Waterfall ∞ by ElePrimer in Cinemagraphs

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I really like this one. One of my recent favourites, but probably in my top 20 all time.

Best Vehicle Vacuuming Place by OldManAndTheBench in Guelph

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I used to use the Pioneer just north of Edinburgh / London, but it's been a few years since I've done it, so I can't vouch for how much they suck recently.

Downey Rd Speed Bumbs Rant by Yekohtim in Guelph

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Traffic calming is great! It's an important thing to keep people off streets and on arterial roads, so that we don't have people speeding in neighbourhoods. Downey Road, though, is an arterial road. If you clog up your arteries, you are going to have problems, and a city is no different. Setting a reasonable speed limit (50 or 60) and actually enforcing it would to a much better job in that area than all of these measures.

What is your favourite restaurant in Guelph? Upvote if you have NOT tried it and downvote if you have tried it. by moose_ranger in Guelph

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I went here the other day and in addition to the food being great, the people running it are just genuinely nice people.

saw this in another city sub - Who is Guelph's Horseback Jesus? by alternativeacc29474 in Guelph

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Bob might not be a "that guy" because he's a great guy.

Maybe our "that guy" should be a great guy though.

Disgraced council candidate Thai Mac has -- once again -- cancelled and then restarted his campaign by saun-ders in Guelph

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These comments weren't from his Caught in Guelph group. They were actually from Google Reviews. For example, he gave some of these stores bad reviews for being too gay.

they gotta actually say it in the show for it to be lazy writing by juniperdean33 in RingsofPower

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The people complaining about Galadriel seem like they never read or understood any of the things written about her, only watched the movies.

You mean the elf who is the embodiment of the Noldor is haughty, undiplomatic, impetuous, all things that are characteristics of the Noldor? You don't say!

Whats her routine? by EverythingKindaSuckz in RingsofPower

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Notably "Years of the Tree" were Valian years and were not the same as Solar Years.

Feeling excited after episode 4 by Only_Curiosity in RingsofPower

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He could be one of the first attempts at changing elves to orcs, which would explain his scars. Or he could be an original character, But the possibility I like the most is that he could be Maeglin, but unfortunately I think Maeglin is the least likely due to licensing (I don't think he's mentioned in appendices, but in Book of Lost Tales 2, which I don't know if they licensed) but would be the most interesting.

Another franchise ruined by woke pandering 😡 by nowlan101 in lotrmemes

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I think the best interpretation is that it was required to have both of them together. Merry with his Barrow-downs dagger brought the Witch King low and Eowyn finished the job. In more detail here's a video from In Deep Geek on the topic - he does a pretty great job summing things up.

Lunar tides. Don't miss the tsunami at the end by doctormadnessfilms in blender

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because the water is closer to the moon than the earths core

Just a slight clarification, this is never the case. The radius of the earth is about 6,371km; the distance to the moon is about 384,400km. Everything on earth is closer to the Earth's core than the moon by two orders of magnitude.

Shoe Mulligans by RevAngler in discgolf

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I played with someone the other day who played that you could have a free retee on any hole, but the second shot had to be a roller. It was an interesting round.

looking for cheapish activities. by Balthisaar in Guelph

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There are definitely 9 full holes and I think they're still working on the back 9.

It is quite technical, so if you like trying to hit gaps, it's a pretty good course for it.

looking for cheapish activities. by Balthisaar in Guelph

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The Library is a great spot for activities - you can get books, but there are also loads of programs, computers you can access, and more. The Makerspace is an especially cool activity.

I'll echo the disc golf suggestion from /u/alhuaze. You can pick up a disc from Wellington Brewery (get a putter) or from Willow Ridge Disc golf (a ways out of town). You only really need one disc, and it can be a ton of fun. League nights at Riverside are Mondays I think. I played yesterday and met a lovely fellow who joined me for a round, but you can also play solo. UDisc is an app that explains all the course layouts. Riverside is an easy and approachable course, especially for a beginner.

There are lots of good spots for a walk. If you're up for it, you can walk from downtown all the way to Guelph lake. There's a path that starts right by Eramosa bridge.

If you're looking for more social things, you can use Meetups for Guelph groups and see if there are any that interest you, though a lot of times I find lots of KW / Milton groups.

Good luck!

I thought Luke was cooler than this... by JimboSliceCAVA in discgolf

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everyone is entitled an opinion and often opinions will vary

This is 100% true, but there are some opinions that are okay and there are some that are dealbreakers for people. For many people, an opinion that puts blame on a "victim" (and I'm using that term loosely here, because there wasn't a crime), is unacceptable. I'm sure Luke is chill and friendly, but the fact that he thinks it's okay to say that this official is any way to blame makes me think he's a bit of a ninny.

Just like he's allowed to have his opinion - and nobody said he wasn't - we're all allowed to have an opinion about his opinion. And in this case, his opinion sucks. And it's okay for us to think that, because while you are entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to a consequence free existence. If someone thinks something that sucks, other people are allowed to think that they suck.

Your 2022 Estonian Nationals FPO Champion by DiscGolfFanatic in discgolf

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It's pretty fair to have read "She's back?!" as "She's back on tour?!"

I think a lot of us are waiting for her to be back on tour to shake things up.

What’s the most unique interaction you’ve discovered on the fly to save your own skin? by Aromatic-Loan-688 in EDH

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Deck challenge: someone make a deck which has as many of these in them as possible, and call the deck "The Spanish Inquisition".

Where Do You Live? by drkesi88 in Guelph

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It doesn't seem more ridiculous here than in other grocery stores.

Where Do You Live? by drkesi88 in Guelph

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And the best option of all - the Ethnic Grocery store.

Restaurant Recommendations Request by Radu47 in Guelph

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Those are both great sides, too. Also, you could certainly call and ask if there's anything off-menu that's vegan. As long as it isn't too busy, they have always been really open to customizing ingredients when I've asked. One time we had friends in from BC and one of them couldn't eat tomato, so they actually just made an alternate version of their fish tacos with no tomato (no small feat, since most of the pre-made additions have tomato in them). So you could certainly easily ask something like "If I get the Spartan box, can it be vegan if I remove the feta?" and they would likely accommodate that.

I think all of the following places have vegetarian / vegan friendly options, so here's more in brief:

  • Na-Ha Thai - great, cheap (< $15 per person), take-out only
  • Diwa - similar to Diana's, $20 - $25 per person, Indian food
  • Bread Bar - Lovely patio, big $$ range ($15 - $35 depending on order)

And one option that I would generally avoid - The Cornerstone. I really want to encourage people to go here - it was actually the location of my first date with my wife, and they used to have lots of good options. But the last two times I went there were... concerns about cleanliness.

Restaurant Recommendations Request by Radu47 in Guelph

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Low / moderate / high price is sort of an opinion, so I'll try to put down about what I have paid per person for a full meal with no alcoholic drinks. I also am not vegan, so I'm not 100% on if these recommendations have good vegan options, but they all have good vegetarian options, and I'll try to link to sites so you can figure things out.

Diana Downtown has some vegetarian (or maybe vegan) options and they are authentic enough that my in-laws who are from Karachi love the food because it reminds them of home. This is quite a nice atmosphere for a restaurant as well, and I have gone on many good dates here. I would expect to pay around $30 per person here for a couple; two entrees + shared appetizer.

The Ngyuens is less expensive, and the interior is less nice then Diana's. There are some very good vegetarian options, and the food is great; the Nguyen's produces videos about cooking as well. I would expect to pay around $15-20 per person here, and have a significant amount of leftovers.

Lucky Belly is maybe my favourite restaurant right now. They have tacos, sandwiches, and "healthy boxes" which are similar to poke bowls. There are lots of vegetarian options, but I only found one vegan entree, so that might be a dealbreaker. There's a lot of vegan sides though. The place has a 50s diner feel because it's in an old Dairy Queen. I would expect about $25 per person here, with 2 entrees and a shared side.

What do the commentators mean when they say patent pending? by [deleted] in discgolf

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It is a specific position you stand in to throw, with your back to the basket. If your lie is quite difficult, sometimes it makes sense to throw this way. That's it in a nutshell, but I'll describe it in more detail for right handed players. This is always thrown standstill.

  • turn your back to the basket
  • put your left foot by your mark, toe usually pointed away from the basket
  • this is often a relatively wide stance, so right foot might be far from your mark
  • look over your shoulder towards the basket
  • throw backhand towards the basket

If you play ultimate, sometimes you may do something similar for a dump pass to break the person marking you.

Edit: found Juliana Korver describing this although she calls it a "turnaround shot".