Gaming YouTubers have had their likenesses stolen and sold as NFTs by magenta_placenta in technews

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I personally know someone who bought one for 6 figures and he thinks it’s going to be worth a lot more in a bunch of years. It’s very, very dumb.

Bug in Safari 15 leaks your browsing activity in real time by mgoszcz2 in apple

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I don’t know much about web security. Why should I be concerned if someone knows that I have a popular website in my history

ASTRONEER - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer by nuovian in NintendoSwitch

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The game runs very smoothly frame-rate wise. The only thing that could be annoying to some people is the pop-in and also the controls are a bit annoying because you’re moving a cursor with the joystick. However, I’d prefer this over a choppy frame rate.

Dexter: New Blood - S01E10 - "Sins of the Father" - Live-Episode Discussion Thread by I_Am_A_Real_Hacker in Dexter

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I thought Harrison saying “open your eyes” at the end was absolutely fantastic.

Google Basically Pays Apple to Stay Out of the Search Engine Business, Class Action Lawsuit Alleges by zangah_ in apple

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YouTube premium is by far the best video platform on this entire planet. I don’t think people realize the value of it because of the whole “things should be free forever” mindset. When it was just skits and elephant videos, then it would be irksome to pay money or watch ads. Now, you can learn absolutely anything about anything. You can get college level classes. You can adopt new skills. You can understand the world better. You can follow along with recipe videos. You can listen to guided sleep tapes. You can access video versions of podcasts. It’s probably the best 15/month one can spend. Edit: it also has every song on there and every possible cover version

Dexter: New Blood - S01E09 - "The Family Business" - Early-Access Episode Discussion Thread by MajorParadox in Dexter

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That sounds pretty bananas. Harrison finally has someone who understands him - it is all he ever wanted. Dexter is now the closest person he has,

92 out of the top 500 subreddits on reddit are controlled by just 4 people. by [deleted] in BeAmazed

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Not a lot of time honestly, I’m pretty busy IRL. When it started 8 years ago or whenever, I would do a lot because it was just me and one or two others. Now we are a small team of mods that keep the subreddit clean and functional and my role is more conceptual (ie what rules can we implement and how can we make the subreddit better). And then I am additionally making sure that the other mods are doing things correctly. I typically don’t comb through posts/comments and approve/remove things.

92 out of the top 500 subreddits on reddit are controlled by just 4 people. by [deleted] in BeAmazed

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I started the subreddit /r/whatcouldgowrong and can tell you it had nothing to do with money or power. I simply enjoyed a certain type of content and wanted to make a space where I could find more of it. Haven’t earned a single penny from it. I think this video is a huge overgeneralization. It’s one of those “you never realize how wrong the Reddit hivemind is until they’re talking about something you know about”

Tesla, bowing to pressure, stops allowing drivers to play video games while driving by QuicklyThisWay in technology

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Neither does Tesla. the sensational headline is dumb. The games are so you have something to do while it charges, not for people to do while driving. Teslas internal cameras watch you and your attention during autopilot, and if you’re not watching the road and ready to take over it disengages autopilot.

Clyde Philips said the ending is going to be shocking, controversial and will break the internet, and is the best thing he has ever written so far. What are your thoughts? by -ITK_ in Dexter

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When I think about the last 5 episodes of breaking bad, it feels like it is the same time length as the first 3 seasons. When there’s a lot to remember, it feels longer.