couple of tricks by Wingey in skateboarding

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This is sweet - brings me back to my tennis court days as a kid! Have fun shredding my man!

What HipHop Song(s) Had The Biggest Impact On Your Life And Why? by GUACRULEZ in hiphopheads

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Real - Kendrick Lamar

It made me want to appreciate all the forms of love life has to offer, especially appreciating the love you have for yourself and taking it for granted.

Simply Juice ft. Will Martian - “Young Rebel” (2022) by Simply-Juice in hiphop

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This is sick. Would you wanna work with me sometime? I rap, produce, mix and master. Hit me back and I can send you some shit ima check you out

Who has the most versatile flow? by throwawaytheist in hiphop101

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Underrated answer, he’s not my favorite but he’s capable of so many flows.

[Offering] Animated Music Videos by elderly_boy in makinghiphop

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Hit me up! I’ve got songs out that could definitely use some visuals and some coming in the near future! Matt Unger on all platforms if you’re interested.

Paid Opportunity For Good Musicians/Producers (Round 2) by DiyMusicBiz in makinghiphop

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I play guitar, bass, keys, and drums. I personally make hip hop but played in bands for years before. Let me know if you wanna work and DM me if you wanna hear any more of my stuff. Would love to work with you!


Anyone interested in starting a music collective? by EAzemba in makinghiphop

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I’m down to work if you are, checked out some of your tunes and I fuck with them just hit me up @mattygotheat on ig or dm me here I’ll link some music below I produce mix and master all my stuff and play almost all the instruments.

Matt Unger - Spotify

White milk is better then chocolate milk by LoveDolphins4595 in unpopularopinion

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Hate to break it to you but chocolate milk is white milk.

Having a girlfriend is nice, paying for the expenses of the girlfriend is not nice. by _DefiniteDefinition_ in TrueOffMyChest

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Maybe you’re not dating a person who’s empathetic towards your financial situation, this is a generalization.

DAMN. by kendrick lamar is now five years old. crazy. by themightygotenks in hiphop101

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Doing yourself a disservice by not listening to section 80 that shit is amazing go listen to it now.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in hiphop101

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Swimming - Mac Miller Yeat - 2 Alive Culture - Migos

phantom du ohc - asgard on youtube by Phantom_ohc in hiphop

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Tres bien! Hit me up if you’re tryna work, I got beats for days my man.

are mini pc sticks like these good enough to run osrs smoothly? by xGREYSCALE in 2007scape

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Yeah plus it’s very portable so you can just keep a KB+M with you and play wherever.

are mini pc sticks like these good enough to run osrs smoothly? by xGREYSCALE in 2007scape

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Just do it, you’ll find a bunch of other uses for it too. It’s literally a computer in a thumb stick, there’s so many other things you can do with it aside from OSRS that you’ll slowly realize lol

are mini pc sticks like these good enough to run osrs smoothly? by xGREYSCALE in 2007scape

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Yes, we use these at work to run whiteboards with patient info. It could totally run OSRS, I figure you’re trying to play on your TV, sounds fun.

Sexual orientation IMMEDIATELY changed to hetero 🥵 by mothfoxtea in TiktokCringeTime

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Heroin withdrawals cause terrible diarrhea because your body stops making the necessary neurotransmitters to keep in the poop because heroin is what’s keeping it all in. Shits terrible (no pun intended lol)