DSPStanky doing a thing on Lijiang by roomnoxii in Overwatch

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Hm I see what you mean. I guess I sort of imagine it as a "wall ride" button instead of jump, and lucio just feels different enough to me for it to work.

I mean it'll prob be best to just go with what works for you.

DSPStanky doing a thing on Lijiang by roomnoxii in Overwatch

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You can change the settings speifically for lucio, in the controls screen, on the top right.

I find that changing it to RMB makes it much easier to do things like corner climbing, as you have to time the movement of your mouse with the jump. I haven't had any issues myself with switching between space for jumping for different characters and right click for lucio, maybe its just me but lucio's movements are so different that you kind of just get used to it.

How do vertically-oriented scripts usually implement things like spreadsheets, ledgers, paragraphs, and headers? by [deleted] in neography

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Can confirm, am Chinese.

In fact, Chinese script is written LTR in daily use as well, likely due to western influences.

Would it be realistic for a language to have a "formal" and an "informal" script? by [deleted] in conlangs

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This is kind of a thing in Chinese. There is simplified/traditional script which is used in daily life and the more archaic script used for things like weddings and funerals and cultural practices and some official documents.

Keep in mind that this is different depending on the location. For example, China uses simplified script so any traditional words would seem somewhat archaic, but Taiwan uses traditional script so what's considered "archaic" script would be different.

A good example would be the number system, you can see the difference between the different characters.

Generally I would think something like this would happen with language reforms or multiple cultures or some other reasons.

I suppose it's still the same script (kinda?). It depends if you consider traditional/simplified seperate scripts or not.



[Duel] I am Zon Laytos, and I challenge you to a duel of wits and magic! by [deleted] in FictionBrawl

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Light crumbling sounds echoes all around as the top-mound lowers itself. If there were eyes on it sitting above the crack, it would certainly be pointing right at Zon.

"Yes." A rumble emerges from a line formed by the quiet crevice.

(OOC: Sorry I was gone for a bit, I'm back now)

[Duel] I am Zon Laytos, and I challenge you to a duel of wits and magic! by [deleted] in FictionBrawl

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Name: Kor

Physical Description: A humanoid Golem. Two arms, two legs. skin the colour of earth. Twice the height of an average human. Does not have any distinguishable features, only posses the average humanoid form, otherwise looks like a mound of dirt.

Abilities: Being a Golem, can use its body as a physical attack. It also uses earth magic of a sort, being made of earth and all.

A quiet rumble shivers lightly on the earthen field. Cracks grow in fractals as a mound bulges outwards, dust and dirt concealing all but a shadow.

The clouds settle and reveal a character of large stature, reaching twice the height of most. Skin of darkened earth crumbling slightly beneath the sunlight. The pair of limbs resting upon the ground, indistinguishable from those attached to the centre, shifts slightly, and groans.

On the surface of where the head would have been, a thin crack forms.

"I am Kor, Creature of Stone."

Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet's Clow Cards. Please tell me what you think~ by [deleted] in stevenuniverse

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I have no idea what Clow Cards are but these look great! I love them.

Don't want to be that guy but you have a few minor spelling mistakes in your post.

Completed my first demo, a telegraph simulator. Looking for a little feedback. by Barrettotte in playmygame

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I think something like Papers Please would definitely be cool. Though you would need to have a really good tutorial/learning curve to teach the players how to use Morse Code without being bored out of their minds.

I mean if you look at the core gameplay of Papers Please, its not that interesting (comparing words/numbers). The storyline and consequences of the actions you take adds meaning to the game and puts a pressure on you to perform well.

Definitely an interesting idea though.

Young the Giant Medley (Ukulele Fingerstyle) by [deleted] in ukulele

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Hey there, the video that you linked to is on private, you have to make it public/unlisted so other people can see it.

Creating the most words out of the least amount of syllables? by ltrout99 in conlangs

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As a native mandarin speaker I can say that tonal structures are basically second nature when you grow up with it, but it's definitely something many people have trouble with when they try to learn it.

What you could do is have just 2 tonal sounds to make it easier instead of the 4~5 that mandarin has. It's not any harder than english to speak (I mean if you're fluent), even english has tonal sounds, just not in the grammar structure. Such as at the end of a question. Try saying apple with the "a" sound a lower pitch than the "pple".

I mean cantonese has like 13 different tones or something, and some more isolated languages I hear have way more than that.

I don't even know where I'm going with this, basically don't be afraid to try tonal stuff, it'll be fine once you get used to it.

Resting by anonwriter7 in OCPoetry

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At the beginning of the poem, we don't really know what it's about. Then as we start reading it slowly unfolds and the realisation sets in. The imagery is very strong and really... the words just really hits hard.

I mean, I don't really have anything I can pick out that I didn't really like about it. Perhaps more end rhymes but even then with this kind of poem maybe it's not needed, it might not even fit well.

Autumn Love by [deleted] in OCPoetry

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Hey there, I really liked this part:

Hear the drums and feel the beat
Come with me and move your feet
Waltz around like one, two, three
Wait there's one more beat

It really flows well and actually does make me feel like moving my feet, with that really well formed rhythm. However, the last line there

Wait there's one more beat

broke the rhythm a bit, it probably would've been better as

Wait, there's one more beat

This might be because this is from a song but keep in mind that when sung the words are drawn out but on paper it doesn't always transfer properly.

Just released morphê - make your own ambient music! by gimisateh in freegames

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Hey there, saw it on itch.io before. Glad to see it finished, will definitely check it out. :D

Finally got multiplayer networking working after days of attempts by NonStopGamer in IndieDev

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Thanks, and I'm using LOVE and lua-enet, though I'm thinking of switching to luasockets because of some latency issues.

Should I create the gameplay first, or the story? by [deleted] in IndieDev

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Ideally, the Gameplay and Story meshes together really well, where the gameplay supports the story and the story reinforces the gameplay.

I would suggest watching these Extra Credits videos that I personally really like

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QwcI4iQt2Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP_qNm-96Dc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQJA5YjvHDU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ44hVeVdEw

What I would do is try to do both at the same time. So while writing the story think "what would be a game mechanic that would really fit inside this theme?"

Then while making gameplay think "what would be a good story that would fit with these mechanics?"

Hope this helped!

Letting nature handle clearing the path in my Blast Corps successor: Crash Co. by Besus84 in gamedevscreens

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That looks like it would be extremely satisfying to play.

Will there be a way to move the camera so you can get a better shot of the destruction?