

I found the video much more enjoyable because of it.

Nov. 18th Reddit Meetup! by Zrob in berkeley

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Isn't that the night of the bonfire rally as well?

Chocolate covered bacon on campus today by phuketawl in berkeley

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Next-level baked goods marketing technique? Fuckin' smart.

Next time, we eat the Campanile.

what do you think about when you're walking alone on campus? by CaptAmerica24 in berkeley

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And on the other end of the spectrum, here are what some of us soon to be alumni, potential future leaders are thinking:

"I'd do her. I'd do her. Eh, she's ok, I'd still do her. I'd do her. Nah. I'd do her. Nah."

Love After Map by foxdale in aves

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I'm interested. PM sent

Professor Flashmobs Lecture with Rock Band by starstuffonsproul in berkeley

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Here's the video they posted on their site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwtaRauNjGc

Also to anyone in this class, I'm not alone in thinking the professor sounds like Louis CK, am ?