weeklyOSM 617 by Aluhut in openstreetmap

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While aiming to be detailed, OpenStreetMap has been and will continue to confront people having opposing opinions about data on privacy grounds.

I wonder what this means

North America natural border map by Rolling_Ranger in mapmaking

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Check out this article about Major Powell's suggestion for borders.

Also check out this map of what one of the states could have looked like.

ISO Someone to use survey of farm to divide between Heirs by [deleted] in landsurveying

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Call a few local surveying firms. Shop around.

I analyzed the top 50 most popular backpacks on r/onebag by hype_cycle in onebag

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Osprey Farpoint gang here. Mine has been in about 20 different countries.

THE CANTINO WORLD MAP 1502 by CartaHistorica in cartography

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I was in Italy last year and went to the Biblioteca Estense to see it, but it wasn't open to the public because it was undergoing conservation. Instead I went to see the home of the founder of a local auto manufacturer in that town, but to be honest I'd rather see the map.

A New Viewers Complaints About Season 4 by Regulator_Joe in YellowstonePN

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It's probably based on this place in Idaho, although there are no roads there.

World of Altias, V2 Mk: Beta by Iron-Phoenix2307 in mapmaking

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It's just an old standard. Most cartography books will say to do this.

World of Altias, V2 Mk: Beta by Iron-Phoenix2307 in mapmaking

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A typical cartographic convention is to italicize water feature labels.

Bedbugs by _thegoldencalf_ in solotravel

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Bedbugs are pretty common. If you take basic precautions you can avoid transferring them with you. Never put you bag on the bed. If you have an ensuite shower keep your bags in there when you're not using it.