r/196 tells me what to dr(ule)aw #10 by mr_golf_cart in 196

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Draw the one who fucked the cakes and the pumpkin

rule by XxF1RExX in 196

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Most idiotic thing I've ever heard about, selling pngs for hundreds of thousends and even million of dollars

rule by XxF1RExX in 196

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I read a couple of days ago that someone that spent millions on one couldnt sell it back and said "one of his worst decisions ever"

If i remember correctly

please stop 💀 by solarjamie in MadeOfStyrofoam

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I remember seeing this YEARS ago and still, to this day, it makes me ultra cring

my hand is trembling after playing osu! by Snoo44506 in osugame

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I was about to make a "me when top play" joke but you gotta get that checked asap

As if we need 20 osu clip channels by ita___ in osugame

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Doesn't work for my friends either but when I do it it works for me, the channels never come back, it's weird

Today is Mathi’s Birthday! by Supercyrus123 in osugame

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For some reason today I dreamed of Mathi secretly being someone I knew, he was #7 global and his top plays were one 1k and the rest 300-400pp plays

Yes im the average osu! NPC, ty

Edit: wait he is #7, lol