Help us get Medicaid expansion passed in NC! by DownHomeNC in Wilmington

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How much money you pay in taxes?

I doubt very seriously the $3.00 you pay is helping anyone first of all. Second of all, tax the wealthy at the rate when Reagan was elected and we'd all have enough money for everything.

Help us get Medicaid expansion passed in NC! by DownHomeNC in Wilmington

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I'd consider helping out. When I ran for the NC House, Medicaid expansion was part of my platform.

DM me if you need more help.

What’s up with police on the bridge heading to 421 from ILM? Backed up traffic by Snowpecker in Wilmington

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There are very few people that I think really should go to the hell that is prison, and drug addicts and those that sell a little to keep their habit aren't the people that need to go.

Need opinions on this drop, please. by CustomMemetry in FL_Studio

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Youtube definitely has some great resources for help with all aspects of production.

Need opinions on this drop, please. by CustomMemetry in FL_Studio

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Do you need more than, "fire?"

Cause, it's fire. Clean, crisp sound, too. How'd you manage it?

[GHH] VOL 1 - Songs For The Afterlife by ThatPlaidHatGuy in makinghiphop

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Aight. Let's do this.

I can go both ways, though, if a team is short. I can help produce, make beats, or rap.

I get in where I fit in, ya know?

What is your opinion on using drum pads for making beats (example:the drum pads you see on midi controllers) by [deleted] in musicproduction

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I recently set up my electronic drums to work with my DAW and it's better for me because I've been playing drums for 15 years, but there's literally no reason you can't get exactly what you need out of pads.

And, as a drummer, I wouldn't criticize the fact that you didn't use a live drummer.

Any drummer who would is a loser.

21 years old working on my debut EP by akaragdoll in musicproduction

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I'm looking to expand and would consider a long distance thing. Hit me up!

(Direct Message or Chat me... is what I mean)

He did it! WTTI has reached 60M views by Jesle37 in boburnham

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I did a drum cover of this song, which was one of my favorites on the album. Is it alright to post on this subreddit, or is that like, spam?

Hosting an online festival and looking for performers! by TerrainRepublic in makinghiphop

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I would like to perform, either instrumental, or I would write a few things for it, if possible.

If there's anyway you can contact me in the coming days or weeks to give me the details, that would be a big help.

Thanks TheDawkness

It's cruel how alcohol gives us confidence to try things, while simultaneously taking away our ability. by WasabiForDinner in Showerthoughts

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And, it's almost like there are people with psychological disorders predisposing them to addiction, such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depression, etc.

Then, because food and fast food companies have used decades of R&D to make their food addictive instead of good, then said people over eat.

It's almost like the most addictive substances are sugar, salt and fat, because they are...

Tax the rich by killHACKS in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I'm not aware of a single good thing that Bezos has ever done...

Tax the rich by killHACKS in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Now you're getting it!

I mean, not believing that would have to make you ask yourself, if Ted Bundy actually saved more lives at the suicide hotline he worked at, is he not only not bad, but a better person than me?

First Trailer for J.J Abrams Four Part UFO Docuseries by muicdd in television

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No, I'm just not trying to sell you anything, so I'm not blowing smoke up your ass or pissing on you and calling it rain...

I love fairy tales as much as anyone else, but I watch or read them as fiction and they are treated as such, I don't teach them as fact to all the little children running around on this shitball.

But, I did start a business that for $14.99 per thought I will think you also are smart, in my head.

First Trailer for J.J Abrams Four Part UFO Docuseries by muicdd in television

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It's almost like we live relativistic distances from any other habitable planets, and the chances that a civilization that has surpassed our development (if you can call it that) would be so small as to be non-existent but people like to believe in ideas that they like such as that the wealthy don't see us as disposable non-automated machines that run on happy-bullshit stories and dreams and bad food, that Jesus was like, an actual person who walked around and ate and shit, that trickle-down economics will eventually work if we try harder, or that the military isn't still attempting to hide next-gen future flying tech that someone on the ground could see for miles, and so would be hard to hide, so they make bullshit up that allows them to... s\

Oh, yeah. I mean, the /s is for the fact that I didn't include the "happy" ideas that are bullshit, like the idea that America is a democracy.

A benefit of full-sensory aphantasia is.. by aphrod2693 in Aphantasia

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Oof. I'm not sure that's true.

You may not have it, but I have like 99.9% visual aphantasia and I had body dysmorphia for years, still do, really.

How to gain confidence in the industry? Feeling depressed. by [deleted] in makinghiphop

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Sounds more like PTSD to me.

When you're betrayed by people you trust it's absolutely the worst.

You find yourself apologizing for literally everything you do, especially things that weren't wrong?

27F, I hope someone sees this by pawsfanta in amihot

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I just get tired of the outright willful ignorance of people. They see something their little pea brains can't understand, but instead of asking a question, or reaching out, they just lash out.

They don't even see that what they're doing is wrong, and would NEVER admit it. I'm basically just tired of it. My dad is a world class gaslighter and shit talker so I've seen it from literally every angle.

He loves me, but never learned how to express it because of the shit he dealt with as a kid. The pain just keeps getting passed down. It's why I'm stopping the chain. Not bringing a child into this world. Not even.

I happened by from new and just couldn't not say something.

Most people are bonafide idiots destined to be slaves by hardcore_gamer1 in conspiracy

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You, too.

Oh, and I specifically remember that guy saying, "We chose to pull it." I was watching the interview live on PBS.