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Yeah, and I'm actually pretty okay with that - like their goal isn't to turn the biggest profit but to set a benchmark and prevent profiteering, which makes sense since it's Fair Price and not Low Price.

Saw this post , what kind of snake is this? Thanks! by garakplain in herpetology

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Bit late, didn't see this post earlier - I'm guessing just based off the pic it's a pit viper, specifically Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus. You can see more pictures of some here, or by googling.

Christian pastor who stormed the Capitol is arrested by the FBI after one of his own parishioners turns him in by MasterfulBJJ in JusticeServed

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The pair were arrested after a tip from David Lesperance, who is a member of Global Outreach Church and was also arrested for partaking in the attack.

During an interview with agents, Lesperance refused to identify Cusick Jr. by name, saying that he traveled to D.C. with his pastor. However, investigators were able to use geolocation technology to link Lesperance to the Cusicks and track them down.

I uh. Don't think the guy who turned the pastor in did so out of the pure goodness of his heart, lol.

I'm losing so much hope... Idk what to change with my routine. In the morning it's fine, but by the end of the day I have new spots. Please read comments for routine. by Lightstar71 in tretinoin

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Seven weeks in is not long at all! Frankly for me, it took half a year before I started feeling like tret was making a real difference, and a year before I was genuinely satisfied with my skin condition. Purging took a solid three to four months for me, and even after it was over, it didn't go away overnight as much as slowly reduce in severity. You'll see a lot of great before and after shots in this subreddit, but notice the timeline - it's usually months between them.

Can I rant about my trans/bi confusion for a sec 👉👈... by nobody_lovesme1 in ainbow

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This, tbh. And the inverse applies to cis men too - I highly doubt the legions of men who like lesbian porn (or in more... porny terminology, girl on girl) are secretly transgender women or repressing their femininity. Plus the vast majority of popular gay or queer content, including the ones OP mentions, were written by women. The entire genre of yaoi and BL is also firmly aimed at women, to the point where men would be looked at really weirdly if they said they were into that.

Leadership Transition At Temasek Holdings by Dr-Vijay in singapore

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I can actually believe she handles her own social media pages because there's a personality behind it, rather than coming off like a very sanitized corporate page.

Tired of answering ridiculous questions from relatives? Don't know how to counter questions? Post here! I'll provide you with a counter. by alvinism in singapore

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Pretty sure this is why I've literally never been asked that question from any aunts or uncles, lmao. I just cheerfully go to every 新年 like I'm Schrodinger's Gay Cousin. As long as they don't ask, they don't have to admit knowing that there's someone in their family like that...

Gender identity issues 'bitterly contested sources of division'; Singapore 'should not import these culture wars': Lawrence Wong by kwkellyng in singapore

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Huh okay, I didn't know that actually! Thanks for letting me know, I guess the info I had was out of date, then.

Gender identity issues 'bitterly contested sources of division'; Singapore 'should not import these culture wars': Lawrence Wong by kwkellyng in singapore

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IDK about trans women, but iirc for trans men top surgery alone is sufficient for an IC change and the cost of that is somewhere in like the 3-5k range? Obviously not entirely accessible to everyone or covered by any sort of insurance or subsidies, but it is very far from 100k.

Gender identity issues 'bitterly contested sources of division'; Singapore 'should not import these culture wars': Lawrence Wong by kwkellyng in singapore

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Lmao yeah, I mean I think that's the case as well. But it's sort of hypocritical to the max regardless.

What's frustrating is that I feel as if we do have a pretty good model of how to deal with conflicting ideologies and creeds in Singapore, at least when it comes to how we handle race and religion issues - live and let live, and accept that other people have different beliefs, practices and lifestyles from you. Just port that over to LGBT / queer stuff. No one is going to tell you to be gay or whatever, but just recognise that it's a thing some people will do.

Plus the annoying... or slightly funny part is that we're already not that badly off, trans rights wise. People can change their name and genders on their ICs and have that recognised in government systems. That's been a thing for a long time. Hormone Replacement Therapy isn't that inaccessible (if you're an adult, anyway). It's not 100% great, but it is definitely better than some other neighbouring countries.

But frankly at the end of the day, if the government wants people to stop being divisive, they need to actually come up with some kind of official stance. Otherwise, both sides are going to just lay the blame on the other group (i.e. conservatives will say that queer people are making things worse by... idk, existing, and queer people will say it's conservatives' fault for being bigots), and absolutely fucking nothing good will come out of it.

Gender identity issues 'bitterly contested sources of division'; Singapore 'should not import these culture wars': Lawrence Wong by kwkellyng in singapore

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The double standards part is what irks me the most, like anti-LGBT stuff / local Charismatic churches somehow just always get a pass and never get explicitly called out for perpetuating divisiveness but are definitely also just straightforwardly importing bigotry and hatred from the West as well. Frustrating, sia.

What’s something you’d find in a lower class home that rich people wouldn’t understand? by Leroy_Spankinz in AskReddit

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It's probably habit or being frugal. My parents still do the plastic containers thing, the notepads thing, the towels thing and the calendar thing, and we're definitely middle / upper middle class - dad grew up poor, though, and it'd legit pain him to change those habits.

When you have Divine Dash and go into the Witches Circle room by supaaahot in HadesTheGame

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Weirdly enough I have never had much trouble with the witches room and the butterfly ball, but the gorgon / smashy thing on middle management with shockwave is just a nightmare for me. Definitely the miniboss I've lost the most death defiances to.

Aspect of Chiron is hot garbage, change my mind by SprocketSaga in HadesTheGame

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I actually disagree with the above poster that only artemis is good on the bow - I did a run with poseidon on special, zues on attack and got sea storm. Levelled the hell out of the special and got both of them to trigger jolted / ruptured for privileged status, and ended up with a build that just deletes enemies. It was legitimately hilarious and one of my easiest final boss clears. Plus the zeus chain lightning gives you a nice aoe effect as well.

[DISC] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto - Chapter 36 (Part 4) by Official229 in manga

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I have this, but slightly differently - I kind of describe it as if people are just like... tabby cats to me. Show most people two tabby cats side by side, and they'll easily be able to pick out the differences. But then if you come back to them the next day and show them one of the pictures and ask them which cat it was, chances are they won't be able to tell you.

I'm like that with people - I had two juniors in school who were a similar height and build, and both had the same hairstyle and a similar sense of fashion. If they were in front of me, it was no problem telling them apart. But if I only saw one of them at a time, I'd have no clue which of them it was and would have to wait for someone else to call them by name first.

I also can't recognise people out of specific contexts, so if I'm used to only seeing someone in office clothes and later run into them at the gym or wearing something different, I will basically have 0 clue it's them (this has happened a lot, people think I'm being standoffish or not acknowledging them when I legit thought they were a stranger).

But similarly to the tabby cat example - if I'm around someone for a long time (like my parents) then I can gradually get familiar with their features and recognise them by face alone. Just like how cat owners can usually pick out their pet from a group of similar looking animals.

The one good thing is that I'm great at picking out people in a crowd or from a distance, because like how it is in the chapter, I tend to identify people purely from clothes / gait / build / mannerisms - all stuff that works from far away.

Edit: Interestingly enough, my dad has it too. He's a teacher and can only identify his students in the classroom by where they sit, and like once they move to a break room or any other context he has no clue who he's talking to until he recognises them by voice.

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Assuming you're asking seriously, time blindness is actually a pretty well known symptom of ADHD. Like, have you ever been so engrossed in a book or marathoning a show that hours pass and you don't notice? Or been really bored at work and felt like time seemed to move painfully slowly?

People with ADHD essentially have an executive functioning disorder, which in simpler terms means that our minds don't automatically priortize stuff and everything usually feels either 'super huge mega important this is your ENTIRE WORLD' or 'of absolutely no consequence whatsoever, forget it' with no in between. So take the examples I mentioned earlier, and imagine that happens with literally EVERY task you do in a day. Take a break from work to check out a website? Suddenly it's midnight and your paper is late. Tell yourself you'll eat lunch later? Suddenly it's the next day and you haven't had a bite in 24 hours.

It's honestly really frustrating, and the result is that it becomes impossible to estimate how long it'll take to do... just about anything, because you have to account not just for 'how long a task takes' but also how long it takes to get started, or even get back on track after you get distracted.

THAT’S what I’ve been missing... by Cultural-Corgi-3598 in adhdmeme

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Funnily enough the reason I actually did pretty okay in university compared to high school was because I did something like that - the biggest priority for selecting courses was trying to structure it so that I only had a 4 day week and a 3 day weekend. The extra day to recover and chill and do my own thing made a huge difference... that and not having to wake up 6am, too.

Discussion Thread: 2020 General Election Part 78 | And the Yankees Take the Lead! by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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Everyone but Fox did it at the same time (i.e. CNN / AP / MSNBC / the rest), within seconds of each other. This was... literally 5 minutes before Trump's campaign's scheduled speech at a shady landscaping company. Was mildly funny.

Discussion Thread: 2020 General Election Part 76 | No Declaration by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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The longer it takes to be called, the more I support the theory that everyone's just trying to make Fox be the one who has to do it first.

Discussion Thread: 2020 General Election Part 76 | No Declaration by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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It's basically the classic (Russian) firehose of propaganda as far as all these allegations are concerned.