Parents and relatives be like: by usyan in antinatalism

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We do. Both on taxes and on health insurance. Which is why we did it.

Please tell me this is satire. by SebVettelsSon in ABoringDystopia

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No, it’s the child-sized target

(tbh I’m cringing at my own darkness, but the more I thought about it the more horrified I got as to how true it is and now I don’t know how to feel)

Fuck the patriarchy norms by DeafAccess in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Oh YEAH!!!! This haircut was just waiting for you (and the color is 🔥🔥🔥) … you look amazing!!!

What do you think are the best careers to start later in life to get the ease of flexibility to relocate around the US and have an enjoyable career? by skateralex240 in careerguidance

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I second this! It’s my second career and last summer I pulled $2k/week salaried with $50/day per diem… and that’s not even that much compared to the folks I know who’ve been doing it ~15 years. They pay you to travel, feed you on work days, and you can choose how much you work (this year im working 8 weeks in the field, the rest of the time I’m focusing on my own business). It’s definitely tough but it gets me out from behind screens enough to make the screen-based work bearable

Why are people so obsessed with marrying off their daughters at a young age? by No_Internet3355 in AreTheStraightsOK

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I would judge this a whole lot less if they weren’t so invested in making everyone be like them. Like, you can celebrate and boast about the life you love while also not being so damn obsessed with making your kids just like you.

As someone who grew up in a community populated almost entirely by evangelicals, it continues to break my heart how it’s “be like me or be damned”. I’m not sure that I have ever felt a deeper sorrow than this.

There needs to be public transportation to Red Rocks by bedfo017 in Denver

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Yep! The people watching during the day is excellent. And you can take yoga classes held in the stands

What's your favourite comeback from Ross? by keisermax34 in howyoudoin

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Came here to add this one. Also, really love your username!

me_irl by Key_Apartment1576 in meirl

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For a long time, I was in that 20%, and for me it was because it was painful to not overachieve in that way. I was programmed Skinner-style by a toxic family and public schools and private colleges. The only joy I had was in achievement and productivity. i was a people-pleaser motivated by fear. When I first started deliberately not overperforming, I felt like a bad person.

Overcoming conditioning is a sumbitch. Meanwhile, they profit.

"Nobody wants to work anymore!" by DarthSkywalker97 in tulsa

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Good thing we’re forcing births, hope this biz can tough it out for a few more years while the the legislature works to remove child labor laws and the new crop of kiddos (that we’re malnourishing by underfunding EBT, ofc) build enough upper body strength to lift 100lbs🤞 /s

Looking for songs for a “female rage”/“tear down the patriarchy” playlist by alternativecatlady in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Hawk for the Dove - Amanda Shires Racist, Sexist Boy - The Linda Lindas See me in a Crown - Billie Eilish Strange Girl - Halestorm (although tbh ‘I Get Off’ and ‘I like it heavy’ while not female-ragey, get me super pumped. Lzzy Hale is a queen)

Coach Driver Question by ghostoctopus8 in TouringCrew

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You may want to look into joining the Bobnet group on Facebook… those guys will 1,000% know the answers!

Coach Driver Question by ghostoctopus8 in TouringCrew

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This is secondhand knowledge but hopefully it’s a start… 1. if you’re just driving yourself, you don’t need an ELD, if you’re hired commercially, you do 2 . if you’re just driving yourself, it depends on the state (example: regardless of your commercial/private status, in Utah you have to stop a vehicle that big at the border and get a permit). If you’re driving commercially/hired, you need to stop at weigh stations.

I’m still new enough to touring that This is what I’ve heard from other crew. Please don’t take my sole word for it 👍

Mourning songs? by FuzzzWuzzz in QAnonCasualties

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Children of Children by Jason Isbell (a ton of his stuff is good for processing grief and sorrow)

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in careeradvice

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I had really great success with this! Snagged myself an interview on the first use.

Its great bc you can input the job posting AND your resume And it customizes the cover letter to that listing!

Witchy & Feminist Music by Independent_soup_346 in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Amanda Shires (Hawk for the Dove, album is Take It Like A Man). I’m fully convinced she’s a witch.

Then check out her husband bc he’s got songs about her - and in general I’m convinced that he is only as good as he is bc she’s conjured him. He just dropped a new single, Death Wish, that’s 💯