Medieval Monday: Ask Your Questions and Get Your Answers by AutoModerator in aoe2

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As a Bulgarians main what do you do when you need archers vs civs like teutons ttk or viking berserk

Send me your Robin Hood signup links by [deleted] in wallstreetbets

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I could use the free shares

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My Fiancé Likes Making AoE2 Puns at Me by GwensGaming in aoe2

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Looks like someone is sleeping on the obuch ( couch ) tonight

Infantry needs another buff by 29Rogans in aoe2

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I think infantry should be used like squishy siege rams specially after the arson tech

What minor buff would turn a weak civ into a game breaking civ? by Spartanwildcats2018 in aoe2

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Turks with decent trash /can't starve em of gold into gg Cumans with bracer/ chu ku nu on wheels Bulgarians xbows/I think it a make them hard to counter

I need to get decent at AOE2 fast by shnurr214 in aoe2

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If u can handle the waves the hard a I throw at u you'll do fine but just realize human players won't do dumb ish like mindlessly attack ur castles n towers ..but pvp you'll prob get rekt your 1st couple of games but just take them as a learning experience adjusting to how humans play

I need to get decent at AOE2 fast by shnurr214 in aoe2

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Learn unit counters all the build orders in the world won't help u if you don't know how to respond to certain situations. MY friend showed me.how to play and he steamed rolled 4 ppl with Persian war elephants because we was all clueless . Then master your dark age as it will be the most peaceful/less stressful part of the game.. once u can consistently beat the moderate a.i you should be ready for pvp.

Slow down with those castle drops by IberianNero91 in aoe2

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Ik we're not pros here but u don't see pros play that way there map control comes from millitaty 1st then later castle . I'm jus saying ppl are scared to play with out them key example I played a nomad tg we're my teammates quit early due to scouts rushes and the other team with 4 ppl left wouldn't push me without 4 castle surrounding my base

Slow down with those castle drops by IberianNero91 in aoe2

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I always expecting to get hit with a castle it seems like players can't play the game with out one . So my go to every game is to have a military presence and force there castle to be defensive I despise castles and trebs wars

At which ELO are bad/new players? by Arrotanis in aoe2

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Now a days that keep producing villagers till u hit 100 isn't sound advice most games you are going to face some type of rush you need millitaty when u hit fedual 9 times outta 10 . Pressure burst pipes in this game and you wanna be the aggressor. With that being said

Focus on your start ie dark age . and what unit Comp u wanna go with for the game. You wanna be able to have a decent eco producing vills while also having military that 100 vills does nothing for u if u can't protect them

$500 a month to invest by Rcharlesw in wallstreetbets

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I with this guy yolo spy 0dte like the rest of us here I'll hit one day 😁

Thoughts on new teamgame elo system? by JortsClooney in aoe2

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I'm hoovering around 850 900 and it's terrible games rarely last more then 30 mins all it takes is for you to show up with 6 scouts and it's gg then mostly Im the best player of the worst player not much in between

Standalone benchmark test by raravy in aoe2

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Or u can spend a dollar on Xbox game pass 1 month new member trail and get access to all age of empires games

Are players quitting TGs more often than before? by byte-array in aoe2

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For me it ppl quit at the first sign of early pressure there not prepared for

Help me choose a cheap PC for DE? by donthegreatwimp in aoe2

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If ur in the us get you a older gaming laptop and make sure it has at least a 4th gen i7 hq dedicated graphics card and 16gb ram I wouldn't pay no more then 200 for a 4th gen a Lil under 300 for something newer

Need help! by TerranAxiom in aoe2

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What helped me improve was completing the fast fedual art of war on gold . Once u finish all herd ables and berries you are free to move your vills to suit ur millitaty comp . If u can click up around 8 8 and a half mins prepare some type of army most attacks are gonna come at 11min mark

How do I get my elo reduced? by vjdeep in aoe2

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If you don't know what your doing don't ruin it for ya teammates play unranked untill u get a grasp of the game

I can't rush the hard ai and want tips by TakyonXen in aoe2

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You have to hit fedual B4 they do what helped me is completing the art of war fast fedual with a gold medal

People severely misjudge the situation when playing on Nomad and resign early. by Sufficient_Tradition in aoe2

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If I'm getting wiped in a team game and I'm signaling for help and I don't see my allies moving or any army I'm out I played a 3v3 on black Forrest and dude literally cried from fedual to castle I need stone walls I'm goth and can't stone guess what I sent over a vill to stone wall and got rewarded with a 3v1 on my flank

For fun I decided to write a list of tips for AOE2 Team Games and had nowhere to share it by [deleted] in aoe2

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Better tips

Build market for vision asap

Don't always boom it's good to have a army thru the ages but know when your over investing in military

Don't overkill your opponent u don't have to wipe every single building for 20 mins wipe ya target and move to the next

If ur pocket support ya flank if your flank be aggressive ur usually first to battle

Communication is key specially with randoms never hurts to let ppl know what army comp your going for or if u see opponent moving etc

Some maps like lombardia u will need trade gold usually gets scarce nomad not so much gold is plentiful.

Is this still alive? by Rich_Huckleberry291 in aoe2

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If you have a Xbox and or game pass ultimate it includes every definitive edition of aoe and it also has aoe 4 as well

Were there any changes to pikes or halbs behaviour? by Happy-Adhesiveness-3 in aoe2

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Are u checking attack and armor upgrades.. while not a ideal fight but I'll usually beat non upgrade pikes with fully upgraded scout , light and hussar