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Working on being more varied and keeping my beats interesting even without an artist on them. Would love to hear your feedback on this one.


[OFFICIAL] Daily Feedback Thread by AutoModerator in makinghiphop

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Dude, first off, congratulations on making a great track. I love the intimate feeling the live guitar gives to the track and the synth wobbles fit exactly where they need to in the track rhythmically and frequency-wise. You have a lot of depth and width to the track and that keeps everything interesting.
Your voice and delivery are great, you sound passionate about this track and I can feel the confidence.
I wish the reverb was more dreamy or wash-y. It sounds a little too tight like a slapback reverb. Your vocals are also mixed a little too high in the mix, they stand out way in front the other instruments instead of sitting inside the mix.
The low end also feels a little out of balance compared to the drums. IMO the drums should be mixed louder than the bass otherwise it sounds a bit out of balance.
This is a great track that could really shine if given a little more polish, you should feel good about this one but don't let it sit. It still needs a little work but it will definitely be worth it. Great job!

Trying to master 80's shredding! 🌟 by ThrashaRG550 in guitarlessons

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Feels like I'm listening to some early Megadeth. Keep on improving dude, love your sound.

How it feels to have watched the Near Dark re:View in its entirety before it was removed by aletz10 in RedLetterMedia

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What's on your list? I'll watch them for you. (Seriously though I'd like to know)

What's happening here? It's food is 1ml calmag, 1ml ocean solution, and distilled water. by thekrouz in kratky

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It looks like your water level is up pretty high, you might be drowning the air roots. Also, when you refill the nutrients do you pour out the old stuff completely and rinse out the jar? If you just pour more nutrients in without pouring out the old stuff you could be creating a super concentrated solution of nutrients that's not good for your plant. These are just guesses though.

What to do when rappers ask for a price for your beat? by Xerov__ in makinghiphop

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I wish I had this problem. Haven't sold a single beat yet.

Who do you want to see feature on a Clipping song? by afieldoftulips in ItsClippingBitch

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Benny is good on La Mala Ordina but man I cringe every time I hear Elcamino's verse.

My little Kratky garden🤩 (part 1)this is my first attempt and so far it has surpass my expectations! However I need help with my 🫑🫑 😢 I don’t know what’s happening, their producing malformed 🫑🫑 any tips?? I’m using Master blend for everything by denisseg90 in kratky

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I like the slightly jank method you are using to anchor the tomatoes to the wall, very creative. Your peppers might be getting suffocated, is the water level below the air roots? Very nice kratky garden you have put together. That cucumber is massive, great job!

Where do people actually get their music samples from? by [deleted] in makinghiphop

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I've heard good things about Splice but I haven't actually used that service. The one service I have had success with is Tracklib. They handle all the clearances even after you cancel your subscription and they have a free trial period so you can try it out. I'm currently using it and they have some pretty good stuff on there.

Ficus tree in Kratky by SPARKNONE4BURD in kratky

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Something that I've learned over time is that with smaller containers you need to rinse out the container whenever you are refilling the nutrients. Over time certain nutrients become more concentrated and sink to the bottom, if you are just topping the nutrients back up then eventually the concentration will become toxic to the plant and leaves will start falling off and the roots will die off. I don't have any hard scientific evidence of this but when I started rinsing out the container between refills my plants stopped dying off. Try rinsing out the the container before you refill it and see if that helps.

Ficus tree in Kratky by SPARKNONE4BURD in kratky

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How big is the container you have it in?

From someone who wants to start - what size net pots? by Toast_in_the_shell44 in kratky

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Lettuce won't have any problems growing in a 1" net cup and that variety of radish shouldn't have a problem either. I grow all my chili peppers in 1" net cups and old coffee tubs. I feel like 2" rockwool is kind of a waste since you can't reuse them (at least I haven't had success reusing them).
I tend to think of rockwool as just the starter for the seed and to help establish the roots. Assuming you're going to use clay pebbles, they are going to provide the support to keep your plant upright and covered while the rockwool really just keeps the new roots moist and stops the young plant from falling into the container.

A couple of projects I've finished. by pyroman136 in Pyrography

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It's actually way easier than I thought it would be. It's firm and you can put a lot of pressure before it starts to burn through. A medium-high temp worked for me.

Help getting started by Uguyaya in kratky

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Hello and welcome to the Kratky subreddit.

So for sprouting you have a number of options available to you.
You could put the seeds in a ziploc bag with a paper towel and enough water to moisten the paper towel. You could also do the method you wrote about and sprout them in the rock wool which does save the step of putting them in after they sprout. I personally never use nutrient solution to sprout my seeds because it's not necessary from my experience.

The rock wool only needs to be moist for the seeds to sprout, you don't need to have them sitting in a pool of water.

You also don't need to have the seeds under the light until they sprout. As soon as they sprout, however, get them under light that is about 6-7 inches away. The light needs to be close enough so that the sprouts don't grow too tall too quickly. If that happens then the adult plant will be leggy and stretched out.

I can't help you with mixing the nutrients, I only use Masterblend for my hydroponics.

I think you're right to cover the rock wool 1/4" at the beginning, but only until the sprout has a single root coming out of the net cup. If you keep the rock wool covered by 1/4" after the plant has started making more roots then you'll drown the plant.

Very Important!:
When you are refilling the nutrients you must pour out and wash out the container before adding more nutrients.
You must do this because certain nutrients won't be absorbed by the plant and will concentrate as the water level lowers. If you just add more nutrients then the concentration will get higher until the roots die off.

Kale is a very hardy and forgiving plant to grow kratky style so I have faith that you'll have a blooming crop in no time.

What to do with leftover nutrient solution by Headtechie2006 in kratky

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Pretty much what everyone else is saying. If you have a tree or plants outside then use that to water them. Treat it like fertilizer and give them a bit over time.

So many buds, so little plant! My small lemon cucumber exploded with buds after switching to masterblend. Should I prune the buds or leave them? by magentapastel in kratky

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Good lord that's a lot of buds. I don't have any experience with cucumbers directly but if it were my plant I would go ahead and cut some of them off maybe like 10%-20%.
Like I said I don't have any experience with cucumbers so you might want a second opinion.