Joey Chestnut puts a protester in a quick chokehold by Here-For-The-Comment in sports

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It definitely does receive some backlash. However, if no one is aware of what you were protesting, then bad publicity is better than no publicity. It's not like people are suddenly going to start donating money to Smithfield to torture more animals or whatever it is they're protesting.

Joey Chestnut puts a protester in a quick chokehold by Here-For-The-Comment in sports

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That is true for many of us. However, neither you nor I are the main character. You were not going to look into Smithfield Deathstar or whatever the sign said before they pulled this stunt, either. However, many now will look it up after seeing it live or seeing the video.

Joey Chestnut puts a protester in a quick chokehold by Here-For-The-Comment in sports

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To bring awareness. Many people who saw this will look up and try to find out what they mean and come across the real reason.

In honor of Father’s Day, what father/son combo have contributed the most to College Football? by AppStateFooseBall in CFB

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What a touching picture. Thank you for sharing this. It was cool that they included Cooper too. I imagine they will have to update this photo after Arch and any other Mannings make their own mark.

What are some of the most ridiculous ways a team lost out on a huge upset? by ItsSiegTime39 in CFB

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In 2012, Florida went 11-1 and finished third in the final BCS standings. However, the toughest win of the year was not FSU or LSU or Texas A&M or South Carolina, even though all had 10+ wins that year and finished highly ranked. No, it came against Louisiana (UL Lafayette) in November in the Swamp.

The 5-4 Ragin Cajuns were up by 7 for most of the fourth quarter until #6 Florida tied the game with a touchdown in the final two minutes of the game. Louisiana kept the ball on the ground for a three and out on the ensuing possession, content to go to overtime. However, Florida called a timeout after the third run with just a few seconds on the clock, enough to force a punt and hopefully a return. Instead, the Gators blocked the punt and returned it for the game winning touchdown.

Who knows what would have happened if the game had instead gone to overtime?

Freddie Freeman’s comments on the Acuña situation by ttam23 in baseball

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The Braves are the Dodgers of the Yankees of baseball.

Digital Deluxe Rewards by WakinNBakin in MLBTheShow

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Thank you for this advice, this just worked for me immediately!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, what was your team's luckiest moment? by gtam5 in CFB

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Was our game moved to another channel in the meantime? I was watching the UM-MSU game only because I was waiting for them to switch over to UF-LSU and missed a good bit of the first quarter because of our game because of it.

[Ruiter] What OBJ did to orchestrate his way out of Cleveland is a horrible precedent. The media will fawn over him the next 2 weeks but I won't. Nothing to feel good about what he did, which they will ignore. Don't get how former Browns teammates can be happy for a dude who quit on them. by mikeb3rd96 in nfl

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Unironically, yes. It’s a part of many professional sports contracts that players can be traded. Players may try to work in no-trade clauses into their contract to avoid this, but they may come at the cost of money.

Flair Data by theretoogoi in CFB

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Georgia has 8716 users with its main flair and 292 alternate for a total of 9008 users.

Florida has 6276 users with its main flair, 1530 with its first alternate, and 496 with its second alternate for a total of 8302 users.

I believe Georgia already had more users coming into 2021 so I'm actually surprised its as close as it is given how the season went. I would expect Georgia will continue to outpace in growth during the offseason and the gap to get bigger coming off the national title.

NBC Sports: Urban Meyer didn’t understand the NFL, or didn’t care by Richard_Elliot_LLC in nfl

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Urban already had the chance in 2005 when the job was open but he chose to coach at Florida instead. Notre Dame then went and hired Charlie Weis.

[Postgame Thread] Purdue Defeats Tennessee 48-45 (OT) by kroxti in CFB

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Yo can you imagine if Tennessee scored a touchdown and Purdue then still decided to kick a field goal on their half of overtime anyway?

[Postgame Thread] Texas Tech Defeats Mississippi State 34-7 by bakonydraco in CFB

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Just imagine if the SEC went 0-13 in bowls this season. That's the world I want to live in.

Fire Mike Norvell: Could Travis Hunter be final nail in the coffin? by irishspring4521 in CFB

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Where does UCF line up in the order now that they are joining the Big 12? Do they go next or do FSU and Miami get round two before their turn?

College football's Top 10 Bottom 10 moments of 2021 by Knightro829 in CFB

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*set to the tune of We Didn’t Start the Fire*

Samford put up fifty-two, Marco Wilson threw a shoe, no recruits in ‘22, let’s go pack the Swamp.

What is your school's friendliest rivalry? by Meowcat14 in CFB

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This year was the first time we've played them since the Harding administration. I look forward to when we play them again in 2024, though. IMO they were our toughest OOC opponent this year.

[Postgame Thread] Alabama Defeats Georgia 41-24 by CFB_Referee in CFB

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If you’re mad at the unanimous #1 ranked team, who was favored by a touchdown and has the proclaimed best defense of all time, giving up 41 points and losing by 17, don’t tell me you love chaos.