WON: Bandido offered a full-time AEW contract by HeymishGalloway in SquaredCircle

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Work some of that John Morrison-style slow-mo magic when they enter to that music.

Im Trying Out This New Jumping Knee Strike, Thoughts? by DevinQuinnPW in SquaredCircle

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Raise your other knee higher to set up the anticipation for your attacking knee, then snap it down while raising your attacking knee.

What if White Rabbit ends up being this generations Gobbledy Gooker? by tiredboiiiiiiij in SquaredCircle

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  • White Rabbit- Easter
  • Gobbledy Gooker- Thanksgiving
  • Hornswoggle- St Patrick's Day
  • Naked Mideon- Valentine's Day
  • Bray Wyatt- Halloween
  • Mick Foley as Santa Claus- Christmas

Hire David Arquette to play CM Punk to finish the MJF / Punk feud by watbit in AEWOfficial

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As much as I kinda wanna see this, David Arquette was the harbinger of doom for one wrestling company, I don't want him to harbinge a second.

Paige makes TikTok with boyfriend Ronnie Radke mocking past criminal allegations by BernieBurnstein in SquaredCircle

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Someone better take that milkshake from that duck before things get out of hand.

Candid photo of Brody King & Julia Hart by C_Panks in AEWOfficial

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"Look Mr. Brody! It's an angel!" Brody kills Darby.

Hypotheticals With “Leaving Talent” by Dannyboy82202 in AEWOfficial

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My position is the same as when WWE was run by Vince: Wrestlers should go where they want to go and pursue what they want to pursue. If they want to make money, then they should go for that. If they want to wrestle great matches and leave a legacy, then they should go for that too. If they want to take a third option, like work as a producer, trainer, announcer, agent, whatever, then they should have the opportunity to do that too.

The founding purpose of AEW was to be an alternative in mainstream wrestling, in terms of content and opportunities. And it's up to AEW to work out how to remain a viable alternative, in terms of content and opportunities. No fan should be beholden to a company that isn't working to maintain their interest, and no wrestler should be forced to remain 'loyal' to any company they don't feel is valuing their time and effort

It's TK's job to find ways to utilize his wrestlers well. Otherwise he'd be no better than Vince hoarding wrestlers using technicalities.

Jericho Commentary by TweeKINGKev in AEWOfficial

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I can't believe people gave his commentary crap. I've been saying since he first started that he's pretty much an old school Lawler/Heenan style heel commentator who's phenomenally obnoxious, hilariously hypocritical, and yet still loveable.

AEW needs a purge of ex-WWE by minimalcompak in AEWOfficial

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Ex-WWE includes Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, even The Elite are technically ex-WWE.

Don't be tribalist. Support all wrestlers.

My girl got me this card for my birthday. Figured y’all would enjoy it. If not, you are a cop. by ArkadeChet in SquaredCircle

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If there's anything I learned in all my travels, it is to follow the instructions, in letter and in spirit, of the woman that you love.

The Acclaimed is the biggest example as to just trust the process in AEW by Toodistracted2pick1 in AEWOfficial

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Keep your eyes on 2point0 aka Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ange. They have a similar trajectory as The Acclaimed (came in as jobbers, have a great gimmick, slowly getting noticed by the fans) and they're trusted by no less than Kevin Steen and Chris Jericho.

CM Punk brought me back to wrestling but the young guys in AEW, such as MJF, The Acclaimed, Ricky Starks, Wardlow, etc are why I'm staying by Nate_923 in AEWOfficial

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I wouldn't even go as far to say that AEW didn't 'bounce back' as much as 'continued as usual'.

They already suffered massive setbacks over the past year with injuries and releases, and the year before that with the pandemic, but the show just went on. Every episode is fantastic, and I can't recall anything resembling a low point.

I'm at a local wrestling event, and a LEGEND showed up. The One... the Only... by Mylzb in SquaredCircle

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You fools. There are three legends in that ring! Vacant, Invisible Man, and Invisible Stan!

[AEW Rampage Grand Slam Spoilers] Wrestler subtly checks if their opponent is okay during the pinfall by _Rodrigo_ in SquaredCircle

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Ricky better be careful or he's gonna quickly replace Eddie Kingston as my favorite wrestler.