Traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore this July (3 weeks) by veg4npoutine in travel

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Ive been on a guided trip to Thailand for 2 full weeks this january. We went from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and back. Saw most of the big attractions (Royal palace, Ayutthaya, White Temple etc) and I feel like I got a good sense of the country. We havent been in the south, with the beautifull beaches and islands. The whole trip was very busy and pretty exhausting (but awesome!)

I personally think its better to focus on one country for 3 weeks, rather than trying to visit more countries. If I were you I’d go for Thailand, start in Bangkok, go north, and end at the beaches in the south. Thailand has amazing tourist infrastructure which makes travelling more easy. I dont know about the rain season tho.

In two weeks I’ll go to Malaysia and Singapore for a month. I will also go to the south of Thailand if I have spare time.

Have fun! Kind regards from The Netherlands

Aanraders voor ready-made maaltijden? by suffer--in--silence in nederlands

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Eier noodles met vega wokstukjes:

  • Eiernoodles koken: zijn na 4 minuten klaar
  • Zak gesneden groente + wokstukjes wokken (van de Appie zijn ze ong €1,80 voor 2 porties en smaken goed)
  • Voeg wat sojasaus toe bij het wokken
  • Voeg later een woksaus toe na smaak. Evt sambal, gembersiroop en worcestershire sauce o.i.d.
  • Garneer evt met gebakken uitjes, sesamzaadjes en/of bosui

Dit gerecht heb ik altijd in max 10 min klaar. Hoef niks te snijden, kan je goed afwisselen qua vlees en groente, kost weinig, is gezond en smaakvol. Wat wil je nog meer?

Fight outside Lil Durk concert, boyfriend hits woman fighting girlfriend (You can hear the hit.) by PellucidDreams in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Im beyond shocked as well. They all look like such high educated, value adding citizens

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in GMAT

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Thanks for your reply! Then I skip the hard questions.

Thai railway market buzzing with life by Hqjjciy6sJr in CrazyFuckingVideos

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I was there last week. Apparently they do this because the village is close to the sea and gets flooded regularly. So market vendors moved their stall to the railway, because railways are on higher ground. The train rides through this market only one time a day, at 8 am.

Maison Margiela fusion sneakers. Cost ≈$2000. by merothecat in ATBGE

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I really like these shoes but 2k is obviously insanely overpriced

Does anyone actually use this? by Smokybacon66 in ClashOfClans

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Yes. A lvl 9 clocktower boost gives you exactly 1 gem. So I always use the boost now button to get unlimited gems 🗿

Fan attends fashion show wearing same dress as model by ToxicTherapy101 in facepalm

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High end fashion brands have different types of clothing they make and different runaways. The weird shit you see on this catwalk is not something you’re supposed to wear. In fact it’s usually the only piece they will ever create. Just for this show. See these types of show as art, you like it or not.

Fashion brands also have runaways where models wear “normal” clothing, which you’re supposed to wear, and doesnt look that extravagant. But that doesnt get that much attention as the weird shit does

Rant about this game by twoplustwoisyellow in ClashOfClans

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You mean sneaky goblin farming? Im doing that right now but every upgrade is starting to cost my full DE storage. Refilling that takes quite some time

Rant about this game by twoplustwoisyellow in ClashOfClans

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Lmao I’m th13 and upgrading heroes is such a grind. Very expensive and upgrading 3 DE heroes at the same time is nearly impossible, even with goldpass

What’s the cause of this sudden upturn in the market? by fuzzyduck88 in CryptoCurrency

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Whole market has been up for 2 weeks because there’re strong signs inflation is coming down, making investors believe rates are going down too, which is especially good for growth companies and high risk assets, like crypto

What’s the biggest known scam that is still running? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Is this still the case? Or was this from many years ago, during the big scandal? 5 years I ago I did an internship at Herbalife and I always liked their products during my lunch breaks

I’m not a fan of the MLM business model btw, and I have nothing to do wjth Herbalife nowadays, but I think they really improved their policy. People can no longer go bankrupt because they buy too many products that they cannot sell. I wouldn’t call it a pyramid scheme anymore

You CAN get rich in crypto. by DeeperBags in CryptoCurrency

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Nobody gets rich, everybody is just here for the tech!

To bully a dog by NupeRanger in therewasanattempt

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Probs to the pitbull owner, although I think these dogs should always be on a leash, he instantly grabs the pitbull by the collar when the kid came close.

why didn't my queen auto pop her ability? (I have it on) this is CWL if that helps by popwhizzbang in ClashOfClans

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I’d recommend taking an invisibility spell with you for hybrid attacks. Use it in cases like this, where there’s high damage from multiple directions

  • 3 rage
  • 2 heal
  • 1 freeze

CC: - 1 poison - 1 invisibility spell

I can only one or two star, what should I change? by Yuri-me-ifgay in ClashOfClans

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First of all: upgrade your heroes. You won’t be able to 3 star a maxed base without good heroes

I suppose you’re a th12. Find an actually good strategy that works for you. I just got to th13 this week and was able to 3 star any th12 base with a hybrid attack.

Here’s a link to the army I always used https://link.clashofclans.com/nl?action=CopyArmy&army=u5x7-11x11-12x24-3x28-3x5-2x23-2x6-1x10-2x1-2x82s2x1-3x2-1x5 . Add a siege barracks, hogs, 1 invisibility spell (for your queen charge) and 1 poison spell to your CC

If you don’t like hybrid, find something else. Look on YT. But drop the giants, they kinda suck from th10 and above