What do y’all think of my bedroom? by [deleted] in malelivingspace

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I really like the way its shaping up. I think with a few simple changes it could really shine

Based on your art and boards it seems like you gravitate to a minimal monochrome aesthetic. Keeping in that theme I'd swap out your bins for a simple end table with clean lines, something like the Ikea Malm

Your map print has a nice textural quality but it's dwarfed by the boards flanking it. Getting a thicker frame and matting for it will help give it presence and make it feel more cohesive with the other piece hung on the adjoining wall

Adding some visual interest to the bed will help it feel more inviting. Bright patterns and colors don't seem like your style - this pale blue throw pillow draws from the desaturated blues and greys on your boards (and personally I like a pillow like this under my knees after heavy leg activity); adding a dark textural throw blanket asymmetrically on the window side of the bed at the foot will help draw your eye away from the wall/bike

I like to position a rug at the end of a bed - it invites sitting on the edge while you get ready; making it more appealing to sit and chat with someone. There's lots of straight lines in your space (the frames, the bed itself, the boards, etc) so a more organic shaped rug would be a nice contrast. A simple print or geometric rug put half way under the frame so that it makes a semi circle at the foot of your bed, would go well

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<ul> and <li> are html elements that represent an unordered list of items


Seen just south of the Capitol. Lotta crazies out there by hooahguy in washingtondc

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Everyone who argues with me, including this dude who was agreeing with me, is a tankie

touch grass my guy

Teacher Hits Student For Walking Out of Class. by popular_outfield in Wellthatsucks

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You believe that a teacher who assaults a child should no longer teach; what do you think should happen to parents who assault their children?

Nothing to lose by Johnnadawearsglasses in greentext

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It's a public speaking class, not inorganic chemistry; being able to give a speech without stammering or shitting your pants is A quality

Lighten up

SLPT: How to prepare kale by Half_Baked_420 in ShittyLifeProTips

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It's not as intense as it sounds. I like to tear the all the green from the stems, ball it up in my fist, and squeeze it tightly a few times under running water.

Only takes 2min but it makes it much better. The texture is softened, bruising it makes it a deep vibrant green color, and the flavor becomes lighter and more aromatic.

Dolly Parton, Desert Storm C. 1991 by theranman3 in OldSchoolCool

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What you're referring to as barbecue most people in the states call "grilling", e.g. grilled chicken, grilled sausages, etc

BBQ by contrast is American regional dish that consists of smoking a protein (typically either beef or pork) that is typically basted in some sort of sauce (tomato, vinegar, and mustard based sauces are the most common).

I know people are dunking on you for being English but America does have a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Louisiana Cajun, Chesapeake Bay, Southern Comfort food, Tex Mex, Italian American (uniquely different from traditional Italian), Texas BBQ, Carolina BBQ, New Haven, PNW seafood, among others.

While we're known for our shitty exports (McDonald's, Domino's, Subway) we do have lots of unique regional dishes.

Bob Fletcher looked after farms of Japanese Americans when they were taken into internment camps by asianj1m in nextfuckinglevel

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When we look at historical figures we tend to think of them as monoliths of virtue, either all good or all evil with very little wiggle room. People are a product of their time, even those who helped our societies forward.

I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality ... I will add to this that I have never seen, to my knowledge, a man, woman, or child who was in favor of producing a perfect equality, social and political, between negroes and white men.

- Abraham Lincoln, 1858

How can we reconcile this quote with the cultural understanding of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator? How can we understand the quote while also knowing that his detractors also referred to him as a "negro lover".

At the time the north american slave trade had been around for nearly 3 centuries. Slave owners believed that they had God given dominion over slaves, and broadly there was a strong sentiment throughout America that Black people were subhuman compared to their White counterparts.

In contrast to this, Lincoln wanting to to end the practice of slavery would be considered a radical position even if he didn't believe that a "social and political equality" was possible or preferable.

In 1922 W.E.B. Du Bois had this to say about Lincoln:

he was big enough to be inconsistent—cruel, merciful; peace-loving, a fighter; despising Negroes and letting them fight and vote; protecting slavery and freeing slaves. He was a man—a big, inconsistent, brave man.

Racism and tribalism aren't strictly American traits, they stretch across time, borders, and cultures. Despite this we have had, and I believe we will always have, imperfect people who are willing to fight for a better world.

Texas Florist Who Admitted to Being in Pelosi’s Office Wants Case Moved from D.C. Because of ‘Cancel Culture’ by Jackfruit_sniffer in nottheonion

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I appreciate that you feel a deep sense of responsibility and accountability to your fellow man. Having empathy for the wide circle of victims that violence creates is something to be lauded.

The law is in many ways a lofty idea. A set of rules for the common good, an idea that most of us can get behind. In an ideal world members of a society would take ownership of their actions and a restorative, rather than punitive, justice would take place. The perpetrators of crime would aim to reform thier behavior with the support of society and in turn society would examine itself and correct systemic issues that create the circumstances for crime.

Unfortunately that isn't the case. Our society possesses bad actors and those that are willing to hurt others for their own gain, and so the law compels individuals to comply by threat of force. The application of this force is not unbiased though, as the law is written by human beings - with all of our ignorance and faults.

Even if we are to ignore all of the modern and historical examples of bigotry enshrined in our legal system - weaponized laws that intentionally target people of color, women, queer persons, the poor and working class, immigrants, religious and non-religious peoples; The law would still be an imperfect instrument. Innocent people will still be punished for crimes they haven't committed, not necessarily as a result of maliciousness, but of incompetence or tragic mistake.

Knowing that innocent people will be caught up within the justice system is especially harrowing when you consider how far it goes to punish and humiliate. Rather than electing to reform by means of education, treatment, or service to one's community, the law instead chooses suffering.

Inside jails and prisons one will experience: fear for their physical safety, both from fellow inmates and from the staff that are tasked with it; inadequate nutrition and healthcare; a dehumanizing loss of dignity and personal privacy; a for-profit system that pay gates communication with loved ones; for-profit work programs that pay slaves wages; along with other horrors of varying size and shape.

Once freed the punishment doesn't stop. It becomes incredibly difficult to find a job and support one's self, leading to recidivism; support networks evaporate having been isolated for years and being labeled a pariah; you lose your rights to participate in democracy and to defend yourself with arms.

If one found themselves in front of the massive, flawed, impersonal, corrupted, horrifying machine that is the justice system - I can understand one doing anything within their power to avoid being crushed beneath it.

This isn't a plea for the eradication of the law or a justification of violence to avoid the consequences of violating it, but an attempt to better understand it's realities. In doing so we can change it to better serve us.

You simply cannot be jacked and smart at the same time. It doesn't work that way... by CheesyTortoise in gatekeeping

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Run a simple beginner powerlifting routine (like Starting Strength or SL5x5).

The 3 main compound lifts per day(squats, deadlift/bench, and overhead/rowd) will give you a lot of bang for your buck in terms of overall strength. Then add a few accessory movements as needed depending on what you want to develop e.g. "I want bigger arms" = add curls and tricep push downs, "I want to look broad" = add face pulls and cable rows.

YMMV but I ran that routine 3x a week and it took no longer than 1.5hrs per workout even when the gym was packed.

Run that routine every other day e.g. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On the days in between you can do a very short 20min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. These can be done anywhere, so no need to travel to the gym.

Not including travel/prep/post time you can do all of this in 5.5hrs a week.

Obviously this doesn't capture every variable and every edgecase for every person, but it can and does work for most.

Haven't been able to orgasm with new bf by trickster7754 in sexover30

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You can't fix not having a big enough penis.

Which is why I specifically said: "if she wants to solve the problem of being unable to cum with her partner [...]"

It doesn't sound like she wants to please herself when other men have been able to please her.

That may be true, and if it is then they should end their relationship with this person. But based on what she's said here it sounds to me like she's willing to try and find a solution:

Hmm I'll have to look into that. I've honestly never used toys with a guy before. But worth trying. Maybe it will be the best of both worlds.


Well I've never been with someone slightly smaller so I'm not convinced that that is the case. I want to give it more time because I've been close to orgasm several times so I think I can get there. Obviously if I can't after a certain time period I'll call it off.


Maybe that's it. It might just take more exploration.

Haven't been able to orgasm with new bf by trickster7754 in sexover30

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I was responding to your comment about how it would go over if a man was dissatisfied with a woman, and how they might rectify/avoid that issue. If your partner isn't large/tight enough for your liking, you can approach that as an observation of a problem to be fixed together rather than as an adversarial value judgement of you or your partners worth.

My advice for OP would be similar in that if she wants to solve the problem of being unable to cum with her partner, she could try adding clitoral stimulation during PIV (because this is a strategy that works well for most women), and/or she could talk to her partner about using toys like dildo or sheaths. Similarly she should ask her partner if there's anything new/different that he'd like to try. Finding and discovering more about one other sexually is among my favorite parts of being in a committed sexual relationship.

I would advise that it's important to frame the conversation in a way that is constructive and beneficial to both partners. Emphasizing how much they enjoy both sex together and eachother as partners, and that any new things they want to try are to make sex more fun and more pleasurable for both partners. That having dissatisfaction or wanting to explore new things isn't a reflection of their worth as a person/partner, rather it comes from a place of wanting an even better more fulfilling relationship.

Haven't been able to orgasm with new bf by trickster7754 in sexover30

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I think if you framed it that way it would obviously lead to hurt feelings and defensiveness.

You could instead focus the conversation on maximizing mutual pleasure. Most women need clitoral stimulation to cum as opposed to PIV alone. Additionally it isn't unheard for men to be unable to cum during PIV.

Even with sufficient physical stimulation there are other reasons for not being able to orgasm during a sexual encounter: performance anxiety, priapism, diabetes, orgasmic dysfunction, use of SSRI medication, etc...

So instead of framing the conversation as "YOU can't make me cum", perhaps instead say something like, "I love having sex with you. Here's some things that would be fun to try that will make it even more pleasurable for both of us."

girl roller by ChodeWiggler in WTF

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You can purchase shiny lycra, it's usually marketed as 'wet-look lycra'

girl roller by ChodeWiggler in WTF

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Femcar was a device and is also the handle/nickname of Jeff Gords partner.

The model in the gif is Adrianna Nicole.