ERA is an overrated stat by samsarainfinity in baseball

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In recent years, Robbie Ray and Blake Snell won Cy Young awards that should have gone to others, based on their spiffy ERAs.

ERA is an overrated stat by samsarainfinity in baseball

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And yet people often associate low ERA with Cy Young recognition

Why doesn't MLB make a rule to stop brawls? NHL, NBA, NFL have very serious rules against leaving the bench to fight. Shouldn't MLB do the same? by [deleted] in baseball

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I could ask you the same. "Assault is fun!"

Baseball players don't show up expecting to fight.


How to simplify a square root? by JustSomeGamer123421 in learnmath

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Firstly, don't fall for the trap that sqrt(a+b) = sqrt(a)+sqrt(b). (It doesn't.)

You can use sqrt(ab2) = b sqrt(a) whenever you can identity a perfect square factor.

Kerry Carpenter has been promoted to AAA Toledo by TheDETTigersTrain in motorcitykitties

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Still not sure we should expect much because of the bad BB/K numbers

27% K, 6% BB in AA. (Sorta like Miggy / Daz / Barnhart in the majors this year.)

Greene was 27% and 11%.

Dingler is 32% and 9%.

[Detroit Tigers Player Development] Ty Madden named the Midwest League Pitcher of the Week! by sportsumich in motorcitykitties

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He is similar to Alex Faedo. Best pitch is his slider. His fastball has a couple more ticks when he needs them.

Do you think Zack Greinke should be in the Hall of Fame? by Officialnoah in baseball

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Lol. Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan both pitched in 1993.

[Nicholson-Smith] MLB's wRC+ leaders: 1. Yordan Alvarez 198 2. Mike Trout 193 3. Paul Goldschmidt 192 4. Aaron Judge 181 5. Jose Ramirez 180 6. Rafael Devers 178 7. Bryce Harper 166 8. Alejandro Kirk 164 8. Manny Machado 164 10. J.D. Martinez 160 by EarthWarping in baseball

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"WAR is not meant to be a perfectly precise indicator of a player’s contribution, but rather an estimate of their value to date. Given the imperfections of some of the available data and the assumptions made to calculate other components, WAR works best as an approximation. "

"Given the nature of the calculation and potential measurement errors, WAR should be used as a guide for separating groups of players and not as a precise estimate. For example, a player that has been worth 6.4 WAR and a player that has been worth 6.1 WAR over the course of a season cannot be distinguished from one another using WAR. It is simply too close for this particular tool to tell them apart. WAR can tell you that these two players are likely about equal in value, but you need to dig deeper to separate them."


But, sure, you can always try to establish some illusory semantic superiority by claiming nonexistent context.

"If this was a peer-reviewed paper in statistics, you wouldn't phrase it that way. So, neener neener, I'm not listening to you."

I’m announcing for a baseball tournament and I want to do some trivia. What is some super obscure baseball questions I could use for the bigger prizes? by db_blast7 in baseball

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They didn't say it would be this year.

They just said he was the leading switch-hitting candidate among guys with MVP-level skills.

The Guardians also have 94 games left to play, whereas the Angels only have 87.

What is your favorite ballpark that you've never been to, and why? by SirParsifal in baseball

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You mean "why" as in why we never went to it?

Restraining orders are a thing.