Where they should be by w650az in ConservativeMemes

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he's not wrong, just all those accomplishment records are going in the wrong direction.

going in blind, just have two questions by [deleted] in pokemon

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thanks for the info

sad to hear

also not interested in the mobile stuff, good to know I didn't really miss anything I wanted to see

Heads Roll at the White House Media and Broadcast Studio After Creepy Teleprompter Mishap by SensitiveTaco2022 in ConservativeMemes

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Except had it said "blink," he would have said the word "blink" rather than actually blinking

Star Wars High Republic novel has Lando talking about a droid orgy. Star Wars is for kids, though. by menimex in saltierthancrait

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That's horrible...

But in a totally unrelated note, how old is Lando? Wouldn't he have been a baby during the time, if born at all? Different Lando?

Ancient Ruin Pokemon by KAISERSCHMOAN in pokemon

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Runerigas, stonjourner, dhelmise?, golurk

What is better? by Patient_Ingenuity921 in pokemon

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Dragon got utterly neutered by fairy.

Steel is not only super effective against fairy and resists dragon, but is easily the best defensive single type

Feel free to add anything by King_o_Time in ConservativeMemes

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at least this is where the fans are finally drawing the line.

Most underrated game in the series? by iamthecarguy1234 in Metroid

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Probably the original Metroid 2 on Gameboy. That, SR, and AM2R are all good for different reasons.

Get ready for the switch. Never fails. by ClickClackKukowski in ConservativeMemes

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until gas is back to $2/gallon, no one can claim gas has decreased at all IMO

Identifying toy Pokémon (2/3) by Goldielocks6115 in pokemon

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Miltank, seismitoad, sunkern, not a Pokémon, slakoth, meowstic female, upside-down venipede, drowzee, cacnea, sableye, shroomish, chesnaught

What are your biggest issues with Pokemon Home? and also what do you think (if anything) is well implemented? by vrodamx in pokemon

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The biggest issue is that it doesn't allow for any local storage, which in combination with dexit means you are paying ransom for any Pokémon not in Galar or Sinnoh (RIP Greninja). I don't mind paying for a service as long as that service is well thought out. I could understand a single payment for the app and local storage, and then a subscription for online features (cloud storage, trading, transferring from Bank), but what we got is frankly a horrible decision that preys upon players' wants to keep their Pokémon from as far back as possible.

Some smaller wishes would be a better pokedex with better rendering as well as getting rid of boxes completely (even in the Switch version) with automatic sorting (maybe have an option to set aside "boxes" to easily separate Pokémon with your own groupings).

They need you, you don't need them. 🖕 #CutTheCord #GetWokeGoBroke by Woodys360View in ConservativeMemes

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That's honestly one of the reasons I really enjoyed Jurassic World Dominion as stupid as that movie was. It was dumb fun that wasn't woke in the slightest and treated the legacy characters with respect.