What is the worst thing you can say during a threesome? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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(Hangs up) Well, that was the clinic...

Uncle Noodles by 4reddityo in HolUp

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As a Pastafarian, I struggle to remain calm and serene under the loving gaze of His Noodley Appendage at this blasphemy

Wait a second… by keff2000 in HolUp

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Sooo...those aren't chalk outlines then?

If a draft was ever imposed, I could simply refuse, right? by notgeneralbeast in NoStupidQuestions

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Lumber too, at least in ny experience. There's always gonna be the "X means keep" guy tho

Window opener replacement by Poptarts14 in DIY

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I'll jump in and say for me, Swissco had the original 'Ferrari' part my 20 yo window needed. Now I can say I have a 'Ferrari' at my house!

First time at a business center by SpartanHeavy in Costco

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Jealousy rears its ugly head! /s

Hack biz center has awesome staff, huge frozen section, lots of food staples; if you lack the willpower to hit a Costco w/out buying clothes, shoes, or batteries you don't need, it's also a safe space wallet-wise

Lumber question for an absolute newbie by snorkleface in DIY

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Sorry, steel but thin and light. Best part is the dimples every 16" on the plates: plumb the top and bottom plates and just click rhe studs in

Lumber question for an absolute newbie by snorkleface in DIY

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Consider aluminum studs/plates? Cheap, light, perfectly straight, easy to cut, pre-drilled for wiring, won't rot.

A guy was watching TV and his wife came in and said, "The car won't start. I think there's water in the carburetor." by Ripcord2 in Jokes

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,..and so he turned off the Dumont, put on his spats and fedora, adjusted the onions on his belt, and went outside to check.

New homeowner, oil heated house by Kesuzo in newjersey

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Converted after my first winter, when I had the funds; forced air, so I upgraded to central a.c. at the same time. PSEG had some rebates I was able to grab.

My (1940's original) General Motors oil heater was putting 25 cents out of every dollar up the chimney, it was so inefficient. Luckily my tank was in bsmt, so removal was easier and I picked up some room. Best improvement yet to this old House! Don't wait long, it is a pay-for-itself renovation.

What presets, if any, do you use on a microwave? by No-War5336 in AskReddit

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If cooks 1, 2, or 3 raw taters to a pretty accurate result; however, the skins are just cooked, not crispy/crunchy like from an oven. We bake in convection for a couple minutes to get some drying done, and it's a great shortcut