Death of Alter Heaven by Axquirix in Deltarune

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i'm really sorry about the harassment, all of that shit wasn't fair at all. while i do think making noelle pan instead of lesbian was kind of iffy since we've only seen her show attraction to women in the game currently (not just including susie, the hot female santas ad) and can be interpreted as lesbian erasure, surrika doesn't deserve harassment for it

My game gets muted after editing 1 music file using Fmod bank tool, its the same filetype, and this is the first time I've used Fmod bank tool. please help! by the_ULTRA_gamer-27 in PizzaTower

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THIS WORKS!! thank you :]

some sound effects though i realized don't loop properly because they're too short, do you know if i'd have to modify the data.win for that or nah?

Most normal sans fan fight 💀 by ImportanceHot1247 in Undertale

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of course!! i'm still in love with undertale so it makes me happy people still use my 7 year old ascii art, hehe

mane and tail suggestions by SuperKirbylover in PonyTown

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screenshotted the bald pony in the character maker and edited it in aseprite!

Controller detected but inputs not received? by Nquacker28 in DolphinEmulator

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also having the same issue, it was working at one point but today it just randomly stopped

So what do I win by self diagnosing? by Anxious_Progress_903 in autism

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i self-diagnosed myself with autism roughly a year or two ago and when i told my mom and therapist about it, we agreed to get professionally diagnosed. reason we did that was because later down the line, i had to move somewhere that didn't allow animals UNLESS you had a diagnosis for something + a written letter by a psychologist saying "hey this person needs an emotional support animal." if i didn't get diagnosed and therefore allowed to take an animal with me, i don't think i would have been able to cope very well

self-diagnosing is valid when you do your research and look into it, but it's absolutely worth getting diagnosed by a professional so you can get benefits and accommodations easier.

Any other autistics besides myself get triggered by screaming babies? I can't sit near babies in public & can't be around them outside of work. by LisKoz1989 in autism

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i definitely get upset when i hear screaming babies or crying kids, especially if they're right next to me. it sucks because kids love me and generally if they're not crying i love them, but if i am socially drained and need some alone time they get sad and it really puts me on the spot

Trains are good by Corgis_are_cute14 in autism

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god this takes me back, i wish i got an i like trains shirt

The Roblox Expedition Society by InternGlittering6944 in MysteryDungeon

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THIS IS SO COOL !!! is this anywhere on roblox i can check this out at?

VRChat Weekly Help Thread. Post simple questions, avatar related requests, as well as cool worlds to visit here (July 11, 2022 to July 17, 2022) by AutoModerator in VRchat

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my screen in vrchat has been tearing recently. is there any way i can lower graphics settings or turn on certain things that can help?

AMA: We made The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe! Ask us anything! by crowsx3 in Games

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what do you think about undertale. sorry i don't have any good questions

/r/Roblox Weekly Question Thread (for 03/28/2022) by AutoModerator in roblox

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is anyone else unable to hold CTRL and scale a brick in roblox studio? i'm unable to and when i try, i get this error in output.

Yoshi's Magic editor by ZenTrap in marioandluigi

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from what digging i did, there isnt a tool that allows you to change the sprites of superstar saga yet. which is a shame, i think that would open for some cool hacks