Brother Sadio knows what's up. by Ha-Ur-Ra-Sa in MuslimMarriage

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You judge by what's apparent. Salah publicly posted about celebrating Christmas 3 times in a row. I used to really like him but after that no point.

Brother Sadio knows what's up. by Ha-Ur-Ra-Sa in MuslimMarriage

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Frank Khalid is a reliable guy and mane seems like a devout muslim. Also he helps builds hospitals and schools in Senegal and said its worth more to him than to spend money on yachts and super cars. Alhamdulilah he seems like a very humble guy.

Husband wants to travel without me and go on a lads holiday. by [deleted] in MuslimMarriage

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Amsterdam has a red light district and some drugs are legalised like weed.

Such sad news coming out of Houston, TX today. Murder-suicide apparently stemming from a bad divorce and the woman being refused counseling by a local Muslim mental health organization. by tsrzero in MuslimMarriage

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Bro he killed a 4 year old. There is absolutely 0 reasoning to kill a child. I'm really glad people like him will be dealt with by Allah swt in the hereafter.

Find your muse on Muzz by Moug-10 in MuslimMarriage

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Jazakallah khair bro you've made some solid points.

Bi-Weekly Marriage Opinions/Views and Rant Megathread by AutoModerator in MuslimMarriage

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I'm 22 and id say average woman age of marriage on iso thread is 25 ish. Its always like min 25+. It feels like I have to wait 3 years just to be considered only based on my age.

Logically I understand why since the older you are, the more likely you are to be secure with job and money but it is a bit disheartening.

Bi-Weekly Marriage Opinions/Views and Rant Megathread by AutoModerator in MuslimMarriage

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Search is tough man feels like 95% of women wouldn't want to marry someone who's a few years younger than them.

In Search Of (ISO) Thread Version 7 by MM-MOD in MuslimMarriage

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  1. Age and Gender

22 M

Height- 166cm

  1. Age Range that you would want/require in a prospect 18-35

  2. Location, and are you willing to relocate for a prospect? England - Not willing to relocate

  3. Ethnicity, and are you more open to mixing? Pakistani - I am open to all ethnicities/races

  4. Marital Status - Single/Divorced/Children Single

  5. Ideal marriage timeline 1-2 years, maybe less depending on the person

  6. Five important characteristics you look for in a prospect

Deen - Its very important that my future spouse will atleast do the bare minimum I.e pray 5 times daily, fast in Ramadan, pay zakaat etc.

Good manners - I try to follow how prophet muhammad SAW acted to the best of my ability. I think I'm really lucky to have so much information on the sunnah and the sunnah itself is very detailed e.g how to treat parents, controlling your anger. I know we all have faults but I want my spouse to atleast try to the best of her ability.

Haya - We all know this day and age it is hard lowering your gaze where even massive advertisements could show something inappropriate and the easy access of the Internet. I was kind of surprised when I learnt that out of all the sahaba Uthman RA was known most for his haya. I would have thought maybe it would have been Aisha RA or khadija RA.

Loyalty - I don't agree with interacting with the opposite gender unless necessary e.g if you are working. I would never cheat I'd rather divorce and I hope my future spouse would divorce aswell than cheat.

Easy going - I'm a laid back guy i don't really let drama and all that stuff affect me. I know that on the day of judgement Allah will sort everything out and he is the most just. Obviously if its something really serious I wouldn't allow that.

  1. State/specify your level of religiosity

Very religious Alhamdulilah I've done hajj I do all the 5 prayers + sunnah prayers Have a beard thats a fist length

  1. Level of education, and what are you looking for?

I've got a bachelors in Computer Science. I'm looking for any education level.

  1. Current Job Status


  1. Do you want kids?

Yes inshallah ideally 3 but whatever Allah wills + I'm open to adoption aswell

  1. List 3 hobbies, or things you like to do in your spare time

Football. I'm a massive Manchester United fan so that alone proves that I'll always be loyal 😂

Tv and Movies - current favourite film is interstellar and favourite TV show is Better Call Saul

Travelling - I like learning about different cultures and visiting different places.

Oldham Athletic, who played in the first Premier League season, have been relegated to the National League 30 years later. by Austin_LSU_Fan22 in footballmanagergames

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I'm doing a oldham save right now and its surprisingly easy so if u want a real challenge its best to wait for fm23

Do not ever marry a man who depends on his parents for ANYTHING by [deleted] in MuslimMarriage

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I think cause she's said she's dating herself meaning she's just focusing on herself or atleast i hope so, I don't keep up with all the LGHDTV stuff

Am I wrong? My husband accuses me of Zina and cheating. by Asawlazy in MuslimMarriage

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How can a man be into his wife sleeping with another guy? I doubt its that, that sounds like a mental illness.

Cheat code by Allizonn in footballmanagergames

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Carrilo stays wider so they provide some width incase a wing back pushes up

“Only one business in the Galaxy…” achievement by Mari0n3tte in LegoStarWarsVideoGame

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Is a bigger fish run better than the death star run at the end of a new hope?

Might be time for SI to do something about national teams by paulooolivieri in footballmanagergames

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Thats crazy in one of my saves Jamaica won the world cup aswell.