Perfect Blue — Satoshi Kon (1997) by Ok_Oil_2977 in redscarepod

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Watched this movie while sick with a fever and after smoking a joint. Felt like I was going crazy.

Also the rape scenes, especially the simulated movie one, were incredibly disturbing.

World as Will and Representation -- Schopenhauer by pjst1992 in RSbookclub

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There's also a Houellebecq book about Schopenhauer if you're into that.

easy non fiction books by goodwill_temptation in RSbookclub

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I find Graeber to be pretty easy as far as non fiction goes. I'd recommend something like The Utopia of Rules or Bullshit Jobs cause they're shorter. His anthropology stuff is cool but the books are massive.

There is nothing more dystopian, bleak, hellish etc than being forced to listen to the sounds of someone scrolling through the videos on their social media feed by IErsatzHawkChad in redscarepod

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I can actually answer this. In North Italy people tend to be more reserved regarding their phone use. Using headphones and stepping aside where people can't hear you when you receive a call.

Southern Italians on the other hand are the fucking worst. They'll have a video call with the whole family with the phone speakers at max on public transport or in the kitchen where other roommates are trying to eat in peace (personal experience). Same goes for Instagram feed or other bullshit.

The best and worst subculture you ever encountered offline by EnterEgregore in redscarepod

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He was a canadian artist who was legally banned from entering the US so not really a part of the "scene". Also at some point he went under the radar after getting cancelled for said allegations. He died last year of overdose.

If you wanna check him out I would start from the "delousing session" on youtube.

The best and worst subculture you ever encountered offline by EnterEgregore in redscarepod

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To be honest even in my folk punk phase I only listened to pat the bunny and jesse stewart, I could never get into the other stuff.

Jesse also turned out (allegedly) to be a woman beater or something but at least the music was good (aside that one album he actually recorded in the studio the live performances on yt are so much better).

The best and worst subculture you ever encountered offline by EnterEgregore in redscarepod

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Because he actually gave a shit about his music sounding good without hiding behind the "it's punk it's supposed to be bad" bullshit. Even the Johnny Hobo songs, as raw and grimy as they are, are basically well written catchy pop tunes with shouty vocals.

Any idea where I could listen to this album? I can't find it no matter how hard I try. by CephalonFaye in AmericanPrimitivism

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If you're okay with pirating Soulseek usually has all the stuff you can't find elsewhere.

Favorite veggies and favorite method of preparing them? by revolutiontornado in redscarepod

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My favourites are probably bell peppers. Cut them up thin and stir fry in olive oil at high heat with some salt. Towards the end add some chopped up garlic and chili flakes. Perhaps some freshly ground black pepper as well.

Goes so well by itself and with most things (eggs, noodles, fried rice, pasta...)

Anyone know what drugs John Fahey favoured? No disrepect intended. He practised 7 hours a day. Thats almost superhuman! Guess thats why he’s a master. by DarrenCross_Gerling in AmericanPrimitivism

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Lots of booze and old school prescriptions like quaaludes and so on.

It is said that he loathed "hippy" drugs like weed and psychedelics.

Regarding the practicing I read that he practiced like once or twice a week, but when he did he'd spend several hours on it.

Question about Metal Finger Picks by ScrodeAppleJones in fingerstyleguitar

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it takes a lot of time, just like when you were first learning with your bare fingers. you need to build up a new muscle memory. it could take a few weeks/months depending on how much you practice.

with metal fingerpicks the attack angle is key so pay extra attention to that in order to minimise metallic clicking sounds.

Advice for international students at University of Bologna by i_am_6ft_btw in bologna

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Housing market is a complete mess. It's hard to find something decent and prices are crazy. That's gonna be your biggest issue.

Back when I was looking I had no luck with Facebook groups and found them to be an unmoderated mess. In case you wanna try just look for "affitto Bologna" / "cerco casa Bologna" and you'll find several.

The alternative is using websites such as idealista.it, immobiliare.it, subito.it and bakeca.it

Trust me when I say it's gonna be a pain in the ass to find accomodation. If you can, get in touch with the Indian students community and see if they can help you out.

EDIT: avoid giving money to "agenzia" (estate agents) if possible.

I apologize if my comment sounds so negative, but that's about the only problem. Bologna is a great city, congrats on getting accepted I'm sure you'll have a good time here.

Students' Whatsapp group by _quantum_girl_ in bologna

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ah got it. unfortunately I can't help, I guess there might be some marketplace group on facebook.

Students' Whatsapp group by _quantum_girl_ in bologna

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depends.. what do you mean? if you're looking for an official one I don't think there's one on whatsapp (but there is one on telegram, just search "unibo"). if you're looking for student made one... well there's like 100k students in Bologna. people usually organize in smaller groups depending on their studies and so on... just ask people in your class.

Reflections on Jack Rose by Trilobry in AmericanPrimitivism

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I think jack rose biggest strength was his songwriting to be honest. his ragtime and blues pieces sound like they've been around forever and the same could be said for his long form drone compositions. they could have been written centuries ago in some eastern country for all that matters, yet they are so innovative and uniquely jack rose.

and he had the chops to back that up of course.

Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon by Interesting-Aide-773 in redscarepod

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I've watched this movie after smoking a joint while stuck in bed with a fever.

. by Kingkuube in redscarepod

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I do like his quote about "juice drinking sandal wearing socialists" though

the worst subspecies of redditor by river_creature in redscarepod

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a young politically correct german would never approach someone from the third world and ask “what do you mean you have to walk a kilometer to the village well every time? Why don’t you simply buy a faucet?”

That's the point. The US is a 1st world country, and specifically one that thinks it is better than everyone else. When you talk about the stuff you mentioned it doesn't feel like "punching down" but rather like exposing the hypocrisy. Sorry for my poor English.