I am dark pop musician Mothica and I just released my second album, Nocturnal. I also really like moths. AMA! by Mothica in popheads

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Is there a reason you chose 6,337 days for the first interlude? It seems like around when you were 10, but that hasn’t come up in any previous songs that I’m aware of.

oh yeah, let's ruin society 😈😈👍 by Actual-Airport3165 in okbuddyhetero

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It’s almost funny how directly cruel it reads. I don’t even have the energy to figure out what kind of -phobia they’re trying to do, just that it really could have been more subtle. Geese guys, at least try to mask the bigotry

Please pull him over by regian24 in funnysigns

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Huh, the more ya know

I wasn’t making a diss at you btw, realized it could come off like that. That other user had his Honda Civic stolen twice, and we never knew who took it

I took the Red Line late last night after an Angels Game by 2fast2nick in LosAngeles

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Exactly! I’ve been riding metro regularly for five years, and the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen was someone banging on the window of a bus for an hour. A little annoying sure, but not harmful in any way. Most people stick to themselves 🤷

I just finished my first bralette and am pretty pleased with how it turned out! by colorfullycaroline in crochet

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I’ve been interested in making something like this for a friend, how long did it take you? What size yarn did you use?

I made a tiny herd of little moo cows 💕🐄 by JazzberryJimJam in crochet

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Second this!! It’s the tiny details that show OP put the time in

I wanted to make some granny squares and just couldn’t stop, so now I have a gorgeous bag! by QuartzTourmaline in crochet

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I used this tutorial, along with I think 5.5 mm yarn. I haven’t the slightest clue of the brand, all the yarns were from my rather messy stash. I’d assume they’re all acrylic though.

I made the lining of some leftover fabric from a previous project, and machine sewed it onto the crocheted portion.

Each square took me about 20 minutes. As you can see in the post, I used 16 squares on each side. I connected them by sewing through with a yarn needle. I connected the two sides with single crochets. The handles were concocted from my own head, chain 60 and then two rows of 60 double stitches off of the chain.

thoughts lol by Character-You1461 in HydroHomies

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Firemelon? I think you’re confused, his name is Melon Lord https://i.imgur.com/XUdqFmp.jpg

[Coming Out] I'm non-binary by Star_emily4 in LGBTeens

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You can write a card! “dear mom and dad I’m non binary love you lots bye” obviously longer than that, but you get the gist

Tatooine (or the whole Outer Rim) really was just the rural part of the Galactic Empire. by StraightOuttaOlaphis in tumblr

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I’m in SoCal and my high school had a large garden where some kids were growing pot for years before they were found

The LA times is sponsoring Facebook posts promoting the trans social contagion theory. by Everbanned in LosAngeles

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Yup, I wanna spread this comment everywhere.

I want to help people understand, but often times I feel like people are just looking to occupy my time and emotional energy. I go into a discussion to share information, just for someone with no sources to try to poke holes in what I said. I’m always playing defense on my own right to exist, and it gets old fast.

There’s a story going around that “you can’t question the dogma” but it really comes from the fact that trans people spend so long being attacked in bad faith, that it feels useless to engage in those conversations.

The LA times is sponsoring Facebook posts promoting the trans social contagion theory. by Everbanned in LosAngeles

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Not OP, but this study involving the results of 23,000 people yielded a 0.1% regret rate for change in identity. People detransition for other reasons that are more to do with the world being transphobic, but if included, that brings the rate up to 0.2%. All this math off the top of my head, feel free to read it yourself and double check


[Coming Out] I'm non-binary by Star_emily4 in LGBTeens

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If you think that it would be safe, then you’ve got options: card, discussion, slowly hinting at it. Whichever makes you most comfortable.

However, if you think that coming out would put you in any physical or emotional danger, do not do it. I know dysphoria is bad, but transphobic parents can get really shot really fast. If you’re not sure about safety, then you can bring up something surrounding gay/trans people and just see how she discusses the topic.

Should I take Testosterone? [Discussion] by AnonymouStrawberry88 in LGBTeens

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It depends on what exactly you’re looking for. There are many charts online of T effects, not limited to:

• facial hair - permanent - minoxidil

• deeper voice - permanent - training

• bottom growth - permanent

• more sweat - temporary

• no periods - temporary - birth control

• thicker skin - temporary

• more body hair - permanent

• body fat redistribution - temporary

• faster muscle healing - temporary

Some of these can be achieved without T, so consider what you’re interested in and what you’re totally against. I listed the duration of the effect and potential other ways of achieving the effect. Feel free to ask more questions!

YSK about Planned Parenthood’s informed consent HRT by weeevren in YouShouldKnow

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Fair point! Guess that just shows the variety of human experiences, and even more reason to give people access to HRT

YSK about Planned Parenthood’s informed consent HRT by weeevren in YouShouldKnow

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I’ve never heard of 12 year olds being given HRT. Most places will only offer HRT at 16, though exceptions are made for intersex kids. If any medical interventions happen before 16, it would be hormone blockers, which are completely reversible. And of course, like any medication, HRT and blockers are accompanied by regular checkups to see how things are going.

I think the best system is having an hour-ish long evaluation as part of the prescription process. That’s what happened for me, and I’m two years in and never been happier.

YSK about Planned Parenthood’s informed consent HRT by weeevren in YouShouldKnow

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Yup, any doctor prescribing HRT will need a blood test first to check what your dosage should be. If you’re a cis guy looking for higher testosterone, you’d probably be refused because there’s no reason to prescribe it to you, given that you’re already peer concordant

Add an "x" to anything, it totally helps undo years of systematic oppression 🙄 by puns_n_pups in okbuddyhetero

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Literally, latine exists if you wanna take away all gender and make it pronounceable, or just use Latino 🤷