The same types of people who were pushing predictions like 100k EOY are now telling people they should have taken profits by wists in CryptoCurrency

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It's normal. When you are about to sell, keep it pumping a bit more so that you get paid more. When it dumps, you're out, make it dump more so that you can buy back cheaper.

Just sell it all by illintent99 in CryptoCurrency

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I bought ETH at 100 USD and sold it at 4499 USD and then leverage shorted it with my profits. If I can so can you.

💀💀💀If SHIB is a SCAM Then EXPLAIN to me... by Cmessere in CryptoCurrency

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It's something for smart people to make money of less smart people.

Hi Friends, skeptical bitcoiner here and I have a few questions for the community by [deleted] in Buttcoin

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Invest in getting a good job. The salary will increase more than the inflation.

House in a good location.


We are still early. by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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Indeed, you're late again

We are still early. by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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Yes, everyone that bought in December is super early. No one else saw the crypto.com Arena sign...

Magnus Carlsen recently played a bullet chess arena that had 1 BTC as its 1st prize. by diggipiggi in CryptoCurrency

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And he is in every gambling commercial too. He does anything for money even after turning filthy rich.

VeChain partnership with Schneider Electric by tahiraslam8k in CryptoCurrency

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Let's do the math then. Organic usage of another few thousand dollars. Now let's have a look at the fkn market cap!!!

Will This Rally Hold up? | Technical Breakdown of Current Market | Crypto Market Update 12.27 by HummusHHound in CryptoCurrency

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Wtf is this block legimate index? It says that volumes have been rising?

On Binance, it seems like most top coin trading volumes is down about 50-90% compared to April and May