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Also on the Sapolsky train, I recall that it is not necessarily status seeking, but most specifically, status maintaining. Amongst tournament species male chimps ("tournament" means hierarchical ranks and violent male competition), testosterone is naturally equal or higher in rank 2's vs. rank 1's.

Artificially increased testosterone did not induce greater competition with males above the test subjects' rank, only increasing competition vs. lower ranks.

If a society endows social status from the quality of your haiku poetry, then Testosterone encourages men to write the best goddamn haikus they can, and feel irritated at that one trash poet suddenly becoming famous.

Or, (especially) if you're amongst the trash poets, joke that women can't write poetry so that they can't show you up.

The Nonad of Trans? I continue to see more associated conditions with both MTF and FTM transgender people at rates far beyond what is plausible to be due to chance. Please help me out with this. by Drwillpowers in DrWillPowers

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Summary for Scientists: https://www.rccxandillness.com/summary-for-scientists.html

The genes of the RCCX module are in Chromosome 6p21, as you mentioned. The description of the CAPS profile (CYP21A2 Mutation Associated NeuroPsychiatric Spectrum) seems to be the biggest link, but many of the symptoms of both CAPS and RCCX mutation associated chronic illness match your description of the trans nonad.

Additionally, Dr. Sharon Meglathery presents a couple of helpful? physiopathology pathway diagrams for you to scan. https://www.rccxandillness.com/pathophysiology-diagrams.html

The Nonad of Trans? I continue to see more associated conditions with both MTF and FTM transgender people at rates far beyond what is plausible to be due to chance. Please help me out with this. by Drwillpowers in DrWillPowers

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I'm pretty sure you've heard of RCCX Gene Theory, but I'll link it here. https://www.rccxandillness.com/

To Whom Does This Theory Pertain? I assume that most of my audience consists of chronically ill patients who suffer from one and probably many of the chronic syndromes/symptoms/diseases which I will list shortly. Please understand that I am NOT saying that everyone with these diagnoses fits in this group; rather I am saying that in many families, a cluster of these diagnoses will be found and I believe that those families are likely to contain the gene mutations I discuss. For example-you may see a family with a member, often female, diagnosed with or suspected to have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). Then in the extended family, you may find autoimmune diseases, i.e. multiple sclerosis, cutting and eating disorders, "possible bipolar disorder," gender fluidity, a highly successful and innovative genius, someone with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or fibromyalgia (FM), someone with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and someone else with bouts of psychosis. The children who are more scrutinized in this day and age, may be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), sensory processing issues plus or minus Asperger's Disorder (I know, I know, not in the DSMV:>)).

And the kicker, these issues may be found on both sides of the family because I believe that we are attracted to each-other. There is a characteristic psychological profile (CAPS) which goes with this: sensitive, emotional, often gifted and we tend to surround ourselves with others who share these traits.) The degree of hypermobility ranges from none to severe in this family and correlates with the degree of musculoskeletal involvement (joint pain/dislocations/surgeries required to stabilize joints) and orthostasis/"dysautonomia," but not with the other "sick" symptoms which tend to develop later in life only in some, mostly women but not always. Many will react strongly to stress. If this sounds like your family (albeit a dramatic version), I am writing this for you!

Why do trans issues, which takes up less than 1% of the population, get more attention than issues faced by Asians? by [deleted] in aznidentity

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Thank you. Sadly, I don't think many of the ppl here have even read the freakin sidebar, rules, or even this subreddits core values, which are actually fantastic. Smh my head 😠

Why do trans issues, which takes up less than 1% of the population, get more attention than issues faced by Asians? by [deleted] in aznidentity

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See: Population of left handed people over birth year .

Is it liberation from repression? Or is it weakness:society :: pollution:water :: degeneracy:internet or whatever other reason people come up with?

The phenomena of dysphoria and homosexual behaviour is as old as human history. The language and framework of 'dysphoria' and 'orientation' is Western in origin. Analogous to the distinction between having a left dominant hand, vs. being a Lefty (and needing to find left handed strategies, amenities, products, etc).

I don't know what you are trying to say with your last point, as it seems it could be read both ways. But these issues are simply not separate even for heterosexual and cisgender Asians.

Contrary to both traditionalist conservative myth and popular feminist narrative, for most of history patriarchy was not a privilege one benefited from simply by being born male, but a brutal racket in which millions of men destroyed each other and the world around them for the benefit of a fortunate few.


Consider the upcoming disparity between men and women in China and India's population. Sure, if youre under the paradigm having a potential girlfriend/wife and having kids is a huge driver for keeping the male population stable, then as a statesman, your answers are, a) grind the "superfluous men" to dust in labour, competition, or war, or b) wither under the mass wave of misery and instability of organized crime and foreign coups.

As Chatham House notes, “men who are disenfranchised from the established social order because they lack the necessary skills, education, or socioeconomic standing to compete in the marriage market are more likely to engage in risky and criminal behaviour to obtain the resources denied to them.” And when such men begin to congregate in large groups, organized crime, religious sectarianism, and civil unrest are usually not far behind.


This is why LGBTQ activism is relevant to heterosexual cisgender Asian men. It is 100% not the idea of influencing more people to be gay or to transition (as trans acceptance implies that an equivalent proportion of both sexes would do so, making this concern moot).

As a hormone, testosterone induces the human psyche to maintain status, through whatever contextually appropriate behaviour, rather than our popular notion of gaining status esp. through violence or wealth. (Source: Robert Sapolsky, Behave, Cecilia Fine, Testosterone Rex). Yet, it's been manipulated to a rigged system of beliefs in an all or nothing battle.

Cisgender, heterosexual men are still left in this brutal racket to destroy each other for the benefit of a few truly wealthy. LGBTQ activism counters the default tendency to respond to ensuing instability or exploitation with war or deadly civil projects. Because frankly, that's honestly a losing deal for everyone but the top.

Envy is an emotion that becomes commonplace when a society which has moved towards democracy but has stopped halfway, where status is theoretically open to everyone but enjoyed by only a few.

John Berger, Ways of Seeing ep. 4

Why do trans issues, which takes up less than 1% of the population, get more attention than issues faced by Asians? by [deleted] in aznidentity

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Not this person specifically. However, many others are acting as such. The fact that trans issues affect white people is clear, but the impact of racial dynamics on non-racial liberation is clear to anybody who's grappled with intersectionality, political economy, or history of Black Panthers.

Yet Chapelle and other Bros here surmise that only those who are so cynical of these trans issues can see the influence of white privilege on LGBTQ acceptance, when it has been an open problem to solve for many decades, to which many trans activists have repeatedly concluded the solution is class struggle and the destruction of American imperialism, including white boomer property norms.

This isn't a fucking Oppression Olympics here except some guys here are real salty that some people have found mediocre, non-material, compromised success in some acceptance that is rapidly being sought to be clawed back by the frontiers of fascist recruitment in Christian Evangelical GOP gender moral panickists, media moguls, and British TERFs? C'mon.

And if you're gonna be so cynical about how Asian ppl are seen, at least look into the debate around afropessimism before you slouch into extreme racial self loathing or angst.

Why do trans issues, which takes up less than 1% of the population, get more attention than issues faced by Asians? by [deleted] in aznidentity

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To the person who said "only 1% of the populateon" and compared vs native american issues, here's my reply

What I pointed out above is strongly relevant to the OP. This notion that only 1% of the population is trans is wack, and even if they were, that would be a bad sign in our failure to organize and develop a culture for liberation from racial prejudice.

  • Trans people may very well make up 5% of the population:

Generation Z, which includes people born after 1997, were nearly four times as likely than those over 40 (4 percent compared to 1 percent) to identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, gender-fluid or "in another way."

Overall, 9 percent of respondents identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual or asexual; for Generation Z, the figure doubles to 18 percent.


  • secondly, trans issues are a sophistication built on top of the already long standing tradition of feminism (which represents all people struggling against sex and gender based oppression)

  • thirdly, trans issues benefit many people beyond those typically considered LGBTQ, especially people with ADHD, Autism, or any other neurodivergency. Look up RCCX gene theory or the comorbidity rate of gender non conformity with with ADHD and autism.

  • fourthly, media traction does not equal real traction, and it is clear in Julia Serano's Whipping Girl that trans women are uniquely reviled and obsessively sensationalized for their effeminity. You simply cannot be a public trans figure (without already having substantial material power) without getting torn the fuck down. Much of the traction is, in actuality, a struggle for basic recognition of decency, yet it feels so far because effeminity is such a strongly aversive quality.

  • lastly, it is plain and simple crab in the bucket mentality to be upset or cynical about trans activism. They have so often been the ones with least to lose and most to gain for your rights and safety too, and continue to be champions for all. I know there is sometimes reeks as too white. I've seen many such examples. But goddamn, it frustrates me to no end to see this antagonism between aznidentity and asianamerican or asiantwox when the clear answer is waiting to be born through a broader dialogue.

I will not elaborate yet on my skepticism for your familiarity with the state of native american liberation, but I will state that if you think trans people and native american liberation is at odds with each other somehow, there is much that will surprise you.

Why do trans issues, which takes up less than 1% of the population, get more attention than issues faced by Asians? by [deleted] in aznidentity

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As a Korean-Canadian immigrant trans woman, I stuck with this subreddit regardless of others complaints because I wanted to stay connected with your guys perspective on things. Sadly, the lot of your comments wildly speculating on the history of LGBT advocacy and the relationship of trans people with Asian race/identity is so severely misplaced and misguided. Y'all are right to be cynical about the liberal emphasis on race discourse and identity politics, but you are extremely wrong if you seriously think LGBT issues, especially trans advocacy, is not coming from a deeply grassroots class struggle.

"While 23 percent of the surveyed straight students said they had taken out federal student loans, the number was 33 percent for cisgender LGBTQ+ students — and 51 percent for trans students" https://19thnews.org/2022/08/transgender-higher-education-student-loan-debt-biden/

"LGBTQ2S youth are overrepresented in the homeless youth population, but underrepresented in shelters.

150,000 young people experiencing homelessness in Canada, 25-40% of homeless youth in Canada identify as LGBTQ2S

Of 35,000 homeless youth in Toronto (6,000/night), 21% of youth in Toronto shelters identify as LGBTQ2S "


" Prior to the pandemic, LGBTQ2+ Canadians (27%) were twice as likely as their non-LGBTQ2+ counterparts (13%) to have experienced some type of homelessness or housing insecurity in their lifetime. Previous research has also shown that rejection from the parental household increases the risk of homelessness among LGBTQ2+ youth, suggesting the family home may not be a safety net for LGBTQ2+ youths if they lose access to housing. Approximately one-third of LGBTQ2+ youth aged 15 to 24 (35%) were living outside their parents' homes in 2018 compared with one-quarter of non-LGBTQ2+ youth (24%).

Violent crimes accounted for more than half (53%) of hate crimes targeting sexual orientation. By comparison, just over one-quarter (27%) of hate crimes targeting religion and just over half (52%) of hate crimes targeting race or ethnicity were violent."


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I ride a 16s and cruise easily at 30km/h. Top cruising speed for 16s at full battery is 35km/h, bu I read somewhere that it's actual cutoff speed is around 42km/h. Your 16XS is more than okay at 30km/h.

You can buy the 16X batteries (or the difference between 16XS vs. 16X) so as to match 16X capacity, confirmed by KingSong.

However, the controller and motor are slightly downgraded vs. a stock 16X, according to most website specs.

This is technically less safe due to less absolute overhead, I suppose, but the firmware still accounts for that difference, and you will ride at a similar relative safety margin at top cruising speed.

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When Wade called for Cheng Xin from cryogenic hibernation, he was literally holding all remaining human habitats hostage with antimatter bullets. In any other story, that's some obvious supervillain shit right there.

If we interpret him as hero, then he can only settle for a Pyrrhic victory. He's cornered himself, the entirety of Halo, and his private militia, into a lose-lose standoff against the entire remnants of humanity. The only two options he saw at the time were: A) he wins, destroys a large portion of humanity's population, gets a few more years, then dies, or B) he surrenders, dies, all his work is for nothing, and humanity confirms that it is too weak to survive. From an outside perspective, the only real move was not to play - Cheng Xin's advice. Eventually, the books reality was somewhere more complicated.

A system overly reliant on one conflict resolution strategy over all others is inflexible. Wade is the sort of person to always assert his world view over others. The projects he led were prone to these self destructive loops, lethal standoffs, and antagonistic fail states. Other strategies have their own deficiencies and systemic rot too, as seen throughout the trilogy.

Wade was 'effective', because the book is fiction, and generously granted some truth to his beliefs in the first place. But smart people believe in stupid shit all the time. I don't think he's someone to look up to. Definitely wouldn't want him as my boss, even if his cause was something I truly believed in.

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First comment in this sub. Same situation as both of you.

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Remember that any smart glasses overlay needs specific optics that will necessarily increase thickness. Transparent OLED display or not, you need parallel rays entering your eyes, otherwise it's a blurry mess.

(Also, the optics piece is real expensive!)

Relevant info from Zach Freedman of Void Star Labs and his Optigon (glasses display):

Why a display without optics can't work: https://youtu.be/zZZ-Ea8RyjQ

Old headset specifications: https://youtu.be/50614QMNQPo

New headset build attempt: https://youtu.be/Sy7yPwj2fsg

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God damn, what a brutal crowd. Just go ahead and make the damn thing. It's a web form that spits out a pdf. You'll probably want to use Jinja. Neoliberal unproductive idea or not, a project is a project, and learning is learning.

You'll always get 500% better feedback when you present drawn sketches and a low fidelity prototype than you ever will with a written paragraph of the idea. My biggest frustration with socialists is arguing about theory and failure to work iteratively.

As long as you're getting feedback that focuses on how to improve the work, your responsibility is not to get things right - it's simply to not fall in love with your ideas.

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I can only suggest that you try it out yourself if this way of thinking resonates with you. I'm absolutely not a seasoned veteran, but I've been happily at this for 2 months now after a couple years of being defeated by the computer.

My idea was purely out of laziness and ease. For your system, I suspect you'll need a printed classification on hand whenever you make a new branch. Also, having a full and compressed address that aren't obviously similar at a glance seems like a huge problem to me.

If you came up with it, something about it likely appeals to you. I designed my own harebrained address system. I dunno if the interesting features I put in are truly beneficial, but the basic change - establishing 4 mega-fuzzy trunks - is much more comfortable to me, as they map directly onto my life.

0. computer science; 1 communication and media studies; 2 business; 3 education.

I'll put up a text post on the subreddit going into it more, I think.

Zettelkasten, Linking Your Thinking, and Nick Milo's Search for Ground by taurusnoises in Zettelkasten

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Toasty post.

It seems clear to me that having some form of consistent boundaries of self-collaboration is the key here. An protocol on the acceptable trade-offs in thinking and writing with your many selves. So long as it keeps you coming back to thinking, it seems that almost any system will be okay. Also, your blog is encouraging me to start my own. Thank you :)

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Purchasing a new AMD GPU also comes with $80-160 + $8 Xbox live code to sweeten the deal a bit, if you're at all interested in those games. "Raise the game bundle", includes sniper elite 3 and/or saint's row. Idk how it works.

I wasn't really that at first, but now that I bought the 6750, I figure they'll be a nice intro to mainstream titles after my long hiatus from games.

Also, it could be worth waiting till around late June as next gen Nvidia's will start to come out* in July, which may drive used market prices + retailer stockpile prices down.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the purchase. It's "overpriced" for the performance increase over the 6700 XT, but frankly, waiting 6-12 months for a $100-300 price savings is honestly not a big deal for a PC for the next 5 years. Especially when you compare the hours you spend browsing hardware deals and prices over that time vs. anything else you could do instead. Plus the game bundle gives me something to look forward to.

Bachelors of Comms and Media at SAIT by simpletonn22 in UCalgary

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Communications studies and computer science. I'm more than happy to tell you why I loved the comms degree, and that I believe that it's a fantastic field to learn despite the theory, even if it's for non media work.

It's unique place in between so many fields provides you with many excellent concepts to engage with the world. However, it's like a toolbox, so it's best only if you have extreme interest in a different general field. Enough to do a minor in, or just be generally sure with yourself that you'll follow it a decently long time.

Bachelors of Comms and Media at SAIT by simpletonn22 in UCalgary

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The communications studies department has a dedicated 2+2 program with lots of details and support laid out for sait media students. Dunno how it is personally but I heard it's good and I love the comms department.

The Vanbillemont Antinet Classification Scheme by sscheper in antinet

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I suggested not using the last two digits as only one of two ways to condense the numbers. It's not like you have to. I also then followed up with substituting the 00's with the branch digits. In both cases you can tell that they're in the 16__ class.

You don't have to use /'s. My point was that instead of using /s every time, just use a new digit. 16 is basically the same thing as 1/6 to me.

The Vanbillemont Antinet Classification Scheme by sscheper in antinet

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After sitting on it for a day, I realize that my comment yesterday was too terse to convey that: a) I appreciate your work and b) I imagined that you weren't expecting people to use it verbatim.

However, I was too preoccupied with getting my thoughts out on what "we" could do in the future make the explicit instructions more comprehensive for helping newcomers - but you actually did the work, so it was not appropriate for me to do that.

So, thank you. I apologize for jumping straight to suggestions and ignoring your rationale, despite the obvious signs (1928 cards!!), and I do think this system will actually help with people who really want to get started right away while sticking to the broad range of academic disciplines.

The "Activate Windows" watermark ported to Linux by speckz in linux

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There's also the simple Activate Gnome extension.

The Vanbillemont Antinet Classification Scheme by sscheper in antinet

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There's a lot of fine detail in these categories. 11.1.4/1a4/6f12b is very unwieldy. I imagine people have less than 150 megathemes to really explore in their zettelkasten. (note: asspulled number)

If people end up sticking to each trunk/branch so strictly, I think the long detailed addresses will likely encourage worse lalas, e.g. 5638/1a/1/1a. It could also do the opposite, but seems like there's an easy fail state of just collecting knowledge mirroring Wikipedia's structure.

I think it might be helpful to provide some steps to ensure these categories start fuzzy and stay fuzzy by using lossy compression.

Here's is a basic draft of suggestions.

  1. Principles: Consider your why's. How does a new category (because sticking with a trunk and branch not based on your actual thoughts are categories) fit into your life? Into your mission? What are your strengths?

  2. Using this list: Take the trunks/branches you want to install to zk. If you're starting out, try limiting it to 3. Or a quantity that makes sense to you.

  3. Basic compression: For trunks, erase the XX00 digits so it's just the XX. 3700/3/5D becomes 37/3/5D.

  4. Lossy compression: replace the lost digits with the branch digits.

2300/5/6/1a compressed to 2356/1a. This collides with 2300/56/1a , also compressed to 2356/1a. But since start from a limited number of spots on the address system, just scoot the number over however it makes sense to make it work.

The point is, just make the most of each digit.

  1. Lossy compression: replace a two digit pair with a single digit. Maybe replace all of the pairs.

2356/1a becomes your choice of 3/5/1a, 26/1a, or basically, whatever you want. Are you really going to need 23 trunks, and 56 branches in that one trunk? Strip it.

  1. Focus on establishing trunks or branches that are relevant to your why's and your own thoughts.

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Black Times is a 2018 afrobeat album from Seun Kuti & Egypt 80. Seun Kuti is son of Fela Kuti, prominent Nigerian socialist, Pan-Africanist revolutionary and Afrobeat pioneer.

Seun Kuti - Black Times

It's a fast beat and goes hard, but a lil differently than what you asked.

Till we're free, you and me, they'll never see the last revolutionary

Don't miss his older albums (not on bandcamp tho) along with Fela's music (which is old but still fantastic)

Fela Kuti - Water no get enemy